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#38597559581868308 - Zook Man ZX4 - Optimized intro boss skip.
ZM_Introin7149.bk2 (4.63kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2017-04-26 05:37:36 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 01:59.73 [7151 frames], 2656 rerecords)
22 views, 6 downloads
f01011 *** STAGE 0 ***
f03277 Segment 0:2266
f04060 Segment 1: 783
f04186 Segment 2: 126
f04465 Segment 3: 279
f06680 Segment 4:2215
f06845 Segment 5: 165
=== END OF STAGE 0 (Frames: 5834) ===

Mostly optimized, anyway. Probably a few frames to get in there, though. May need to get ourselves higher on that last walljump

We never see the boss. Just gone instantly.

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#38588774020402943 - Zook Man ZX4 - Inserted Team 4's Stage 8, with minor change
ZM_Stage8_Insert.bk2 (10.2kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2017-04-25 20:07:51 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 04:39.75 [16709 frames], 1105 rerecords)
24 views, 4 downloads
f08322 *** STAGE 8 ***
f09003 Segment 0: 681
f09231 Segment 1: 228
f10034 Segment 2: 803
f10184 Segment 3: 150 (T7:162 T4:165)
f10317 Segment 4: 133 (T7:133 T4:121)
f11107 Segment 5: 790
f11229 Segment 6: 122
f11893 Segment 7: 664 (T4:661)
f12024 Segment 8: 131
f12924 Segment 9: 900
f13310 Segment10: 386
f13556 Segment11: 246
f16111 Segment12:2555
=== END OF STAGE 8 (Frames: 7789) ===

Apparently this run is largely independent of item drops, so we beat the boss with 1 HP left.

If we can save that lag frame in the intro without losing the frame rule, this stage should sync exactly as before. Actually, this stage is proving sync stable.

The one change was to take the ladder down instead of ledge clip in the middle of Segment 3. Apparently, this is 3 frames faster than Team 4. The saved frames were thrown away intentionally at the ladder after the miniboss, marked with Select presses, to sync the remainder of the stage.

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#38548674155850191 - Zook Man ZX4 - Intro cleared in f7993
ZM_Introin7993.bk2 (5.20kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2017-04-24 00:47:21 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 02:13.86 [7995 frames], 634 rerecords)
61 views, 8 downloads
One extra lag frame during segment transition after the Ghost Fall and jumping off that object platform. Otherwise, it's a clean improvement.

Any ideas on that lag frame, anyone?

I base the name on what frame we can input something on the stage select, by the way.

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#38533107901056136 - Zook Man ZX4 - A charge swap with basic -> whirlwind
ZM_ChargeSwapTryout.bk2 (2.73kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2017-04-23 07:57:51 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 00:23.69 [1415 frames], 48 rerecords)
52 views, 3 downloads
You should be able to create your own save state from this. Or modify the movie to switch weapons on the way to take damage. Or something like that.

Some attempt at analyzing effects of Charge Swap.

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#38527750923366219 - Zook Man ZX4 - Charge Swap glitch
ZM_ChargeSwap.bk2 (4.99kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2017-04-23 02:10:27 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 01:44.06 [6215 frames], 548 rerecords)
44 views, 3 downloads
Playing around with two possibilities: Sticky Meteors and MurderBarrier.

I choose to die because the Sticky Meteors refuse to leave. Makes showing off the other "charge combo" a bit tricky otherwise.

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#38527472110526427 - Zook Man ZX4 - Infinite climb
ZM_InfiniteClimb_Ascend.bk2 (3.55kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2017-04-23 01:52:22 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 00:41.0 [2449 frames], 358 rerecords)
42 views, 4 downloads
Here's the infinite climb. He keeps going and going...

There are no boundaries that will stop our hero from climbing. Even when you think he has reached the top, and there's nowhere else to go, he keeps climbing.

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#38508617604349368 - Zook Man ZX4 - External Radar script
ZM_ExternalRadar.lua (14.2kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2017-04-22 05:29:39 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
46 views, 9 downloads
Shh... Secrets. Stand-alone script.

This script combines the virtues of both the terrain tiles and the hitboxes scripts, but pastes the info onto a separate canvas. The viewing area is 2x of the game's normal viewing range, so we're seeing half a screen out in each direction past the visual boundaries. It's a heavyweight script, so be aware of slowdowns when running it.

The terrain tiles loading is not aware of the tiles script, so if both are running, there will be two copies of the same data loaded into lua. They are several hundred KB in size, so do be aware.

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#38508546028174499 - Zook Man ZX4 - Basic script
ZookManZX4.lua (19.5kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2017-04-22 05:25:00 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
43 views, 8 downloads
Shh... Secrets. Script #3, intended to be run third.

Displays a few different stats for each onscreen object, like HP, invincibility timer, and stuff. Top-right has position info, lower-right is our RAM watch dump, and top-left has a few timers in mind. Lower-left gets the object counts for lag reasons, and the bottom is our item drop finder.

Well, it's the basic script. Not a lot to say, really.

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#38508487412195834 - Zook Man ZX4 - Hitboxes reveal script
ZM_HitBox.lua (6.66kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2017-04-22 05:21:12 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
45 views, 9 downloads
Shh... Secrets. Script #2, intended to be run second.

This script is the one with the hitboxes. All of them, player, projectile, enemies, and items. They are color coded, too. Enemies are colored based on HP, with zero or negative given a vastly different color. Player projectile is colored based on whether it does damage, rather important for the Muzzle Flash I'm sure you're all frustrated with by now. This is what the game was doing to detect all those hits. Also nice to know what's happening with the basic projectile when changing weapons.

Oh, and this script has rescaling, with M and N keys, so we can see off-screen enemies. Only problem is the other scripts aren't rescaling, so... Uh, enough embarrassment, and stand in awe of my ROM diving skills. Finding and then following pointers around can be fun.

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#38508373147113065 - Zook Man ZX4 - Terrain Tiles painter
ZM_TileOverlay.lua (10.1kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2017-04-22 05:13:47 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
46 views, 10 downloads
Shh... Secrets. Script #1, intended to be run first.

This script paints an overlay on the screen, showing what type each tile is, in convenient color coding. This is what we use to know exactly when air ends and walls begin. Seriously, there are spikes that aren't there in Stage 4, walls that aren't there in the sixth stage part of END, and plenty of floor clips that this script makes apparent very quickly. Also be sure to look for backward slopes in the intro and Stage 4, too.

Note that the script takes a few seconds to load all the tiles into lua tables, as this method means I won't have to do several memory reads to get the right pointer, adjust it, then fetch the right tile. The script is much slower in runtime without this loading step. Also, this required some ROM diving, and I had better hope this thing is useful!

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#38507979558876140 - Zook Man ZX4 - Just a plain frame counting script.
ZM_SegmentCounter.lua (6.51kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2017-04-22 04:48:16 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
105 views, 9 downloads
Intent of the script is to state how many frames it took to complete the immediate segment, as well as how long it takes to do the stage. The state machine in it insists that it sees the beginning of a stage before it starts doing its counting. Hopefully, this will make comparisons easier. If anyone has ideas on better measurement points, I don't mind suggestions.

I've commented out a piece of code, around line 145, that would report how many frames you spent traveling at each pixel/frame. The script is keeping track, just that it won't print the actual stuff without that stuff I commented out. It's cleaner without it, but if you want the added information, go find that spot.

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#38477628468687379 - (GBA) Mario Golf: Advance Tour, cleared Mushroom Tourney
MGAT_EllaRightHand_TestRun.bk2 (56.2kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2017-04-20 19:59:58 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 38:08.83 [136706 frames], 18824 rerecords)
99 views, 5 downloads
This is a test run. Route information:
  • Does not Give Up any holes
    • As a side-effect, this maximizes EXP for higher levels
  • Fetches the Super POW
    • Costs a bit under 2 minutes to do
  • No attempt at optimizations, accepting the first chip-in I got, largely

Basically, I maximized Ella's distance as far as it will go. Out of all the Par 4 holes throughout the entire game, only a single one during Links was possible to get in one stroke, though another in Mushroom Tourney was close. As for whether the added distance of Super POW is worth the 2 minutes, that's hard to say. This is a test run, after all.

I'm given the impression Neil can reach a fair number more Par 4 holes in one fewer shot. However, there are times in later holes where I felt the low Height was needed for any sort of reasonable speed, and it's likely that Neil's Height will destroy our speediness, whether it saves a bunch a strokes or not.

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#37834337107254482 - (GBA) Mario Golf: Advance Tour, Front Nine of Palms
MGAT_FRK_Ella_PalmsFront.bk2 (21.3kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2017-03-22 20:41:59 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 14:44.9 [52853 frames], 6138 rerecords)
236 views, 7 downloads
Another nine holes. A Height of -2 instead of +3 is definitely a difference. A lower level means we'd have more Height and less Drive.

Give Up on Marion Hole 4 (+12) and two of the more awkward Par 4 holes (+10 each) for a score of -7 gives us less levels, which affects us for the rest of the run. For reference, the Marion champ Joe gets +3. Is a tie score enough to reach the last tournament and see the credits anyway? Hard to say if the initial savings we get from that will pay out more than the losses later. A run that gets the best possible will give us more information in case someone else wants to Give Up some of these holes later.

While browsing through Mario Golf's Glossary, I did spot this:

Worm Burner
A shot with an extremely low
trajectory that skims or appears
to skim the ground.

Curious how well that describes some of these shots.

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#37793478144941936 - (GBA) Mario Golf: Advance Tour, Marion in 12 minutes, -39
MGAT_FRK_Ella_Marion.bk2 (17.8kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2017-03-21 00:32:15 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 12:12.76 [43766 frames], 4741 rerecords)
251 views, 12 downloads
Poor Ella. Didn't notice the glue on the 1W, so she swung that the whole tournament.

The strategy mainly revolves around doing anything possible keeping shots low. The choice of chip-in or flag shot depends on the situation. Flag shots are nice, since the ball can be flying at ridiculous speeds and still come to a complete standstill the next frame, but it's fully possible said speed would have the ball exist before the pin one frame and exist in the space after the pin on the next frame.

A hole-in-one will never call a chip-in message, but will call the flag shot message if you do that, so for Par 3, I always opt to avoid the flag. On the second stroke, either way will call a time-wasting message, so I pick one or the other on the situation.

Some manipulation on weather and pin position was done, and I cleared three of the four Par 5 holes in 2 strokes. 701 EXP, enough to hit level 12. Hard to say if Give Up is faster after after whatever difference in levels. Took a few moments to art up the first few shots, so look at that ball picture on the bottom right corner if you're bored.

For adjusting shots, TAStudio, Follow Cursor OFF, Auto-Restore Last Position ON. I did find that feature convenient.

EDIT: I called it 11 minutes before. Perhaps 12 minutes is better. I'll let someone else decide the nuance of the exact timings.

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#36618109266980503 - (GBA) Mario Golf: Advance Tour Ella run.
MGAT_FRK_EllaPOW.vbm (87.5kB vbm movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2017-01-27 02:08:35 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 12:27.9 [44670 frames], 1738 rerecords)
467 views, 18 downloads
VBA 23.6, also not for BizHawk. If it can be converted, go for it!

I recall getting through Marion with Ella and POW clubs. View it if you like.

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#36618076959602509 - (GBA) Mario Golf: Advance Tour Neil run.
MGAT_FRK_Neil.vbm (43.9kB vbm movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2017-01-27 02:06:29 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 06:14.17 [22348 frames], 648 rerecords)
455 views, 19 downloads
VBA 23.6, I think. Sorry, not for BizHawk, unless someone's got a good conversion tool and can have it sync fine.

I don't remember how far I got with Neil. Not very far, I recall.

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#36618019721021517 - (GBA) Mario Golf: Advance Tour script v1.
MGAT_Basic.lua (3.01kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2017-01-27 02:02:47 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
454 views, 17 downloads
It's a script I was using when TASing on VBA, already converted for BizHawk.

