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User movie #69234406482190615

#69234406482190615 - Boppin (DOS) - PCem sync test
boppin_synctest.ltm (3.19kB ltm movie [Linux])
Uploaded 2021-02-03 23:22:57 by slamo (47 files)
In 01:37.31 [9731 frames], 14238 rerecords)
304 views, 17 downloads

Version info:

libTAS version: 1.4.1

Annotation info:

OS: Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS, Linux kernel 5.4.0-59-generic libTAS: Version 1.4.1 stable PCem: TASVideos branch v17_13f53a2, commit 55f0fdb3b83e983646e7b5dcc6dbae5f5e2ee06b Game: Boppin' DOS v1.1 registered

This movie is based on the premade Early 90s PCem config: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KF5WPXgZTHVQL4UV8EmHlxP6Fag_BTot/view?usp=sharing

Follow the readme provided with the config to install it. Name the files boppin.cfg, boppin.pb570.nvr, and boppin.img.

The config will need the ROM files 1007by0r.bio, 1007by0r.bi1, and gd5430.bin (these are all case-sensitive) in the ~/.pcem/roms/pb570/ folder.

In boppin.cfg, replace the Joysticks section with the following:

Joysticks joystick_0_nr = 1 joystick_1_nr = 0 joystick_0_axis_0 = -2147483648 joystick_0_axis_1 = 1073741824 joystick_0_button_0 = 0 joystick_0_button_1 = 1

In boppin.img, insert the files for Boppin registered DOS version 1.1 into the root directory. The files and their MD5s are:

4ae0e820150335340068ebd6d91a9123 bop-help.exe 3464ec93a6b672a7c63e06b44e2052b8 boppin1.lvl 4b7ceb427fafc91abefab1e241446f13 boppin2.lvl da4568667c54ff8a6b2153b5d4c63110 boppin3.lvl b19610b393ea37dc5ed3ce80e9d8489d boppin4.lvl f93e53168dc5556339b2b65ac44f4ab1 boppin.cfg d6ba7309bc215094f95dc5256f57b854 boppin.exe 069998748b1f0c334539d6987e33075a boppin.res 9ef4c7ec3d56ea67f5c0868af5b826e5 setup.exe

In libTAS, make sure Runtime -> Prevent writing to disk is checked, otherwise you might have to remake the hard drive after running the movie once. Set the command-line options to `--config /path/to/boppin.cfg`.

Testing sync on a PCem run :)
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