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User movie #60692483677219044

#60692483677219044 - Hammerin' Harry stage 1
Daiku no Gen-san.bk2.bk2 (2.31kB bk2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2020-01-16 06:52:04 by Bloopiero (7 files)
For NES Hammerin' Harry (4 files)
In 01:31.45 [5496 frames], 2110 rerecords)
1103 views, 130 downloads
Currently 48f ahead of the published movie due to actually reading the previous movies' submission texts and using the extended jump, some better enemy manip, and more importantly finding a double hit glitch on the boss. Kind of odd that none of the previous 3 people found it, considering it pretty much happens automatically if you do the hits as fast as possible. I guess I'm just special that way.
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