Oh, and sorry about all those hexadecimal numbers. It's actually my preference, and if you refuse to get used to it, I'll upload a new script that reads things in decimal instead.

  • Top-left: X, Y, and elevation of ball and pin (hex); Distance left to pin (hex); Direction being aimed (hex)
  • Bottom-left: RNG (Hex; Should really remain in hexadecimal)
  • Bottom-right: Maximum power (dec); power (dec); impact timing (dec)

It's a fairly basic script. But it had what I wanted. Reading distance to pin should help in knowing just how close you got.

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#35046123303113632 - (NES) R.C. Pro-Am - All pick-ups, all gold, 48 tracks done
RCProAm_AllItemsAllGold.fm2 (2.02MB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-11-17 07:03:58 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 39:06.22 [141005 frames], 26889 rerecords)
872 views, 49 downloads
  • Must place 1st
  • Must collect all items
    • Allowing a CPU to pick up an invincibility is a failure

Well. Here it is. 48 tracks of racing madness. This definitely feels like the appropriate stopping point, as 49 is just like 25. Every loop past the second is exactly as tough as the second loop, so 48 is our natural stopping point.

Besides that, dealing with CPU players who stay routinely at 127 MPH does make for a challenge when you max out at 103. TAS precision does not appear to be enough to go weaponless entirely if you want 1st place. Well, in my all items restriction, anyway.

For old time's sake, I still insist I'm not completing this run, despite already having done so. Clearly I'm wrong, seeing as I have a complete run now, but, well... Now I'm out of excuses. Look at what your reading this paragraph has done now!

Should have one trailing blank frame. Some thought in mind about FCEUX duplicating the movie's last frame once when the movie finishes or something. Didn't want to duplicate an extra B button press.

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#34323069463787255 - (NES) Zelda II, face full of fireball from fresh start
Z2_r31_DefeatTheFlameToImprove.fm2 (3.23MB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-10-15 17:33:19 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (38 files)
In 40:49.12 [147189 frames], 30301 rerecords)
1250 views, 38 downloads
Triggered R_2=31. It only saves one "frame rule" over the R_2=72 movie if we cast Fairy spell. This time I took the effort to create a movie that naturally manipulates R_2=31 in.

If it took fewer frames to manipulate in R_2=31, then yes, this would be faster even with the menu loss later. There's room to manipulate away the 21-frame chunk, but not with the R_2 we had coming into the normal encounter.

RNG is complicated business to explain, really.

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#34301086240559765 - (NES) Zelda II, that fireball Link gets faced with using R[2]=31
Z2_WithR2as31.fm2 (26.1kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-10-14 17:47:41 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (38 files)
In 00:14.39 [865 frames], 6 rerecords)
1262 views, 30 downloads

FM2 file begins from a savestate

RAM hacked to get gTimer/RNG pair.

So Fairy spell can traverse this segment 4 frames faster than non-fairy Link. I checked for other RNG values this early, but nothing came up.

This is what happens if R_2=31 is done. If we can traverse the cave quickly enough, we will get that fairy, but I only succeed by, in this movie, casting Fairy. Assuming that magic I just spent isn't used for anything else, we still need to re-open the menu later. Best done if R_2=72 isn't behaving in some improvement sometime in the future.

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#34283573899887127 - (NES) Zelda II, 2nd fairy Valley of Death (try #2)
Z2_FinalFairy_Attempt2.fm2 (3.25MB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-10-13 22:52:00 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (38 files)
In 41:07.07 [148268 frames], 30250 rerecords)
1320 views, 37 downloads
Payment due: Two dreams.

We're not going to get this any faster. At least, not without something more crazy. I now feel this is optimal, at least by the methods I am using.

According to me, the Valley of Death fairies by this attempt reaches the last cave 287 frames faster than this movie produced by the Reflect Trek fairy manipulation. We just need Arc to copy in the last cave and Great Palace input and tweak things to fit with the RNG.

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#34279663163055649 - (NES) Zelda II, 2nd fairy of Valley of Death (try #1)
Z2_FinalFairy_Attempt1.fm2 (3.25MB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-10-13 18:38:23 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (38 files)
In 41:02.46 [147991 frames], 30123 rerecords)
1294 views, 30 downloads
Uses R_2=71. Some small time lost to manipulation, but this looks pretty nice.

However, I'm not convinced I took the normal encounter optimally. We can delay the first fairy encounter by as much as 11 frames, so we have 12 possible gTimer starts on that normal encounter. We do this to do RNG stuff if necessary.

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#34269860654656119 - (NES) Zelda II, decisive first fairy encounter at Valley of Death
Z2_RealizedWish.fm2 (3.19MB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-10-13 08:02:41 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (38 files)
In 40:18.6 [145355 frames], 29862 rerecords)
1279 views, 33 downloads
Payment due: One dream.

This ain't hacked RAM anymore. I've actually trimmed off several frames before the last traversed bridge (removing intentional delays), scattered the remaining delays across a few transitions, and granted a wish.

There are extra delays, including sitting tight for 20 frames positioning a spawn and a little more walking in the Valley of Death. For a fairy, I'm sure this is a reasonable trade-off. Now, I haven't checked how mean the follow-up spawns are going to be for the trap that follows, but look at that fairy!

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#34196603248871958 - (NES) Zelda II, possible fairy encounter at Valley of Death
Z2_WhatIsWished.fm2 (16.5kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-10-10 00:51:53 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (38 files)
In 00:07.37 [443 frames], 1 rerecord)
1308 views, 32 downloads

FM2 file begins from a savestate

Save state anchored. RAM was hacked to provide the initial RNG/gTimer pair, but this indicates it's worth continuing my search.

gTimer=18 R_2=15 ; gTimer could also be 20, so basically see if I can't trip over this using the prior screen transitions.

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#34174809538701635 - (NES) Zelda II, Reflect Trek 2nd fairy
Z2_FairySpawn.fm2 (1.87MB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-10-09 01:18:32 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (38 files)
In 23:38.2 [85232 frames], 29304 rerecords)
1324 views, 37 downloads
Picked a different RNG than the concept for the first fairy. It's faster.

For the second fairy, I delay exactly 5 frames across various screen transitions in order to spawn the fairy and have it fly mostly where needed. One frame later, and the 21-frame rule would kick in.

Out to the second fairy, I haven't actually ran the rest of the trek to know if the encounters behave on the way to the palace. Still, there's not a lot of possibilities to look at without moving past that frame rule.

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#34099156378709624 - Zelda II, spawning fairy for first trap of Reflect Trek
Zelda2_FairySpawnConcept.fm2 (1.75MB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-10-05 15:32:22 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (38 files)
In 22:04.73 [79615 frames], 28721 rerecords)
1389 views, 47 downloads
The concept is reality.

I've taken the third entry of my table put out by my script found in this post. Which is 0 frame delay at the tunnel and 22 frames at the child cave. Also, I seem to defy my own expectations by spawning the fairy in slot 5, where I only output paths for a fairy in slots 0, 1, or 2 in that table.

Seriously, I just can't predict what slot that thing will appear in, and it is possible to pick a different lossless path using the same RNG/gTimer pair that spawns the fairy in a different slot. I also spent more time waiting than expected, requiring more path than I reveal from my script.

Regardless, this proof of concept by itself should save over 100 frames. Spawning a new fairy on our way out of town shouldn't be an issue with all the screen transitions. I will be looking into how feasible it is to spawn two fairies in a row and have them fly straight to our next trap (immediate 3x east travel for our west fairy). At least for the second fairy, the east fairy will always spawn in slot 7, and the west fairy in slot 5, as nothing else will be taking up our slots, so prediction will be more stable.

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#34060330425384501 - (NES) Zelda II, general script v2 (prototype)
Zelda2_v2.lua (27.4kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2016-10-03 21:34:28 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (38 files)
1383 views, 45 downloads
Additions include:
  • Predicting when a spawn occurs
  • Predicting the formation of the next spawn
  • Predicting what directions the current groups will move to

Hopefully the fancy numbers and boxes look pretty enough. The orange hexadecimal values by the cyan decimal timers is the RNG value used for determining what spawns. For fairy encounters, it depends on what terrain you're walking over (D0 F0 E0 F0 F8 FF), and it needs to be that value or higher for a fairy to appear. Theoretically.

The directions of existing spawns are color coded: Green means they will unquestioningly go that direction, while orange means they'll only go that direction if not aligned vertically or horizontally with Link.

Still tweaking my prediction algorithms. Currently, the piece of code that predicts the next encounter appearance is inefficient, as it will run through hundreds of RNG calculations every frame. Or, for that matter, while you're sitting there paused, as gui.register runs lua code several times per second when paused. I plan to inject timestamps and a bit of memory to avoid recalculating what we already knew a frame ago.

However, the active display is encouraging. I haven't detected further errors, so here's my current prediction script.

Oh, and one more thing. The script is set up to detect moments the RNG is reset. It'll print, to the Output Console, the RNG value and global timer every time it happens, as these are probably our sync points. Probably good information to know, as if these are identical to some previous trial, then you are almost certainly going to have identical luck. If these are the only constraints to the effects of RNG, then there's 2688 possibilities.

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#33868816476826407 - (NES) Zelda II, my general script. Version 1 (prototype)
Zelda2_v1.lua (20.4kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2016-09-25 06:34:38 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (38 files)
1449 views, 41 downloads
Still a prototype. I'm using integer versions.

Added a snippet of code that attempts to identify world map locations where an exit will drop you off at. One would hope this lets you know where you're teleporting to. Numbers in the bottom right may be of assistance. Additionally, for room exits, I invert the colors if it's 0x3F, and instead show a number from 0 to 3. That's the selector for our world map thing.

Then again, I don't have much experience with these glitches about somehow making use of alternative exits, so I haven't checked how viable the numbers I'm showing are. Also, there is a *known* failure with my script when we're talking about the Maze, as for some reason, the standard 0x3F I expect to see isn't showing up, yet it exits to the overworld. I have things to look at.

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#33865079316932329 - (NES) Zelda II, my general script. Version 0 (prototype)
Zelda2_v0.lua (18.7kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2016-09-25 02:32:16 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (38 files)
1446 views, 42 downloads
Work-in-progress script. I'm playing around with various designs and thoughts as I run the debugger to get information.

Included is something that tracks Link's position, gives two numbers for enemies and one number for enemy projectiles (Link's sword beams and fire shots aren't included). The numbers are damage to Link if he's hit, and how many strikes it will take to defeat an enemy at current attack power.

I also have HUD stuff at the top of the screen. Still working things out and making them pretty enough. I haven't even removed the TASEditor piece in the script, so pressing controller buttons will toggle the TASEditor stuff if that's running.

I've experimented with some registerexec and registerwrite code. One piece is enabled as of this WIP.

Finally, I have my script respond to when you press space by dumping out a list of exits and apparently related numbers. I'm not particularly inclined to disable that bit of code.

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#33804151688963001 - (NES) Zelda II, reads room destinations
Zelda2_RoomDest.lua (5.93kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2016-09-22 08:41:04 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (38 files)
1433 views, 44 downloads
This script just spits out what room you're in, and the four destinations of that room. Look near the experience.

Numbers are in hexadecimal. Don't like them? Edit the script and change the several DrawNumx inside the bottom function into DrawNum.

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#33537777675996621 - (NES) Overlord in not-as-boring frames
Overlord_FRK_v3.fm2 (209kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-09-10 08:46:29 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 03:57.34 [14264 frames], 834 rerecords)
1322 views, 38 downloads
Where is my sanity?

Here's v3, which is exactly as fast as v2, but does random stuff on a different screen. I'm sure the population don't mind me playing around with the taxes. After all, there's no military unrest, or something.

I don't know how I filled up the long delay waiting for the attack ship to arrive, but I found a way. This might be mildly entertaining. Maybe. At least 10 times that of v2, anyway. Keep in mind that I probably moved the exponent from -4 to -3.

If I make a v4, perhaps I should question my submitting without first consulting the forums.

