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User movie #66825983647100715

#66825983647100715 - Castlevania NitM - Pacifist "Alucard Scenario" in 28:54.65
CV-NitM-pacifist-alucard.bk2 (159kB bk2 movie [Saturn])
Uploaded 2020-10-18 12:14:42 by arukAdo (7 files)
For Saturn Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (9 files)
In 28:54.65 [104079 frames], 79563 rerecords)
75 views, 5 downloads

BK2 begins from SRAM

  • verif movie inside the bk2 CV-NitM-unlock-replay.bk2 (frame 47407)
  • lua overlay script inside the bk2, make sure to also take the icons subfolder if you want it to work correctly.
  • 6912S
  • GameTime:26:22(last input)
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