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User movie #67441303632382190

#67441303632382190 - Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Transfer
FE9 XFR.dtm (573MB dtm movie [GC])
Uploaded 2020-11-15 05:18:43 by Ubercapitalist (6 files)
In 18:19:36.2 [75137712 frames], 10620 rerecords)
119 views, 9 downloads
FE9 Transfer file for Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Use Dolphin 5.0-10833, with only GC controller, and Slot A set to memory card. This movie will save a file which can be read when starting a new Radiant Dawn file. Generally, boosts will at least be for Speed, Strength, Defense, and Skill. Transfer bonuses are for the following units, which are at max level: Leveled thru Gameplay: Ike, Titania, Jill, Janaff , Haar & Ilyana. Leveled thru Bonus Experience at Endgame: Geoffery, Nephenee & Tauroneo. These can be changed easy enough. Sothe is max level so all his stats will transfer, which are maxed except HP, Luck and Magic. All stat boosting items were saved for endgame. Ike & Titania and Jill & Haar are A supports which will give them Bond supports (+5% Crit, +5% Dodge) in Radiant Dawn.
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