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#33522885675913909 - (NES) Overlord, beat on easy
Overlord_Easy.fm2 (84.1kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-09-09 16:40:43 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 01:35.26 [5725 frames], 307 rerecords)
1293 views, 35 downloads
Test run. Did not attempt to maximize frame savings. This is what it looks like when easy is done. Shorter wait, but alas, where's the splashy ending?

By the way, this was how I discovered that you can win without needing something intact on the attacker's side.

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#33522796167566096 - (NES) Overlord in 14264 frames
Overlord_FRK_v2.fm2 (209kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-09-09 16:34:55 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 03:57.34 [14264 frames], 623 rerecords)
1302 views, 30 downloads
Well, new ending strategy: Crash tank into building. Deals 5 damage.

I'm trying to figure out how I managed to miss this. Maybe I just wasn't inclined enough.

Info Download

#33508220465369883 - (NES) Mega Man 5 RNG display v3 (FCEUX)
MM5_RNGv3_FCEUX.lua (13.7kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2016-09-09 00:49:40 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Mega Man 5 (6 files)
932 views, 62 downloads
Added frame markers.

Largely the same as the previous version, otherwise.

Info Download

#33395645917665711 - (NES) Mega Man 5 RNG display v2 (FCEUX)
MM5_RNGv2_FCEUX.lua (13.4kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2016-09-03 23:09:07 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Mega Man 5 (6 files)
927 views, 53 downloads
An off-by-one error fixed. I hope.

Also, I experimented with an item seeker code. It will indicate how long you'll have to wait for some item, with the frame count shown as the number, and the color that indicates the item. There is one more number, with an inverted white, that indicates how "out of sync" the two timers are.

I've also recolored the items. Red(s) and orange(L) are the energy drops. Blue(s) and cyan(L) are the weapon drops. White is the extra life.

It is difficult to work with an RNG predictor where there are three factors in its output: Frames passed, lag frames, and whether an RNG call was made recently. The more fancy I try to make it, the more I realize there are factors out of control I can't readily predict.

I can probably add controls to the item seeker so that you can specify a specific "out of syncness" of the timers, but that generally assumes you can get things to lag appropriately. I can try a lag tracker, a good pair up with TAS Editor, but now we assume things will lag exactly how they do when you change the timing of your shots. Then, of course, there are other factors that may use the RNG, and a call will adjust the RNG output for the next 16 frames.

I'm questioning the validity of that "second column" that I threw in there in v1, since it seems a different RNG call is made that adjusts it differently when an enemy needs to think or something. It's still here in v2, though.

Info Download

#33375453760541627 - (NES) Mega Man 5 RNG display (for FCEUX)
MM5_RNG_FCEUX.lua (10.4kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2016-09-03 01:19:38 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Mega Man 5 (6 files)
936 views, 46 downloads
But I like the canvas. Well, aside from the fact it acts slow on my laptop, anyway. This display runs rather smoothly here on FCEUX rather than the floating BizHawk canvas.

I still have not identified which color goes to what item, but I can assure you that the different colors go to different items. If I take the time to look, I'll update this description. I've spent said time to transplant the script to FCEUX without nasty hiccups.

I made a quick change and am uploading it right away. Quick tests show its working well enough.

Info Download

#33370844597556344 - (NES) Mega Man 5 RNG canvas script (for BizHawk)
MM5_RNG.lua (6.35kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2016-09-02 20:20:44 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Mega Man 5 (6 files)
936 views, 50 downloads
Spits out a list of RNG values in the future. I don't know what items go to what, as I have not investigated that, but I did colorize based on which threshold is hit from what I interpret in the disassembly.

Two columns.

The one on the right is the list of RNG the game will generate in the future, assuming Timer_Lagged runs every frame. If there is a lag frame, the numbers will appear to increment while shifting up the column. I expose the numbers as this will be a way to understand whether lag can be used to shift in the right RNG value at the right time, by aiming to either remove some or add some. Whether you have that much control over lag is another issue, however.

The left column shows what happens if exactly one RNG call were to happen immediately. As can be demonstrated, it doesn't have any effect beyond 16 frames, so it's only good if you plan to destroy a pair of enemies close together, or you can somehow time other random actions at that moment. No real testing was done to ensure the quality of this column, however.

Someone wanted help with RNG stuff. So, here it is. Since I don't know what else I can do to help, this will be the only script I make for Mega Man 5, until someone suggests something reasonable.

Info Download

#24001524923673408 - GBA Alien Hominid - Missile Mastar piloting script
AHmm_.lua (8.23kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2015-07-08 21:32:27 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For GBA Alien Hominid (4 files)
1646 views, 105 downloads
Exhibit #8. At one point, I was planning an April Fool's submission. That never happened.

Speaking of which, I even have a write-up somewhere. Let's see if I can't find it...

... Alas, I can't seem to find it. It may have been lost somewhere. Sad.

The script itself is a state machine that deals with detecting which object it wants to avoid. When it approaches the "target", it tries to avoid any planes that spawn in a bad spot with a rather bad timing. Hopefully, it is a robust enough algorithm to survive and hit the target indefinitely.

Info Download

#24001228629169337 - GBC Azure Dreams - VBA script to read up items
ADreams.lua (8.51kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2015-07-08 21:13:14 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
3128 views, 71 downloads
Exhibit #7. Something about Azure Dreams, now. Contains a bit of information about the RAM map, in particular, where the items are located and the RNG information. Incomplete item listing, but it has a structure to let you know what it doesn't know.

I recall using this to perfect my game, in that I pick up ridiculous amounts of stat-boosting seeds and such. If anyone plans to TAS the GBC version rather than the PSX one, I happen to have a little information on the RNG already. Take it!

Info Download

#24001001762962741 - NES Dungeon Magic: Sword of the Elements - Attempted full run
DM_full.fm2 (468kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2015-07-08 20:58:31 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Dungeon Magic: Sword of the Elements (1 file)
In 08:51.71 [31955 frames], 3260 rerecords)
1533 views, 95 downloads
Exhibit #6. Oh, Dungeon Magic. Yet another not-so-brilliant game I had the pleasure to try, but if you can get around the problems it has, it's still better than, oh... GBA Eye of the Beholder.

This was an extreme 100%-style run I was trying. More a perfectionist rather than merely picking up everything.

  • Get all chests
  • Kill every monster (without staying at an inn to respawn them)
  • Sell extra crud to have room for more
  • Equip best stuff
  • Manipulate maximum gold from every monster

This is in case you haven't got enough of ridiculously fast running about and door opening animations, with a helping of slow store dialogue to go with it.

I highly recommend the map script to go with this, though.

Info Download

#23966124716712977 - DS Freedom Wings - DeSmuME script
FreedomStats.lua (7.60kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2015-07-07 07:16:43 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
3103 views, 81 downloads
Fifth exhibit.

Ah, another old script of mine. I'm not sure if I'll set myself up for DS TASing again, but here's one game I was analyzing and never told anyone about here.

Since I don't have things set up, I can't say with certainty what it was about. I do remember being able to switch between individual stats of individual planes, and I also remember tweaking the script to display my missile data and the closest distance to a particular target it managed to reach. Fun stuff to mini-TAS a part and hit something with a not-homing missile from very far away. No, I do not have it recorded.

Freedom Wings is another one of those games that aren't the greatest out there. Or even all that wonderful, really. You're not missing much by never picking up this game.

Info Download

#23965959787784345 - GBA D&D: Eye of the Beholder - VBA data script
EotB_Data.lua (38.6kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2015-07-07 07:06:01 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
3102 views, 86 downloads
Fourth exhibit.

This is the data extraction script I've been using for that... One game... For the GBA. Actually, it's less of a script and more of a set of functions. I forget what I was using it for last, but I've adjusted the code every time I needed to get at another piece of information.

The code could be better organized, but anyone messing with this had better know a few things about lua before trying this script. I have put no provisions for others to use this, as it was strictly for me to use, and me alone. Oh, and anyone messing with this script should also have a really good idea about data structures, and a helping of some rather interesting intuition, since it was certainly non-trivial to work out what every one of those internal bytes in the game meant.

Not for the casual viewer. The more technical you are, the better. If you have no confidence in computer stuff, well, tough. You're looking at the wrong script. It's bleeding edge experimental stuff that can only be operated by someone willing to put significant time into it.

For use with VBA, though.

Info Download

#23965765941835859 - NES Salamander (JPN version of Life Force) - Interesting lua script
SalamanderStuff2.lua (11.2kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2015-07-07 06:53:27 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Life Force (3 files)
1733 views, 97 downloads
Third exhibit. Can't confirm whether it works right now. Dear, ye... This thing is ancient! This is before I started attaching local to most of my functions. Time to dust off some cobwebs.

Apparently I was working out wall detection, and even an attempt at an automatic way of keeping the player safer versus walls when playing normally. I'm not sure how much this is TASing and how much is casual enhancement, but hey. There are some good memories for me to find here. I recommend lua knowledge before testing the script, since again, I can't confirm it works right now.

Info Download

#23965587579556294 - GBA F-Zero: Maximum Velocity - VBA display script
FZMV_basic.lua (3.69kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2015-07-07 06:41:53 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For GBA F-Zero: Maximum Velocity (6 files)
1772 views, 86 downloads
Second exhibit. Apparently, I was making a visual compass or something. My guess for the numbers are about as good as yours, and I sure hope yours is any good, since I believe they relate to speed, position, facing, and momentum. The numbers on the bottom right may have something related to boosts, I'm pretty sure their purpose will be obvious when you try to boost.

The compass would be much better with some margin off to the side, or on a separate canvas, which VBA doesn't have. Any plans to port this to an emulator with such capability should look to adjust the display for that feature.

Info Download

#23965320965431216 - NES R.C. Pro-Am (PRG1) - All items, 23 tracks done.
RCProAm_AllItems_FRK_t23.fm2 (966kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2015-07-07 06:24:36 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 18:16.63 [65906 frames], 13451 rerecords)
3087 views, 67 downloads
Currently backing up some of my things, but I may as well upload a few of them into a public spot. They may come in slowly as I find the more interesting things.

First exhibit is my R.C. Pro-Am TAS, which I still insist I have no plans to finish, despite having already done one lap on track 24 by now.

Sure feels like Super Sticky Tires is actually making it harder to deal with sharp turns. Thing is, turning rate is an average of 3 per frame (2-4-2-4 pattern), but the maxed out tires of the third vehicle type shifts momentum by 2 per frame (more precisely, 510/256). When your facing (turning rate) is far from your momentum (tire rate), further turning forces your momentum to shift fast enough to keep up. With a fast tire rate, it takes much longer to get to that exceeding point, to make use of that 3 average to shift momentum, and so it's much harder to properly hug corners.

Alas, my natural max speed gets to 103, just one MPH short of 104. The speed penalty of differing facing-momentum for these sharp turns hardly matters for my natural max speed, as I can easily maintain 96 MPH (game doesn't affect position in finer steps than 8 MPH). Then again, the high tire rate is useful for when I exceed 104 MPH, as it means the speed penalties don't dip my boosted speed back down so quickly. Trade-offs of a good tire, I suppose.

Info Download

#23298810877627402 - NES Rampart - Cleared one level on Very Hard
Rampart_FRK.fm2 (209kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2015-06-07 06:00:51 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 03:56.54 [14216 frames], 2465 rerecords)
3064 views, 73 downloads
How amusing... I have no lua script to share this time. This is a rarity.

Time was not a primary goal of this run. Rather, it's a demonstration of what perfect aim and luck manipulation can do. No effort was made for fastest time (in fact, time was intentionally wasted for more ideal walls), and no effort was made in making interesting nothings in particular when I'm stuck waiting. Again, just a demonstration, playing with some idea for an NES game.

It appears there's a type of object limit that is very quickly reached where I'm stuck waiting to shoot for lengthy periods of time.

Info Download

#23284492722315905 - NES R.C. Pro-Am (PRG1) - All items out to course 9
RCProAm_FRK_AllItems_t09.fm2 (370kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2015-06-06 14:32:19 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 06:59.99 [25241 frames], 5840 rerecords)
3022 views, 73 downloads
Yo! Items! Taking 1st place every track is also a goal.

