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User movie #65940028373514361

#65940028373514361 - NES Batman,No killing
Batman,No killing.fm2 (783kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2020-09-08 14:39:45 by DreamYao (13 files)
For NES Batman (16 files)
In 09:39.83 [34847 frames], 20825 rerecords)
820 views, 84 downloads
Emulator used:FCEUX 2.20.20

ROM filename:Batman (U) !.nes


Lowest score

No killing

Aim for fastest completion

Found some shortcomings of the last time, made some improvements, 5.02 seconds faster than the last time, saving 302 frames

This movie actually has some room for improvement

Batman No Killing

No Killing is not like a highway. We can't use weapons, we can't solve most of the lag.


I found a vulnerability in 3-2. The previous frame of the game can take off in the air, saving 9 frames.

5-1 game can be suspended without damage (discovered by xxnkxx)


Usually the enemy needs two punches to kill him so you can hit him without getting hurt

5-1 the climbing platform can be rotated to save jumping time

Climbing walls can take off one frame ahead of time, so climbing in some places can save one frame

If you can't jump, try not to jump, it will increase the time.

If you want to jump, the higher you jump, the better. The big jump is 2 frames faster than the small jump.

The premise of the big jump is that Batman's head can't touch anything, otherwise it will shorten the distance and time of the jump.

Some landing sites can meet and land quickly to save time, such as 2-3

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