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User movie #5193890403056913

#5193890403056913 - Power Blade 2 WIP levels 3,1
TAS WIP - Power Blade 2 (U) [!] - Levels 3,1.fm2 (307kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2013-03-13 21:21:30 by SideofClouds (2 files)
In 05:48.98 [20973 frames], 9001 rerecords)
5735 views, 570 downloads
Finished stage 1 on which I spent most of the time figuring out what 'dance moves' to do in the elevator area ... also I've tested out whether the NEWT suit would be useful in later stages and it isn't ... furthermore I had to carefully choose which enemies to kill and in what order so that I won't lose time while moving and to get 3 valuable items in the elevator section ... enjoy :)
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