Of course, a run that actually aims for fastest time instead of picking up all these things should beat this run by at least a few frames. For whatever reason, I chose to shoot some car at the start of some tracks, even though this can never save time, aside from specifically taking time to set up the yellow/orange car's absurd speed. I'm not actually expecting this particular run to be published, but it's something I felt like doing in my spare time.

Do enjoy this demonstration, though.

Before I forget, Config => Video => Drawing Area => NTSC first line = 0 & NTSC last line = 239 is apparently expected of this game.

Info Download

#22866809653246006 - NES R.C. Pro-Am (PRG1) - Lua HUD (v1)
RCproam_v1.lua (8.30kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2015-05-18 19:05:13 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
3070 views, 77 downloads

... Okay, I'll give more than one word.

Left: Position
Middle: Facing and momentum
Right: Speed and maximum speed
Bottom-left: Checkpoint identifier

And the stuff on the upper-left part of the screen is CPU car speeds.

... I still can't bring myself to be chatty. I'm recovering slow, and it's hard to stretch my mind.

Info Download

#22812256796954525 - NES R.C. Pro-Am (PRG1) - First track
RCProAm_FirstTrack.fm2 (23.7kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2015-05-16 08:07:25 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 00:26.61 [1599 frames], 348 rerecords)
3129 views, 58 downloads
Break time! How well can I race the first course of the game? I make a very comfortable distance between myself and the CPU cars.

Alas, this is one of those "go on forever" games. I am aware of Dimon12321's TAS, and the point where it stopped, the third time it collected the NINTENDO letters, seems to be a good spot. This sample should show what sort of improvements one can make over that TAS.

Let's see... Any tricks, uh... Here's one:

The game very slowly adjusts your momentum to match your facing, and while they are far apart, your maximum speed is reduced. But there is a limit to this difference, and turning past this limit instantly affects your momentum. So turn hard to make the curve, then steer back to straighten yourself to minimize lost speed.

I am curious if TAS can race these things indefinitely, or whether the supply of ammo will prove decidedly finite against the cheat-fast CPU cars later on. In any case, here's a small TAS while I stall my write-up for Gauntlet.

Info (1 comment) Download

#22781190872746344 - NES Gauntlet - Completed in 42004 frames
Gauntlet_FRK_v1.fm2 (616kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2015-05-14 22:32:46 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Gauntlet (5 files)
In 11:38.92 [42004 frames], 6580 rerecords)
2139 views, 105 downloads
https://youtu.be/CsuVDfzdRLI - Thanks solarplex!

Did I mention I hate being sick? While recovering, a second sickness hit. Awful, I say. But my life story isn't what you want to hear.

I've beaten [392] NES Gauntlet (USA) by foda in 12:24.65 by 2675 frames. As usual of any submissions I want to make, I want to put subtitles in first. That, and I have a submission text to make, as well.

... I'll get around to it when I'm feeling more in a mood to write. Being sick doesn't help with that.

Info (1 comment) Download

#22434931381191468 - NES Gauntlet - World 3 done (-730 frames)
Gauntlet_FRK_W3.fm2 (367kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2015-04-29 08:17:32 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Gauntlet (5 files)
In 06:56.65 [25040 frames], 3811 rerecords)
1975 views, 92 downloads
Too lazy to post a room-by-room breakdown of frame counts. FODA's world 2 was pretty robust, though. (I'm calling it 'world', although it's probably a bad term for a cluster of approx. 20 rooms)

Notable differences include spending a potion to get rid of some massive lag, fetching two keys from secret walls and skipping one different key, and fetching a potion allowed by the spare key. I haven't really found any other convenient potions in my mapping, though. Killing that lag by potion apparently saved over three seconds.

Seems I'm getting closer to improving yet something else. Oh, how fun.

Info Download

#22335975284900107 - NES Gauntlet - Map script
Gauntlet_map.lua (13.5kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2015-04-24 21:20:09 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Gauntlet (5 files)
2001 views, 114 downloads
This maps things really, really well. I hope. Since the script knows of the basic walls, and that it also knows of all map objects, this should cover everything there can possibly be in the stage.

Hit space to get a map sprawled out into the Output Console, as well as an object listing. I use "B" for whatever reason, to have the script spit out potential exits. I can confirm that room 98 really has no exits.

This doesn't actually peek into the ROM, only whatever is loaded in RAM. So I still need to reach the room in question to map it, and it still wouldn't get all the variations of it (treasure room exits, for the most part). Still, this gives me a near-perfect knowledge of each room so I won't miss any detail.

Info Download

#22335716125478936 - NES Gauntlet - World 1 done (-188 frames)
Gaintlet_FRK_W1.fm2 (110kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2015-04-24 21:03:21 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Gauntlet (5 files)
In 02:05.06 [7516 frames], 1352 rerecords)
1964 views, 90 downloads
I did believe I wouldn't make a significant improvement. Alas, my belief failed me.

Let's see... What tricks have I learned...

  • Applying input just before the lag transition lets that input work a frame earlier than doing it after the lag transition.
  • Try to avoid "pushing" solid walls. Even walking along it with angled input. Lots of lag will result.
  • Realize the game uses an odd debouncing mechanism that refuses change in input until it gets two duplicate input polls in a row.

As for each level:
r01 - (-002) I saved two lag frames. I did also save a not-lag frame, but lost it somehow...
r05 - (-031) I go to the right after breakable wall. Also lets me line up a stylish shot.
r09 - (-003) Lag. Everywhere. Yah. Honestly, I was lazy here, but I'm still faster.
r10 - (-013) Shot the secret wall from a better angle. Also phased through Death.
r11 - (-117) Skipped the key. This will cost me, however.
t13 - (-006) According to my notes, FODA lagged the treasure room. How?
r14 - (+028) I pick up the earlier key. Faster than r11 key by less than 5 frames, apparently. Other key skipped.
r17 - (-043) The upper panel is skipped. I get the key blocked off by a secret wall, faster than r14 corner key.
r18 - (-006) Not sure what I did different.
t19 - (-002) These two frames were due to the pre-transition input.

r20 - (-017) I thought for a moment. Each dragon head has 100 HP. Elf arrow does 1 damage, 2 with Extra Shot. It costs about 300 frames to get Extra Shot. I doubt I can shoot a head with less than 2 frames per arrow.

188 frames for the first world, plus another 17 frames for the first level in the second. Measurements are done by finding the first non-lag frame after the room fade-in transition.

As far as scripting goes, I actually have very little need of an active script. The only numbers I'm using are the ones shown in this script and my X,Y coordinate. I don't see what other information would help. Well, other than a suite of complete mapping functions, anyway.

... I am not fixing the filename typo.

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#22258475716248466 - NES Gauntlet - Paints ID numbers script.
Gauntlet.lua (5.89kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2015-04-21 09:34:14 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Gauntlet (5 files)
2028 views, 88 downloads
Most of this script is the DrawNum function. The tiny bit at the bottom of the code is the interesting part.

All it does is try to find objects on screen and paints hexadecimal numbers: ID number of object and the spare number the object may use. It does, however, spot all the walls that might disappear when shot or a flashing tile is touched.

In other news, foda's run syncs just fine in FCEUX. There's a surprising detail in that dragon is immune to damage if currently throwing fire.

I have no clue why I just analyzed this game. I don't believe I'll make notable improvements.

Info Download

#22202816332864552 - NES Rad Racer - More advanced lua HUD (v3)
RadRacer_v3.lua (13.5kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2015-04-18 21:24:41 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Rad Racer (9 files)
1959 views, 108 downloads
This may be the final version, depending on whether I try to improve my TAS later.

Not a lot was added, though. I did figure out the numbers behind bouncing off cars, and now I color things fabulously. Also, the script has its separate calculations to work out the piecewise function behind steering speed. And lastly, I think I found some more precise info on the road curve, but that still needs further work.

Anyway, to recap this HUD:

Top: CPU car info

  • Top row: ID, timer left to respawn, max timer to respawn
  • Left column: Speed, base spawn speed, RNG spawn speed, predicted speeds
  • Upper-right region: Distance, sub-distance, lane offset, sub-offset
  • Lower-right region: Lane change frame timer, unknown, visbility

Right: RNG list; If it's not inside the cycle, a new list is shown

Game HUD, left side:

  • Game frame counter (decimal) (Purpose: record keeping)
  • Game frame counter (hexadecimal) (Purpose: Timing TAS-related stuff)
  • Time remaining

Game HUD, left of tachometer: Info about curves. Needs analysis.
Game HUD, below tachometer: Left/right position and sub-position; Steering power
Game HUD, right of tachometer: Car bounce speed and subpixel
Game HUD, below speedometer: Speed and sub-speed
Game HUD, below progress meter: Distance traveled, distance lost, distance left

The last number on the right side is the course ID. And the extending line between HUD and road display is a visual representation of how much of the current course is done.

Info Download

#22190002190890296 - NES Rad Racer - End input at 73713 frames
RadRacer_FRK_ShorterInput.fm2 (1.05MB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2015-04-18 07:33:40 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Rad Racer (9 files)
In 20:26.53 [73713 frames], 13895 rerecords)
1974 views, 98 downloads
This is my shorter input entry. Not my style. I prefer a faster ending.

The input file may be 382 frames shorter, but it takes 152 more frames to reach the ending.

Now, this is to avoid anyone silly enough to trim frames off my actual submission and spark some sort of heated debate. I trimmed it off first, now don't go taking it.

Info Download

#22071035560534321 - NES Krazy Kreatures - FCEUX lua script
KrazyKreatures_FCEUX.lua (8.49kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2015-04-12 22:58:35 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
2940 views, 83 downloads
Can't let my work finding out a few memory addresses go to waste.

This script attempts to identify where the objects are going to land, what's currently filling the slots, and the up-to-date player positions. For whatever reason, I've also identified P1 and cooperative scores. Of unusual note, "clear" and nil are used, as nil in FCEUX's gui.box fill just happens to select out a translucent shade that looks perfect for what I need. An accident gone right.

An FCEUX script, which I find its emulation isn't enough for Krazy Kreatures. Nuts, I say. Still, translating a script to BizHawk is probably easier than rediscovering the memory addresses from scratch.

Info Download

#22056897088815640 - NES Krazy Kreatures - Stuff? mode, high score
KrazyKreatures_Stuff.fm2 (32.6kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2015-04-12 07:41:42 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 00:36.72 [2207 frames], 485 rerecords)
2963 views, 80 downloads
Break time! How high can I score in Klux? Watch as I make use of an unusual scoring trick where I rapidly drop and pick up a piece during the end tally!

It has come to my attention that FCEUX does not properly emulate this game. In the main mode, the animations of animals, things, people, and monsters aren't emulated. However, BizHawk does emulate it just fine, so if I want to mess around more, I will make use of BizHawk in the future.

By the way, as .fm2, this is an FCEUX file. I dodge the animation failure by picking a mode that has no animations to begin with.

Info Download

#22046959386399204 - NES Rad Racer - Finished in 74095 frames
RadRacer_FRK_v1.fm2 (1.06MB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2015-04-11 20:57:14 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Rad Racer (9 files)
In 20:32.89 [74095 frames], 13840 rerecords)
1934 views, 91 downloads
I chose to get to the ending as fast as I know how, rather than ending input early. I will be sure to produce an 'end input early' movie to avoid someone being silly with "I beat you faster by trimming off the end frames."

This should beat Saturn's run by a pretty fair margin. If I choose to submit this run, I'll be sure to fill it with subtitles first.


  • Course 1: 1319
  • Course 2: 2018
  • Course 3: 1979
  • Course 4: 1635
  • Course 5: 1161
  • Course 6: 1449
  • Course 7: 1744
  • Course 8: 1366

Note that this file has a bunch of rerecords added, since I messed up somewhere and didn't keep the original .fm3 intact, so I used what I had stored in an .fm2 to restore this movie. As a result, the rerecords of my second attempt on course 1 is added to this file.

