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User movie #67381328679139614

#67381328679139614 - Turn on the Light V1
Turn on the Light V1.ltm (7.79kB ltm movie [Linux])
Uploaded 2020-11-12 12:29:18 by ViGadeomes (8 files)
In 04:03.23 [14594 frames], 686 rerecords)
142 views, 5 downloads

Version info:

libTAS version: 1.4.0
First version and maybe last. I'll look for improvements.

I used the Steam version of the game (while adding a 'steam_appid.txt' file in the game folder with '1348160' inside) and used Debian 10. Before you can play back the movie and between two playbacks, you'll have to launch the game as a standalone until you can quit on the top-right corner menu (1rst level). If you have a warning while launching the game let it disappearing by itself before quitting.

If you already have the game and already played it, you can go in '~/.config/unity3d/Bayou Studio/Turn on the Light/prefs', there you can change the value of "current" and "max" to 1.

The only interresting thing that I discovered is a frame perfect trick that I called "repulsive magnet trick" which allows us to make move that you would normally wouldn't do. To do so, you move a first magnet that you want to come back in its initial position and you move the second magnet you want to move next to it as soon as possible (2 frames later). When the first will finish its move, the game will check if there is an opposite magnet next to it, this will be the case so the game will make the first return to its initial position but the second will stay there. This saved probably half a second on the whole movie.

Youtube encode :

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