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#53161967791981342 - WM no resets wip
FinalFantasy-wmNoResets-part1-silverWizWIP.fm2 (1.57MB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2019-02-11 03:31:45 by TheAxeMan (11 files)
For NES Final Fantasy (8 files)
In 30:30.22 [109994 frames], 48850 rerecords)
5116 views, 1211 downloads
Here I get the silver hammer and use it against wizards in Earth Cave. But later figured out a way to skip the fight altogether.
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#441: Nice stuff! I'm trying to make a no death TAS with Mookish's party (because I'm pretty sure that's the fastest), but I'm not sure. I got 4 Rapiers and tried going against Garland with them equiped, but I can't seem to get him in one round. Please help!
By DJ Incendration On 2019-02-11 13:13:21

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