Info Download

#22046859601719059 - NES Rad Racer - Improvements to my own stuff (C1 to C2)
RadRacer_C2_Faster_Partial.fm2 (239kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2015-04-11 20:50:45 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Rad Racer (9 files)
In 04:31.67 [16327 frames], 13558 rerecords)
1992 views, 92 downloads
Rerecords: 1319+1169 for course 1, 2018+1423 for course 2 so far.

Course 2 isn't complete, since I got frustrated with traffic. While I did beat my previous course 1 time by over three seconds, it turns out the game is not as sync stable as I hoped -- Keeping the rest of the run intact, it desyncs halfway through course 4. Memory search does not turn up any different addresses other than score and X sub-position of lane-changing cars. Either it's something silly like the timing of the Program Counter or lane changing cars are my worst enemy.

Anyway, I may continue on this. For now, I at least have a complete run somewhere.

Info Download

#22046761681430744 - NES Rad Racer - Demonstration of high score in C1
RadRacer_MaxScore_LowEffort.fm2 (352kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2015-04-11 20:44:24 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Rad Racer (9 files)
In 06:39.09 [23985 frames], 40 rerecords)
1994 views, 96 downloads
Aims for maximum score in course 1; Doesn't give a snap about real time, however.

This is a demonstration of the pause trick for stopping timers. The time remaining never declines, so I can do silly things like never bother to turn and crash all the time. Since the entire traffic of course 1 uses non-zero timers, you never see them, but some would show up in course 2 had I continued.

This is primarily why I chose to pick fastest real time rather than high score, since the pause trick messes with traffic, and banning it means a less optimal traffic layout.

Info Download

#21814299609428444 - NES Rad Racer - Not-so-basic Lua HUD (v2)
RadRacer_v2.lua (11.4kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2015-04-01 09:29:03 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Rad Racer (9 files)
1934 views, 93 downloads
It's starting to get a little crowded.

Mid-top: CPU car info. Figured out two unknowns and rearranged them to be just beneath the main speed, as they are base speed and RNG speed range. As well, I pick at the RNG and predict the next three potential velocities (white) the car-to-be will have.

Right: Listing of the RNG period of 28 numbers. If the RNG isn't at one of those 28, a second column and predicted values is shown.

Bottom-left: Timers, as before. Frame timer in both decimal and hexidecimal, and the time remaining.

Bottom-mid: Mostly the same as before. Position and road curve, speed and sub-speed, then distance and related calculations. Distance calculations now use an internal number to find a certain multiplier the game uses. The script is calibrated to report the remaining distance in five of the eight courses, since I can't find an automatic process to do so as of this time.

Bottom-right: These numbers are to be analyzed. The darkened ones are for bouncing off of cars. The lighter one is reporting which course I'm in.

Additionally, I have an extending green line and an orange line to indicate progress through the course.

Info Download

#21814072087244253 - NES Rad Racer - WIP through Course 4
RadRacer_FRK_C4.fm2 (552kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2015-04-01 09:14:17 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Rad Racer (9 files)
In 10:26.93 [37678 frames], 6952 rerecords)
1928 views, 83 downloads
Times measured using address 0029:
C1: 9393 frames (Saturn: 9827)
C2: 9305 frames (Saturn: 10559)
C3: 9237 frames (Saturn: 10087)
C4: 9653 frames (unable to sync Saturn's run in FCEUX)

I must note that Saturn apparently aimed for high score, rather than shortest time. The distinction here is that, when going for high score, you want to reach the finish line with as much speed as possible for extended distance scoring, but fastest time wants you to cross it with as little leftover distance as possible. Saturn also didn't know the full extent of what pausing can really do at the time, which can stop the in-game timer from ticking, which would also add to score. One can imagine how that sounds.

I've been learning more about this game, though. There are a few mistakes I can now see that I likely missed in earlier courses. I may go back to deal with them.

I've been keeping track of rerecord counts for individual courses. C1:1319 C2:2018 C3:1979 C4:1635

Info Download

#21749483157675147 - NES Rad Racer - WIP through Courses 1 & 2
RadRacer_FRK_C2.fm2 (275kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2015-03-29 11:25:39 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Rad Racer (9 files)
In 05:12.25 [18766 frames], 3337 rerecords)
2063 views, 102 downloads
Pausing: There are timers that only "tick" every 64 frames, including car spawn timers and the time remaining. Bypass this "tick" by pausing at the right time. Useful for delaying appearance of cars. Each pause costs 4 frames, plus 2 more in the finish countdown if it saved a timer tick, but proper manipulation of other cars can potentially make up for that.

Bumping cars: There are seven ways to interact with other cars. I sometimes bump into the back of one straight on to improve its speed, as the follow-up curve is nasty and I really want a car "on rails" to bounce off of, and for it to keep up with me rather than me slowing down for it. The other six ways have you fly off to some side, but the back-left and back-right collisions slow you down and potentially slowing the other car as well, but are easier to cause at frame-precise times.

Car distance: There is a number for how far along the lane the car is, and another one for "sub-pixel" (x/64) value of that. This "sub-pixel" goes up by the difference in speed, regardless of who is faster. One can build it up at a higher speed, then slow down just below the other car's speed to reach the 64 threshold and get them one "notch" further ahead at minimal distance loss yourself.

Saturn may have made frame-perfect cornering, but manipulating traffic is where the real savings are. This requires some interesting maneuvering and a good memory watch script.

Times measured by 2-byte value at address 0x0029, when it freezes at the next course preview:
Course 1: 9393 frames (Saturn: 9827)
Course 2: 9305 frames (Saturn: 10559)

Seems each course is very well "packaged" away from other courses. Even sub-speed values are reset upon entry. Might be possible for sync stability for swapping in another movie's input for various courses. Maybe.

Info Download

#21749355666386341 - NES Rad Racer - Basic Lua HUD
RadRacer.lua (8.23kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2015-03-29 11:17:23 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Rad Racer (9 files)
1988 views, 91 downloads
Displays a lot of numbers. Seems to be the typical thing my scripts do.

Top: The other cars info. Top numbers are ID and spawn timer. Just below that, speed and some sort of distance measurement, color changes when collision is possible. Then we have X offset for lane changes. Then a pile of unknown numbers. This, for each of the three possible cars.

Bottom: On the left is the frame timer, in both decimal (record keeping and notes) and hexadecimal (to help track timer events), and an up-to-date mirror of the time limit. Middle is a mess, but the top two numbers are X offset from center and curve of road, middle is an up-to-date mirror of speed and the handy sub-speed value, and bottom is the distance calculations calibrated for course 1, with the orange number indicating distance lost. I also have a green line that indicates how far along you are in the course, but that is also calibrated for course 1.

The game looked shiny. I got distracted on something else yet again.

Info Download

#21477503642485906 - GBA - Dungeons & Dragons: Eye of the Beholder - Dice roll prediction script
EotB_RNG_v1.lua (5.14kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2015-03-17 05:27:33 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
2987 views, 69 downloads
For BizHawk. Geez, those forms work slow. I recommend pausing the script when you want to use turbo mode.

Currently predicts d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20 rolls. It gives some pride that I can't detect errors with its predictions, but on the other hand, this could also mean my error detection might need work. Regardless, I think I know all the dice rolls in the future!

It spawns a single window with a list of numbers. Each column reports dice of different sides, with the top numbers being the immediate next result. Anyone here fluent in object properties and can tell me how to right-justify the labels?

Info Download

#21476126496737213 - NES Ultima: Quest of the Avatar -- Basic info script
Ultima_QotA_BasicInfo_v1_FRK.lua (6.88kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2015-03-17 03:58:14 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
3024 views, 71 downloads
Colorful numbers. Tiny cute informative icons. Joy.

I'll leave it up to you to determine what the numbers mean. I produced this script to make it slightly more interesting to watch that recent submission.

There is one commented line at the start of the while true loop. In particular, the one that looks like a commented out line of lua code, not the fancy borders. That's specifically for this submission. Uncomment that line for lighting up dungeons when watching that specific movie.

Info Download

#21139027649081064 - GBA - Dungeons & Dragons: Eye of the Beholder - To 3rd floor
EotB.bk2 (3.68kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2015-03-01 23:37:05 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 05:39.86 [20299 frames], 1531 rerecords)
2925 views, 160 downloads
BizHawk 1.9.1

I don't know where my TASing mood is going, but currently it seems it says I'm not done with this game yet, what with all the analyzing I've done elsewhere.

It is critical that we take the time to kill off two members, as the game insists on having you run with a four-person party, and this divides up the experience necessary for extremely useful spells. Notably, since I'm just checking a route, I did not manipulate luck as much as I should early on. The route seems to work.

Info Download

#17856867996392106 - Partial conversion of Mugg's M&L:SS script to BizHawk.
MLSS_BisHawk.lua (9.09kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2014-10-05 04:06:16 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
3268 views, 122 downloads
I fished around for emulator specific functions, redefined names for them at the top, and now it's mostly a matter of picking similar functions when porting to a different emulator. Mostly.

I expect some poor alignments to come of this, so the rest of the conversion would best be handled by someone else. Haven't bothered looking for a GBA BIOS, so I just used the static screen of a ROM-less BizHawk for display and stand-in functions for memory related stuff. I hope I got the right memory functions, as I didn't rightly check them when getting rid of the stand-ins.

Also, I did two adjustments in the script itself. First, I moved the "EXP to next level calculator" from a list of if/else to a table, and compressed the Bros Attack Counters into fewer lines, including using math.max instead of checking if the number is below zero.

Info Download

#17475295745275850 - GBA Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories -- Prize Card scan bot v2
KH_CardScanBot_v2.lua (8.91kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2014-09-17 23:40:59 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
3257 views, 122 downloads
My masterpiece! ... Well, data collection can now be done entirely without my direct input, I hope.

I fixed up the display by flipping it. Rather than the type running off the edge to the right, it now runs downward, with value going to the right instead. I can make much better use of vertical space this way. It still has no concept of screen space, but there's a lot more effective space with the direction I'm having it head.

I also do better than just list out a bunch of IDs for each card. I even identify the name (though I hope I picked the right set of pointers)! The first seven characters of the name is provided, but the full 17 characters is provided if you use the print out button (default: Z) in the script.

Pick a moment just four frames before the white flash. Start the script. Unpause emulation. If you did something wrong, either the little red number goes up (too early or wrong situation), or the exact same card keeps showing up (too late).

I made this script so that all the data collection for prize cards does not have to rely on my hands, though it's also easier for me to use. Also, I'd love to know whether the script is identifying the wrong names.

Info Download

#17428142883917495 - GBA Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories -- Prize Card scan bot v1
KH_CardScanBot_v1.lua (4.96kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2014-09-15 20:43:05 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
3289 views, 112 downloads
Refinements need to be made to the output & display, but this bot is working its magic!

Find the exact moment where the game generates a card, pick a few frames before that moment, run the script, and unpause. If you don't know precisely when the RNG is used, try four frames before the white flash.

Anyway, I still need to fix up the output, as it doesn't know the concept of limited screen space, but I have something!

Info Download

#17415080449457385 - GBA Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories -- Object listing script
KH_mem.lua (6.48kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2014-09-15 06:35:58 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
3243 views, 116 downloads
The script attempts to identify whether combat has taken place, and if so, attempts to list out every object within it.

That's all it does. The strings are extracted from the game itself, and the script doesn't really do anything else. It's a proof of concept that I am able to get access to what's going on in there.

As a bonus, the script has some commented out piece of code. Remove the comment markers, then run the script. I haven't looked too hard at this generated list, but there might be some interesting things to look at. It's all in hexadecimal, and the six massive numbers would be memory pointers, not actual data in and of itself.

Info Download

#17185532309086037 - GBA Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories -- Shop RNG script v1
KH_Shop_v1.lua (16.0kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2014-09-04 22:29:35 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
3256 views, 122 downloads
The goal is to display exactly what you're getting from the shop, in four colorful blocks. With 16 different sorts of packs to choose from, all combinations of (attack, magic, item, mix) and (leaf, brown, black, Moogle) are shown. It should correctly identify everything I know and hint at things I don't know.

