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#57070174403385324 - Mega Man 2 Zipless - Cabin Route
cabin_route.fm3 (160kB fm3 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2019-08-06 03:42:15 by warmCabin (21 files)
For NES Mega Man 2 (16 files)
In 18:47.64 [67770 frames], 64141 rerecords)
1409 views, 102 downloads
My route for Mega Man 2 zipless. It's the fastest of the three I considered, so it's the one I'm continuing with. It beats the RTA route by 104 frames, and aglasscage's route (Metal late) by 46 frames.

The route:

  Q M B F H A W C

(Link to video)

Comparison Video showing all three routes side by side

I made an improvement in Heat, which is contained in this movie. I didn't feel like implementing it twice and re-encoding both movies, so both this route and aglasscage's route are 8 frames faster than what you see in the videos.

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