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#55831048548405038 - Doom SIGIL v1.1 - Maps 1-4 UV-Speed TAS (+ encode)
s86.lmp (17.2kB lmp movie [DOOM])
Uploaded 2019-06-11 08:23:54 by Dimon12321 (34 files)
For DOOM The Ultimate Doom (2 files)
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(Link to video)

Engine: PrBoom+; XDRE2

Map 1: It's fully made in PrBoom+, but I think the route is advanced and timings are very good. Probably it's possible to save 1 sec if you break through the crowd to the 2nd evil eye faster and activate both switches at first possible tic.

Map 2: First 5 secs are done in XDRE. This hallway on the way to the teleport is damn narrow. In slow motion, you would bump into every 2nd wall and lose speed. The way from megaarmor to the exit is also made in XDRE.

Map 3: I spent about 15 tics matching appropriate thousandths of a Y coordinate to get close enough to finally activate the switch. Bruteforce is horrible. I entered Strafe cmd, Run cmd and gave it 50 tics. If I could enter both less than (<) and greater than (>) for Y pos... It couldn't even reproduce the same correct input I had just picked manually.

The ending is unoptimized, I'm sure. If I alert a cacodemon earlier, this stupid lost soul flies towards the cacodemon and blocks it! So I had to alert it sooner to keep the lost soul from flying inside. And I couldn't kill it with a shotgun on the way to a rocket launcher.

Map 4: In Doom Builder, the first Baron is placed at the center of a lifting platform, but for some reason I can jump over only to his left. This is extremely difficult map. To keep the crushers dead, you must bypass 2 linedefs that activate them. I got lucky with the 1st one since I've lost few health and armor. The 2nd linedef is so complicated and there is a zombie that blocks my pass. After 2 hours of trying, I got a positive result and crushers stood still, but I got crappy AI inside zombies and spent 1 more sec to bypass them.

Also I have no idea how did @ZeroMaster010 found that tiny spot that accelerate you enough to jump over the barrier. A rocket boost is faster and easier, but it costed my the rest of my health. At this point it's clear I can't normally advance through Map 5.

I have to redo Map 4 again: take left half with the 1st linedef and take a supercharge. Theoretically, it should be enough to get to supplies on Map 5 with minimal time loses.

Thank you for reading! Have a nice watch.

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