The script displays the limits of what I know, but I hope it isn't hard to make adjustments to fill in the gaps.

Info Download

#17161206946737814 - Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories -- Shop script v0 (WIP)
KH_Shop_v0.lua (4.64kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2014-09-03 20:12:04 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
3265 views, 115 downloads
Version zero. Because it definitely needs more work.

On the left side are the raw 100-sided dice rolls. Jump a few times to get an idea as to what order the numbers are in.

Along the top is the predicted card values: The two-digit number is the raw 100-sided die roll for the identifier, the one-digit number is the value, and it is yellow if the card is premium.

Somehow, I missed the part where the pack quality varies. The prediction likely works with the basic pack. Probably falls apart if you pick something with a fancier binding than the leaf one. What else don't I know? I like to analyze things, so it's no trouble at all.

Info Download

#15060266155900750 - SNES HyperZone (U), maximum score/kills - First half of Area 4
HyperZone_FRK_A3andahalf.lsmv (11.2kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2014-06-01 05:24:17 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 09:24.37 [33918 frames], 7210 rerecords)
3683 views, 204 downloads
Optimized the damaging part and the boss of Area 3 - Old Capital. Should be faster than my old Snes9x WIP. I did accidentally clip off the track for a brief moment near the end, but the amount of slowing that resulted thankfully did not cost me any frames, so I left it in as I would rather keep my boss progress.

... And I made some progress into Area 4 - Grass Land. Halfway through, too! And that one "fluffy snowball" that looks like I missed, flying past me to the right is actually hit by my charged shot. There is a solid explosion sound, and my score increases, that's your clues.

The part I stopped at has these growing plant towers of sorts... Difficulties:

  • These have 3 HP each
  • The lowest segment can't be reached by normal shots
  • A charged shot skips the HP check (1-hit kill) for upper segments, but does 2 damage to the lowest one
    • I can "double hit" with a charged shot, but it requires particular timing
  • The upper segments do not exist until I get real close
    • And won't spawn if I destroy a lower one too quickly
  • The 12 objects limit is reached very quickly by these things
  • Oh, and I have more of those "fluffy snowballs" halfway through

Why, hello there, puzzle. I expect difficulties optimizing my score.

Info Download

#14561587450954563 - SNES HyperZone (U), maximum score/kills, area 2 done
HyperZone_FRK_A2.lsmv (7.07kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2014-05-09 18:24:33 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 05:30.67 [19873 frames], 3997 rerecords)
3649 views, 151 downloads
Ah, HyperZone. Yet another project I got myself distracted on. Will I ever stay on something long enough to get it done? Area 2 - Blast Furnace done.

Been redoing HyperZone on lsnes. Differences between this and my Snes9x TAS:

  • I use a code for some kind of 3D effect, which I disable anyway.
    • Essentially, I just want to turn the title screen red. Hey, surprises.
  • I cross over that "barrier" at the second wave fewer times in Area 1
  • Some enemies didn't spawn in my Snes9x run, due to object limits somewhere in Area 2. Fixed.
  • Slight optimizations and differences in flying around. I hope the entertainment is better.
  • The Snes9x run clears Area 3. I haven't gone that far yet.
Info Download

#14190878786303873 - SNES F-Zero - Mute City 1 Fast Lap: 22"06
FZero_MC1_flap2206_FRK.lsmv (4.10kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2014-04-23 01:43:47 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For SNES F-Zero (3 files)
In 02:46.64 [10015 frames], 2341 rerecords)
3204 views, 256 downloads
Fast Lap (lap 5) begins at frame 7255. Recommend starting at 7000. For reference, An unassisted record (WR I believe) by edward406 is 22"31, so at least I'm doing something right this time by having my TAS beat "a mere human," unlike my Maximum Velocity attempt.

26"30 - 23"58 - 23"59 - 23"63 - 22"06 = 1'59"16
Bad opener (WR is 25"36). The goal of this TAS wasn't a fast total, but a fast lap.

Speaking of which, if I was able to match the WR opener with Expert CPU rather than Practice Golden Fox CPU, I'd beat the unassisted WR for the five lap time, despite it not being the primary goal.

Let's see... Trick the timer to tick "01 rather than "02 for the first frame of the lap, edge out every sub-pixel I can entering the lap, abuse the rail to brake even faster, abuse the fact my accelerator is useless for maintaining boosted speed but useful for dealing with my momentum's direction, and realize the "dirt" doesn't slow me down worse than normal roadway (but somehow doesn't let me accelerate on it even boosted).

Made a start on Big Blue, trying out a mediocre opener. Expert doesn't look like it'll cut it for five lap times. Verification movie for Master it is.

Info Download

#13628304150493123 - SNES Brandish. Completed (v1)
Brandish_FRK.lsmv (28.1kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2014-03-28 17:40:20 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For SNES Brandish (1 file)
In 38:42.41 [139574 frames], 16139 rerecords)
2800 views, 294 downloads
Ended at level 19. I guess the legendary armor and shield aren't needed. Didn't need more than 1 HP throughout the last fight.

Compared to my last WIP, I did slay that hydra boss over a dozen seconds faster. It was just a matter of raising my Arm Strength during the fight so that the Blade of Muramasa actually does more than 2 damage. Sword of Flames was sacrificed for inventory management purposes.

Info Download

#13601656787010756 - SNES Brandish. First attempt at hydra boss.
Brandish_Hydra_v1.lsmv (27.2kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2014-03-27 12:52:14 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 37:24.35 [134883 frames], 14554 rerecords)
3777 views, 236 downloads
85 Arm Strength backed by Blade of Muramasa only does 1 to 2 damage -- No better than just punching the thing. By the time I finish, I have 97 Arm Strength. The only better weapon to find is in that small chamber right after the boss. Don't bother magicking the boss, it's immune.

In any case, I only did minor-medium luck manipulation. Enough to delay some of its attacks. I did not deal with the 1-2 damage jitter. It has 250 HP to knock down. I should check if cheating my strength to 99 has any effect, other than muting the Arm Strength messages. Would let me know if I should keep the Blade unbroken until my arms grow a bit.

On a side note, I'm really, really glad frame perfection alone is enough to survive those arrow traps... 100+ damage doesn't help someone who only has 44 HP.

Info Download

#13592281639251372 - SNES Brandish. Reached Fortress Top.
Brandish_AlmostThere.lsmv (26.0kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2014-03-27 02:44:15 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 35:26.4 [127794 frames], 13659 rerecords)
3841 views, 144 downloads
First, I had to get some extra keys, because I was one short.
Second, I figured out a glitch that lets me jump past teleporters.
Third, that three floor maze was a lot smaller than I thought.

I'm making progress once more. It appears likely I'll, at long last, give this run the finishing touches it needs.

Just a few questions I need to find answers for:

  • Can I survive that hallway of acid? Looks like 42 HP is enough.
  • Can I beat the Bezalhydra?
  • Will Berebus finally fall to my attacks at long last?
  • Are the legendary armor and shield even needed?

... I'm really hoping my 5 Magic Endurance doesn't prove fatal...

Info Download

#13550408774446356 - SNES F-Zero - One lap Expert test (26"30)
FZero_MC1_1lap2630.lsmv (2.28kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2014-03-25 05:28:45 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For SNES F-Zero (3 files)
In 00:42.41 [2549 frames], 1027 rerecords)
3262 views, 267 downloads
I'm a second slow. I blame the opening bumps. Practice mode Golden Fox CPU does wonders. GP mode Expert CPU not so much, apparently. Whether it's my technique or just that these CPU are not good bumping material is in question. I want Master unlocked!

Regardless, if anyone wants this .lsmv file that lasts only one lap, I'm making it available.

Also, those dirt patches reduce your turning rate, but only reduce speed by roughly 4 per frame. The electric rails don't affect turning rate, but reduces speed by 16 per frame. Your turning rate is still limited by your momentum, which usually can't be sped up reasonably, but the dirt patches are more than enough to let your momentum catch up with your facing.

Info Download

#13538527443458224 - Basic lua script for SNES F-Zero (for lsnes) (Re-upload)
LazyFZa.lua (3.54kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2014-03-24 16:38:15 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For SNES F-Zero (3 files)
3259 views, 182 downloads
It's a glorified memory watch script. Though at least it'll tell how much of your speed is being applied to each axis depending on which direction your momentum is headed.

What will I work on next? I have no clue. I'm rather chaotically analyzing games at the moment. ... It's something, I guess.

Oh, and whoops. Last file mixed up on-screen positions of the X and Y positions with the X and Y velocities.

Info Download

#13290945046046798 - GBA Mario Golf: Advance Tour - Fail Shot Contest 2
MGAT_FRK_ShotContest2.vbm (39.4kB vbm movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2014-03-13 13:02:19 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 05:25.73 [19455 frames], 642 rerecords)
3925 views, 213 downloads

Movie begins from a reset; should begin from power-on.

VBA-RR v23.6 svn480

Despite a perfect hole-in-one run where all ten shots make it in for the contest, it would appear there is just no impressing certain NPCs. I guess, technically, not a single one of my shots stopped on the green. Man, I'm a terrible player.

Note Shot Lesson 2 is complete, but Shot Contest 2 isn't cleared, even though I scored 10/10, got the EXP, and unlocked a star hole. I intentionally delay at texts to give you a chance to read most of it.

SRAM anchored, so I can skip the long introduction. SRAM also has the POW clubs so I can play with a little more distance, but I otherwise have default level 1 stats. A funny exhibition for what TAS can do.

... Alright, fine. That recent golf submission reminded me of this game.

Info Download

#12964102343777807 - GBA F-Zero: Maximum Velocity - P1 19"48 flap
FZMV_FRK_P1_1948flap.vbm (21.7kB vbm movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2014-02-26 19:46:17 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For GBA F-Zero: Maximum Velocity (6 files)
In 03:03.53 [10962 frames], 938 rerecords)
3327 views, 294 downloads
Emulator: VBA-RR v24m svn480

Unassisted fast lap for Pawn 1, Bianca City - Stretch Circuit: 19"28

I'm doing something wrong, as I'm 0.20 seconds slower. Either that, or the Master level Rival in Training gives enough of an advantage over Expert level Grand Prix. But I'd like to say it's my error.

I know, this is meant to be a verification movie. But it's no good if I don't hone my knowledge over the game. So make the verification good at something, or try to.

Splits: 36"33 34"11 23"64 40"15 19"48

Info Download

#12907400947310067 - GBA F-Zero: Maximum Velocity - Sync test with VBA v24
FZMV_FRK_vba24m.vbm (7.91kB vbm movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2014-02-24 06:29:10 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For GBA F-Zero: Maximum Velocity (6 files)
In 01:05.65 [3921 frames], 222 rerecords)
3321 views, 271 downloads
Emulator: VBA-RR v24m svn480


I don't know... Either I'm playing this game horribly wrong, or I'm doing it incredibly right. The game was telling me to turn back most of the time. I got a time of 36"35 for my first lap before blowing up in a tragic explosion, while still in first place in Expert.

To convince you to look, this is a hilarious 36"35 to watch (my opinion). I don't believe I was driving in any fashion a sane player would do.

Seems to work fine (though this was made in v24 and probably won't work in v23.6). I'm curious about thoughts of any experts who've been messing with multiple versions of VBA.

Info Download

#12882383957282529 - Password calculator for F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
FZMVname.lua (1.89kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2014-02-23 03:26:47 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For GBA F-Zero: Maximum Velocity (6 files)
3337 views, 188 downloads
Go into name entry. Run script. Mess around in there. Tells you what password for any name you input as you're messing around.

I left a few notes in the code, if you need them.

Info Download

#12882193794445245 - GBA F-Zero: Maximum Velocity - Testing a name for fast password.
FZero_MV_GetJV.vbm (1.79kB vbm movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2014-02-23 03:14:27 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For GBA F-Zero: Maximum Velocity (6 files)
In 00:13.18 [787 frames], 119 rerecords)
3331 views, 273 downloads
Emulator: VBA-RR v23.6 svn480 (How is VBA-M v24, anyway?)

