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User movie #65940236559046414

#65940236559046414 - NES Batman
DreamYao-Batman.fm2 (493kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2020-09-08 14:53:15 by DreamYao (13 files)
For NES Batman (16 files)
In 09:19.75 [33640 frames], 75738 rerecords)
804 views, 84 downloads
Emulator used:FCEUX 2.20.20

ROM filename:Batman (U) !.nes

Improve fast-forward speed after injury, and reduce lag and faster forward route error:

I found an error in 3-2. The first frame of the game can take off.

5-1 can pause the game without causing damage, but it will increase the time. (Found by xxnkxx)


Can pass briefly when the enemy is injured

Boomerang can attack enemies behind you

The climbing wall can jump one frame in advance, so climbing in certain places can save one frame

If you can skip, please do not skip, because skipping will increase time. (Big jump is 2 frames slow, small jump is 5 frames slow)

If you want to jump, please jump as high as possible. The big jump is 3 frames faster than the small jump. (The condition for jumping is that Batman's head cannot touch anything, otherwise the distance and time of the long jump will be shortened)

When jumping, you can hit the wall with your head and land quickly to save time

The flamethrower has a few frames gap, so it can pass


The Batman game has a global timer mechanism. This global timer affects the attack time, attack frequency and action path of certain enemies (this may prevent you from moving forward). If you want to change the actions of these enemies, you can only change the time you meet with them, which of course is not worth it!

So far, I found that the enemies affected by the global timer are: 2-1: The first flamethrower 2-4: Boss bottom shot 3-1: All large jumping monsters 3-2: All jumping monsters 3-3: Flame Car 4-1: All jumping monsters 4-3: All electric shock and flame cars 4-4: Boss shooting

Frame gains and losses:

1-1 = 2 1-2 = 4 1-3 = 1 2-1 = 4 2-2 = 7 2-3 = 18 2-4 = -18 3-1 = 4 3-2 = 9 3-3 = 3 3-4 = 0 4-1 = 1 4-2 = 18 4-3 = 26 4-4 = -18 5-1 = 14 5-2 = 1 5-3 = 0 Total: 76 frames

Improvement details: Level 1-1: I change a small jump into a big jump (get 2 frames)

Level 1-2: Reduce the last hop (get 2 frames)

Level 1-3: I bring the boss closer to me, then kill (get 1 frame)

Level 2-1: Reduce lag

Level 2-2: Injured can advance faster (gain 6 frames)

Checkpoint 2-3: Injured, faster forward, faster landing

Level 2-4: The shooting of the boss timer is affected by the global timer, which hinders my killing progress (lost 18 frames)

Level 3-1: Reduce one hop at the beginning (get 2 frames)

Level 3-2: Jump from the first frame at the beginning (9 frames are obtained)

Level 3-3: Reduce lag

Stage 4-1: Reduce lag

Checkpoint 4-2: Damage and acceleration

Level 4-3: Damage and landing faster, reduce lag

Level 4-4: The boss’s firing frequency is also affected by the global timer, which limits my attack and killing methods (loss of 18 frames)

Level 5-1: Reduce lag, pause the game without causing damage

Level 5-2: Enter the boss faster (get 1 frame)

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