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#52108187865981328 - 2 games 1 controller Undertale+Deltarune (Deltarune section)
deltarune-only.ltm (14.1kB ltm movie [Linux])
Uploaded 2018-12-25 16:33:14 by BenLubar (1 file)
In 36:37.6 [65928 frames], 6934 rerecords)
7957 views, 380 downloads

Version info:

libTAS version: 1.3.2

Annotation info:

Game: Undertale + Deltarune (two games one controller) Version: Linux English (Undertale v1.06, Deltarune v0.6.6.6) Categories: true pacifist¹, no-hit¹, glitchless, no skips²

Game summary: Undertale

Undertale is a game about subverting the player's expectations. The game never explictly lies to the player, but it frequently gives the player incomplete information and allows the player to lie to themself.

WARNING: The remainder of this summary includes very important story spoilers. I've rot13'd it to avoid anyone reading it by accident.

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Game summary: Deltarune

Although the name of "Deltarune" could be considered a spoiler, I'm going to assume it's known widely enough that I shouldn't bother trying to be mysterious about this.

Deltarune is the mysterious sequel to Undertale. It takes place in a universe different, but not quite separate from the one in which Undertale takes place. It was released on October 31st 2018 via a series of mysterious tweets from the Undertale Twitter account.

The original website on that day can be seen in the Internet Archive: <https://web.archive.org/web/20181031130251/https://www.deltarune.com/>

Once again, the game never explicitly lies to the player, but it does take every opportunity it can to make the player lie to themself. The player thinks they're taking a survey (which is technically true), but the result is discarded and the true game begins once the survey is completed.

Gameplay follows a similar format to Undertale, but combat is done in a party of one or two additional characters, and running exists as a movement mechanic. Also, instead of random battles, the game shows all encounters in the overworld as characters that chase the player.


¹ no-hit refers to no damage dealt or taken. These rules are violated in cases where gameplay makes it impossible to do otherwise.

An exhaustive list:

- The fights with Asgore and Photoshop Flowey at the end of the neutral route of Undertale require dealing damage to complete. These are erased from the timeline once both are completed, so they are considered non-canon by the true pacifist route, which comes afterward. The "no damage taken" rule still applies during this section of the game.

- There is no way to avoid Susie dealing damage to K. ROUND or Lancer in one fight each. Neither of these characters can be killed via damage.

- The player is unavoidably attacked in several storyline sequences. These attacks do not modify the player's health.

- There are three cutscenes in which the player takes fatal or near-fatal damage. The player never regains control after any of these cutscenes.

- As Deltarune is much shorter than Undertale, the Undertale genocide route will replace Deltarune once the game is over. I do not consider this a violation of the rule as this is done for entertainment and is separate from the two start-to-end completions of the games with no damage dealt or taken. If necessary, I may be able to produce a version of the TAS in which Deltarune wastes time until the end of Undertale instead.

The fight with Mettaton EX includes a mechanic that reduces the required score needed to complete the fight. This mechanic is *not* allowed as an exception to the "no damage dealt" rule despite it not affecting the hitpoints of the boss as it causes visible injuries to the boss.

² This refers to developer-intended hidden methods of skipping gameplay. Any non-developer-intended skips are already covered by the "glitchless" category.

For example, some puzzles in Undertale can be bypassed via a nearby hidden switch, and Deltarune allows skipping the entire overworld section of the game on NG+ by going back to bed.

Non-examples include dialogue-based skips (such as giving a negative response to "do you want to watch a long unskippable cutscene") and hidden switches that are the intended solution to puzzles (that is, the puzzle cannot be completed in any way other than the hidden switch).

This is the current TAS truncated to the frame where Deltarune exits.

For instructions on running Deltarune natively on Linux, see u/JohnWatson78's guide on Reddit

I've mirrored the Deltarune installers here: https://files.lubar.me/deltarune-mirror/

Note: If your screen resolution is more than 1279 pixels wide and more than 959 pixels tall, Deltarune will start with a multiple of its native resolution.

The current released version of libTAS is unable to override Deltarune's screen resolution. This has been fixed in the latest version of the source code. This TAS will desync if you fast forward in libTAS, so make sure it's running at or below the native 30 FPS.

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