The only thing I do is give myself an odd name to change the unlock password, set up the options as usual, then unlock Jet Vermilion with password and select it for Pawn Expert.

I expect someone to beat this time by a few frames sometime in the future. There's only 20 trillion names to check.

Oh, and watch as I manage to input the 8th character of the name before the 7th character to speed up the name entry. That should cause some worry for any distance algorithms to take into account that trick.

Info Download

#12809468352107768 - GBA F-Zero: Maximum Velocity - Test movie.
FZero_MV_FRK_PawnEx_2laps.vbm (9.26kB vbm movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2014-02-19 20:38:09 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For GBA F-Zero: Maximum Velocity (6 files)
In 01:17.23 [4613 frames], 563 rerecords)
3355 views, 261 downloads
Emulator: VBA-RR v23.6 svn480

I don't actually know if these two laps with the Fire Ball in Bianca City - Stretch Circuit (28"18 and 23"67 in the first Pawn track) is any good for TAS. I haven't found any ridiculous speed tricks, though.

I did mess with the in-game controls (to type 6) so that up triggers the boost instead of L+R. L and R buttons do a pretty good job at making you go a bit faster, especially if you're holding one opposite of where you're turning. Freezing this helpful boost for a few frames waiting for the boost to trigger is one way to slow you down, so I shift controls to the less-used up.

Info Download

#12750429891219382 - Sonic Advance. RNG scanner for ? Ring Box. v2
SA1_RNGv2.lua (2.70kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2014-02-17 04:49:27 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For GBA Sonic Advance (5 files)
2496 views, 95 downloads
This is the script that I made for Zeupar.

It predicts what will come out of that ? ring box. It also counts RNG rolls. It doesn't really do much else, but I am showing that I worked out the mechanics of the RNG to some extent.

So, uh... I'm un-hiding it now.

Info Download

#12590050333964845 - Solar Jetman. No initial reset version.
SJ_FRK_NoReset.fm2 (1.30MB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2014-02-09 23:28:42 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (20 files)
In 16:25.16 [59207 frames], 16347 rerecords)
4015 views, 192 downloads
We're having trouble syncing my Solar Jetman TAS on console. If this version works, I'll slap my headband. This version omits the initial reset and inserts 512 frames, all of which ended up being lag that doesn't read the controller.

There should be two blank non-lag frames followed by a start press on the third non-lag frame.

Info Download

#12531497925152203 - My Solar Jetman info script (w/ TASEditor helper code)
SJ_and_TASEditor_Helper.lua (15.2kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2014-02-07 08:11:32 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (20 files)
4109 views, 208 downloads
Exact script I've been using in my TAS of Solar Jetman. Wait, why didn't I upload this earlier?

Can be run without TASEditor engaged. The display works fine without it, don't worry.

Shows the following:

  • Top-left corner: Tether position, tether speed (but not direction), in hexadecimal
  • Bottom-left corner: Wall invincibility timer (dec), Fuel remaining (hex), weapon power remaining (hex)
  • Top: RNG information. The 1s and 0s is simply showing the right four-digit hex number in binary. Hard to describe these RNGs here.
  • Top-right corner: Object counts: Player, your bullets, item, enemy bullets, enemy type A, enemy type B
  • Bottom-right corner: Facing, Speed, and position, all in hex. There's also a frame counter down there, also in hex.
  • Dot radar shows existing objects, using pixels with distances scaled down for off-screen detection. Hold Z to blackout the screen to see these dots better.

If you're going to complain about the fact I use hexadecimal often, I do it because it is not intuitive for me to recall that the maximum speed is 768 rather than 0x300, and 768 does not instantly tell me that it's 3 pixels per frame, while 0x300 does. It gets really bad on screen space if I decide to divide 768 by 256 so I see 3 at max speed but 2.99609375 when I'm really close. Also, if I do divide by 256, how am I supposed to memorize that 0.00390625 is the smallest unit? How much of a full pixel if I see a decimal 98, anyway?

If the numbers line up cleanly in decimal, I would have used it. Most of them don't, for my purposes. So I read them in hexadecimal. Makes sense to me. This is the exact script I'm using, specifically for my use, except TASe_XOR_SJ.lua is the filename I use. This is likely the final version of this script, as my TASing attempts for Solar Jetman is near its end.

Info Download

#12525896296055538 - Solar Jetman completed. Completed run, version 1.
SJ_FRK_v1.fm2 (1.29MB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2014-02-07 02:08:16 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (20 files)
In 16:16.64 [58695 frames], 16345 rerecords)
4017 views, 188 downloads
Seems that eye boss uses the RNG to determine when to open those eyes after the first time. I have not figured out how to prevent an eye from spawning, though I did figure out how to get those eyes to open exactly when I wanted them to. The time they take to close again is fixed, that can't be manipulated. 10 HP, only enough time for nine shots before they close, but they can re-open very quickly.

The last stage is tiring. Was not a fun thing to TAS when I've got a lot of time for interesting nothings in particular.

Note my weapon bar is draining the whole time. The game forgot to shut off the Anti-Gravity I had. Has absolutely no effect here either way, so it empties without any interference.

Info Download

#12476717057354893 - Solar Jetman. Don't buy the bomb.
SJ_FRK_NoBomb.fm2 (1.10MB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2014-02-04 20:58:57 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (20 files)
In 13:55.99 [50242 frames], 14909 rerecords)
4043 views, 180 downloads
188 frames saved (edit: where's my math skills?). Skipped the Time Bomb, plus I optimized getting Planet 13's ship part.

After I aligned the RNG back to what I had in my prior TAS, it synced perfectly. Note player 1's input at the crystal results screen. That's a bit of work I don't have to do now. Of course, I also removed the extra movement necessary to select the item after the bombs, as I no longer have them. Still syncs.

Info Download

#12462891550207300 - Solar Jetman. Planet 12 done. Anti-Gravity all the way!
SJ_FRK_P12done_AntiGrav.fm2 (1.11MB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2014-02-04 06:02:21 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (20 files)
In 13:59.12 [50430 frames], 14391 rerecords)
4037 views, 192 downloads
This is the version with two Anti-Gravity items bought and used.

See me drag that wormhole through the maze even though you never see me use the wormhole itself. I need its mass to go fast. The Anti-Gravity helps make things very fast.

Destiny summons.

Info Download

#12462875259092178 - Solar Jetman. Planet 12 done. Slower version.
SJ_FRK_P12done.fm2 (1.13MB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2014-02-04 06:01:18 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (20 files)
In 14:17.7 [51547 frames], 12224 rerecords)
3987 views, 177 downloads
Without the Anti-Gravity, it's kind of difficult to fool around with wormholes. I can't get vertical speed boosts with gravity either capping the speed or going against the direction I want. I probably could get horizontal boosts if I tried, but this time I haven't.

In any case, it's less interesting, too. Good thing I also did an Anti-Gravity run where I bought a second one. It synced just fine when I inserted several frames for the extra purchase.

Info Download

#12430083941247869 - Solar Jetman. Anti-Gravity is faster!
SJ_FRK_P12_Seg1WithAntiGrav.fm2 (931kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2014-02-02 18:34:45 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (20 files)
In 11:29.41 [41433 frames], 10945 rerecords)
4036 views, 164 downloads
It takes very little time to buy, I have to remove my time bomb to save it anyway, and carrying that wormhole around for the boosted speed appears very useful.

It beat my older time by a fairly decent margin, too. Reported Down+A at 41326 -- Old time at 42147, 821 frame saved!

Since that made pretty heavy use of the special jetpod for dragging wormholes, I have no doubt it's worth spinning the crystal. Hope to beat this game soon!

... It's tricky dealing with things to swing. I'm never really sure if I am keeping things as tight as possible.

Info Download

#12415500773566030 - Solar Jetman, First half of Planet 12
SJ_FRK_P12_FirstSegment.fm2 (949kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2014-02-02 02:49:01 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 11:43.08 [42254 frames], 9421 rerecords)
3954 views, 134 downloads
Here. Have my updated progress!

I like TASEditor. It lets me tweak for the slightest adjustments without having me to remember all of what I did in my complicated steering. Except for certain things like keyboard controlled precision edits, but I'm using a lua workaround for that.

I'm asking myself is it worth getting Anti-Gravity from the second shop. I only have to scroll past one item to get it, and it should let me carry that wormhole all the way to the last fuel, taking advantage of the 4.0 pixels per frame the whole way.

TASEditor reports that I press down+A at frame 42147, which is when I select to go back into the item menu to get my bomb and spare thrusters. A note to myself for when I go back and retry with the Anti-Gravity.

Info Download

#12394425950904402 - Solar Jetman. Planet 13 done. Dragging wormholes for fun!
SJ_FRK_P13.fm2 (708kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2014-02-01 04:02:18 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (20 files)
In 08:44.17 [31502 frames], 8154 rerecords)
4065 views, 162 downloads
Actually, after I get all the items in the area, I still drag a wormhole for slightly longer. This is not for show -- Dragging stuff around allows me to reach speeds up to 4 pixels per (non-lag) frame, where the usual maximum is only 3. I keep this speed as long as I do not make a thrust that would otherwise add speed to the same axis.

Because of this unforeseen speed boost, I'm a lot more confident that dragging wormholes is worth the crystal spins necessary to get this fancy jetpod.

Also, I'm used to thrusters that barely push me around, and sorely lacking when it comes to tethering items around. Having something this strong is taking some time to get used to it.

Info Download

#12384433340285997 - Solar Jetman. My second crystal spin attempt.
SJ_FRK_CrystalTry2.fm2 (437kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2014-01-31 17:14:16 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (20 files)
In 05:23.32 [19431 frames], 6622 rerecords)
4041 views, 167 downloads
Cleared Planet 7 while giving that crystal another spin. 354 frames saved over my last attempt. I also collect the money necessary for my shopping, with plenty to spare.

With the way I handled getting through with a tethered crystal, I'm now constrained by how quickly I can give that crystal a whirl. I held on to it up until I get to that large wormhole with the Golden Ship Part.

Planet 8 is just a quick warp to Planet 13. I shouldn't have too much trouble getting to Planet 12 at this point. I'm given the impression that this game is pretty sync-stable, with the only thing to worry about is future RNG. Using player 2 can deal with any RNG related mess.

... I seemed to have gotten back to this one. Sorry for those who expected more Soul Blazer.

Info Download

#12369529797861350 - Helper script for TASEditor (FCEUX): Tap keys to toggle input.
TASEditor_XORmix_v2.lua (3.52kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2014-01-31 01:07:46 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
4149 views, 182 downloads
Run FCEUX. Engage TASEditor. Make sure readonly mode is on. Tap a key you've set for player 1. Note it updates TASEditor with the key you just tapped. If Recorder "All" option is selected in TASEditor, the script will use controls you set for all four players. If an individual player is selected for the Recorder, only player 1 controls are checked, but will toggle button presses of the selected player.

May seem odd, but the script requires readonly mode active in order to work properly. If, for some reason, you set the "Recording" check box, be sure to either stop the script or clear the "Auto function" check box. I have not defined a behavior for the script to follow when readonly mode is off.

It is very similar to a script I posted a while back. The only real updates are that it reports what input changed in the history box, and that there are comments indicating where to stick your own code if you need something more. If, by some chance, the script picks up multiple pressed keys at the same time, it will report all pressed buttons in the history without problems.

Intended to reduce reliance on the mouse for precision edits of the input movie. I suppose you could TAS backwards with it if you really wanted to...

Info Download

#12283651408702529 - SNES Soul Blazer (U) - Part way into world 3
SoulBlazer_U_SecondIsland.lsmv (21.1kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2014-01-27 04:18:28 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For SNES Soul Blazer (9 files)
In 30:38.22 [110475 frames], 8360 rerecords)
3861 views, 295 downloads
Last TASing session of this file was Dec 28. I'm having difficulties getting back into TASing it. Sorry...

