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User movie #54086380840886059

#54086380840886059 - Best Ending Normal v0
Best_Ending_Normal_v0.bk2 (14.9kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2019-03-24 18:40:43 by mohoc (16 files)
For GBA Kuru Kuru Kururin (21 files)
In 06:08.0 [21980 frames], 742 rerecords)
3311 views, 335 downloads
Kuru Kuru Kururin done in 6:06.33 (21980 frames) as stated in the Best Ending Normal rules on speedrun.com (complete all thirty main levels, save the birds).

The TAS starts at Power On with the GB intro.

This was put here for legacy.


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