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#61865199624733141 - Mari0: Alesan99's Entities "Syobon Action mappack"
lexikiq-mari0-a99e-syobon_action.ltm (3.23kB ltm movie [Linux])
Uploaded 2020-03-09 02:23:41 by lexikiq (6 files)
For Linux Mari0 (4 files)
In 01:39.98 [5999 frames], 800 rerecords)
142 views, 14 downloads

Version info:

libTAS version: 1.3.5

Annotation info:

Game: Mari0 mod: Alesan99's Entities (version 0.10.0 v12.1a) Mappack: Syobon Action (pre-installed) Requirements: LÖVE 0.10.X (tested on 0.10.2)

To install LÖVE 0.10.2, download https://bitbucket.org/rude/love/downloads/love-0.10.2-linux-src.tar.gz and compile it. Set the game executable to wherever your build files or installed files are, ie /usr/bin/love

A99E can be downloaded from: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w2o4pcq82og14nr/alesan99s_entities_0-10-0_12.1_linux.zip?dl=1 | Extract the .love file somewhere.

Configuration, libTAS v1.3.5: Command-line options: path/to/alesan99s_entities_0-10-0_12.1.love

TAS of a recreation of popular flash game "Syobon Action" (Cat Mario) inside of a Mari0 mod titled "Alesan99's Entities". Installation instructions vaguely provided in annotations.

Disappointingly does not feature a portal gun. Sorry, the mappack disallowed it. On the other hand, this makes it a pretty faithful recreation of the original flash game!

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