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User movie #58569247638889305

#58569247638889305 - SMB1 Hard Type (SMB1 Hack) “warps”
SMB1HardType_TAS.fm2 (267kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2019-10-12 15:58:25 by Αsumeh (31 files)
For NES Super Mario Bros. (90 files)
In 05:03.18 [18221 frames], 1185 rerecords)
14049 views, 245 downloads
SMB1 Hard Type is a Super Mario Bros. 1 ROM hack that minorly increases the difficulty of many levels from the original along with several graphical changes. In other words...

Quoting Maru:
This game appears to reuse many levels from the original SMB1, only providing minor changes and cosmetic updates.

I race through the hack in record time, obliterating kierio04's best attempt by at least one second.

NOTE: I copied HappyLee's input for the third room of 8-4 from his current fastest warps run and modified it due to my lack of ability to put the run at full optimization myself.

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