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User movie #64274492952534962

#64274492952534962 - Blue Catch 'em all - right TID and DVs
right DVs and TID.bk2 (2.68kB bk2 movie [GBC])
Uploaded 2020-06-25 14:28:23 by DJ Incendration (47 files)
For GBC Pokémon: Blue Version (4 files)
In 02:27.38 [8825 frames], 3008 rerecords)
443 views, 54 downloads
I don't know anything about botting, so 4 1/256 events is going to really suck for me, unless I can get some help. I understand that there are ways to manipulate the TID by waiting for certain numbers of frames, I can't seem to figure any of that out. Edit: I found a small time save in the name entry. I will still need help with the optimal Gen 1 misses, but I can do eerything up to the DVs.
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