I need more GEMs. If I continue, I'll probably spend less of them against that odd jellyfish thing.

Info Download

#12283551033456152 - SNES Soul Blader (J) - West Underground Castle attempt
SoulBlader_J_FirstDeathWarp.lsmv (4.34kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2014-01-27 04:11:58 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For SNES Soul Blazer (9 files)
In 04:08.96 [14962 frames], 662 rerecords)
3840 views, 205 downloads
My attempt in trying Soul Blader for a bit. Wow, the text sure is fast.

Notably, due to timing differences in text, I can pick up two larger GEMs in the first room without a single frame delay.

Regardless, potential improvements are noted:

  • Skip killing the blue slime (-1 EXP, -1 RNG call, +1 frame)
  • Skip picking up the small GEM around frame 4584 (-1 GEM, +8 frame)
  • Exclusively use magic on yellow buzzy things around frame 7000 (-8 GEM, +32 frame)
  • Dance around the RNG calling plants around frame 9000 (+ RNG calls, + EXP, hopefully)

I hope to have 39 RNG calls by the time I release the bridge guard (currently, it's 40 calls). This will allow for two large GEM drops from the later enemies I have to fight, and make up for the lacking GEMs I'm left with.

Info Download

#12283335305507377 - SNES Soul Blazer script v2 (lsnes)
SB_General_v2.lua (9.93kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2014-01-27 03:57:58 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For SNES Soul Blazer (9 files)
3763 views, 197 downloads
Cleaned up a few things in code. Also, it displays hitboxes! Well, green rectangles of some sort. Not entirely sure if they are hitboxes, but it seems to be so for most things. The player's rectangle isn't a hitbox, it seems.

Still gets the same false positives for lair information. Aside from added boxes and some code cleaning for (hopefully) easier maintenance, it's largely the same as the previous script.

Info Download

#11605836887834478 - SNES Soul Blazer script v1 (lsnes)
SB_RNG_Lair.lua (5.41kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2013-12-27 15:41:38 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For SNES Soul Blazer (9 files)
3837 views, 201 downloads
Here's my lsnes script for Soul Blazer. It's currently set up for (U), though I have a commented line packed somewhere in there that would make it compatible with (J) instead. The lair listing code needs it, as it's the address for the pointer to the first object.

Top-left corner: Position of player
Right side: RNG, direction a certain enemy will go next
More right: List of lair information: Position, count, timer
Other odds and ends: Count of detected lairs, count of objects, RNG frame timer

This script gets false positives for lairs at times. I have tried to search through the object data some more to tighten the detection, but without success. The attempts are minimal, however, as there are no observed false negatives, and I usually can weed out the false positives while TASing.

Nothing real fancy, though. Haven't even put in the boxes that I feature in the Snes9x script. It serves well enough, though.

Info Download

#11398015642958275 - SNES Soul Blazer (U) - 22 GEMs from that first room.
SB_Lucky.lsmv (4.78kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2013-12-18 07:04:15 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For SNES Soul Blazer (9 files)
In 01:41.37 [6092 frames], 7160 rerecords)
3875 views, 260 downloads
A demonstration of the sort of luck I should be getting. USA version, by the way.

22 GEMs. Up from just 4. I get two big ones. They should have a 1% chance to appear at this time. Yet I get two. I just looked at the RNG and figured out it could do that.

47 frames lost in manipulation. Even if all I get are four fireballs, and waste them on nothing more than killing 3 HP enemies sooner, that's 64 frames saved in return. I'm optimistic about this.

In any case, I spent the 47 frames on the name screen.

Info Download

#11397947979589904 - SNES Soul Blazer (U) - World 2 done.
SoulBlazer.lsmv (17.9kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2013-12-18 06:59:52 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For SNES Soul Blazer (9 files)
In 24:59.76 [90134 frames], 7501 rerecords)
3850 views, 188 downloads
Something I was doing. Add it to the pile of projects I've started. Oh, this is using the USA version, not JPN. Sorry about any confusion.

Improves approximately 100 seconds over the published movie to the end of GreenWood.

I think it can be done a little faster... I didn't figure out a few things involving luck, and almost certainly need to do them. Also, judging from the next thing I need to do, I didn't end with enough GEMs. Either manipulate more or grab that 50 GEM chest. I'm guessing the "manipulate more" part is doable.

Info Download

#8936028298677215 - SimCity, quick test.
SC.bkm (120kB bkm movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2013-08-29 10:02:18 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For SNES Sim City (1 file)
In 00:35.82 [2153 frames], 371 rerecords)
3665 views, 215 downloads
I pick Hard mode just because of some post for the recent submission.

Do note, sometimes in the menu, you can use a directional key at the same time you press the B button. Also, use the wraparound effect of the digits, as going down to 6 has us go 0 -> 9 -> 8 -> 7 -> 6 instead of going up through 0 -> 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 -> 6.

Finally, I have fooled around TASing the early parts of working on the railroad, using an identical layout to the submission. I suspect building it downward might still be done a little faster than how I did it, but it's only a quick test. Down is different from up, due to how the cursor works.

BizHawk has a... Certain learning curve. It also doesn't have my MtEdit script, I ought to figure out how to port that.

Info Download

#8812040509984293 - Solar Jetman. Uh, what is going on?
SJ_UhWhatIsGoingOn.fm2 (150kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2013-08-23 20:01:35 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (20 files)
In 01:51.18 [6682 frames], 2537 rerecords)
4662 views, 190 downloads
... Uh, what is going on?!

Turbo to the end of the movie (apologies for not savestate anchoring it). Here I am, minding my own business, TASing like usual, when... This happened.

Those stationary big enemies I need to get past? They're... Not so stationary.

Uh... What is going on?!

Info Download

#8790394280676009 - Solar Jetman, liquid entry w/ 219 from enemies.
SJ_FRK_FluidEntry_HighWealth_S.fm2 (144kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2013-08-22 20:37:48 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (20 files)
In 01:41.23 [6084 frames], 2338 rerecords)
4601 views, 181 downloads
Manipulating them takes a while. But progress exists, I tell you!

There is one enemy I missed on the way through, a high-value enemy that could give another 28. I did go back to get it, but even with identical RNG state for later, it desyncs. This isn't motivating. I blame an ADC instruction being used without a known carry flag state for my Y speed, thus moving me 30 subpixels up.

For whatever reason, while trying to add P2 to my file, I ended up resetting the rerecord count. It was 7545 before this reset. I haven't manually added in this number, at this time.

For your entertainment and information, I added a few subtitles.

Info Download

#8480117589615625 - Solar Jetman. Look at that crystal spin!
SJ_FRK_CrystalTry1.fm2 (180kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2013-08-08 21:16:06 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (20 files)
In 03:24.61 [12297 frames], 6605 rerecords)
4631 views, 240 downloads
A bit over 1000 frames slower than skipping the crystal (1068 by my measurements). That's less of a loss than I expected.

I don't know how many frames it would save to drag around wormholes, but 1000 frames doesn't look to be a hard goal to achieve. Might want to look at a few routes and estimate whether it would save roughly 20 seconds or so.

All it needs is a little optimization and some extra enemies to manipulate. Note, however, that fuel is really, really tight. With all the walls I've been crashing into, I had to stop thrusting because one more frame meant I lose the pod. I should be glad for that canister I shot.

Info Download

#8460679018803471 - Solar Jetman, cleared Planet 7
SJ_FRK_P7_Try1.fm2 (238kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2013-08-08 00:15:30 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (20 files)
In 04:30.19 [16238 frames], 6187 rerecords)
4614 views, 214 downloads
No crystal spinning. It's this fast without spinning up that crystal.

Minimal luck manipulation attempted. Only enough has been done to avoid enemies making well-timed fatal shots at me. Presumably, I can pull a little more money out of spawning a few easily shot enemies along the way. Mostly, I want to see how fast I can get through this planet.

Compare the published run. From first frame of Planet 7 to clearing the "travel to next planet" animation, I took 924 more frames compared to the published run. This is due to the fact I skipped some planets that would have given me items to go faster with, such as time bombs and boosters. However, the direct warp from 1 to 7 saves somewhere over 20000 frames, as opposed to going through Planet 2 and a bit of 3.

Info Download

#8438397313684443 - Solar Jetman, stuff after tunnel
SJ_FRK_FuelTry1.fm2 (103kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2013-08-07 00:10:30 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (20 files)
In 01:57.04 [7034 frames], 4897 rerecords)
4623 views, 192 downloads
I went back a bit to conserve the jetpod fuel. The moment I pick up the first fuel cell is where things are different. Even more abuse of maintaining height where that calculation error helps. 12 frames slow, but ensures I have enough fuel to get through, and I got through the tunnel saving another 8 frames, for a net loss of 4.

I abuse a 1-frame invincibility to enemy sprites called pausing the game at the exact moment. Instead of losing the pod, I bounce off the enemy harmlessly.

Hard to say how many more frames can be saved in the fuel collection. Optimizing that looks difficult.

Info Download

#8327020010578242 - Solar Jetman, tunnel attempt #2 (Looking nice)
SJ_FRK_TunnelTry2.fm2 (50.8kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2013-08-01 23:47:36 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (20 files)
In 00:57.44 [3452 frames], 3031 rerecords)
4664 views, 190 downloads
I found a way to avoid slamming into the ground. 38 frames faster than my previous attempt which does slam into the ground. Point of measurement is the moment my Y position exceeds 0x700.

Lets see what this abuses...

  • Sub-pixel manipulation
  • Corner clip of sorts that deflects me off in an unusual direction
  • Dropping and picking up the tethered item to ignore its weight
  • Strange property of the Y velocity when it crosses the zero mark with thrusters
Info Download

#8171939460986207 - Solar Jetman, bypassed that enemy! Time to try the tunnel...
SJ_FRK_TunnelTry1.fm2 (56.1kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2013-07-26 00:10:29 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (20 files)
In 01:03.41 [3811 frames], 1950 rerecords)
4734 views, 183 downloads
I am successful in getting past the big enemy through that terrain now. Note the game didn't expect me to skip a few pixels, and a piece of terrain in the lower-left corner isn't loaded properly.

It's not just position, but angle as well. I did crash into the ground at the same X-position in a few different attempts, but if I'm going to the right at some speed, it won't let me through. Left motion or no X motion seems to work. For the most part, doing this kills my momentum, but it still looks faster than killing the thing and bouncing once. More careful comparisons still need to be done, however.

One attempt through the tunnel. The horribly jagged ground looks to be nearly unavoidable. As for the bounce off the ledge near the small wormhole, I might want a higher angle than that. Picking a different method is also a possibility.

Fuel also looks to be a concern. Would like to keep the pod intact past the second big enemy.

Info Download

#8143796602738354 - Solar Jetman, current best at getting past enemy
SJ__FRK_KillEnemy.fm2 (48.2kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2013-07-24 17:45:24 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (20 files)
In 00:54.49 [3275 frames], 1351 rerecords)
4725 views, 186 downloads
... By destroying its 48 HP, one bullet at a time.

I attempted to optimize Planet 1 for a bit. Every subpixel I could save. Wasn't enough for another frame (still get there by 892).

I did optimize the initial pick up of that fuel cell so that I would rush to that enemy faster. I also shot some enemies who were off screen.

Navigating the next part in a speedy manner looks tricky... Corner ricochets have strange properties, but apparently not good enough here...

I still am lost as to how to bypass the big enemy without destroying it. My attempts at maxing out the enemy counter didn't work out.

Warps route.

Info Download

#8080525146486850 - Solar Jetman, attempt to slip past that one enemy
SJ_FailedAttempt.fm2 (42.7kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2013-07-21 21:22:12 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For NES Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (20 files)
In 00:48.27 [2901 frames], 466 rerecords)
4755 views, 196 downloads
I believe the ROM I'm using is (U).

Takes the warp to planet 7 by frame 892. If anyone has ideas on speeding this up, go ahead.

Reportedly, it is possible to slip past that enemy at the end of this movie, but I'm not having success. I hit the wall, and one frame later, I hit the enemy beam. Is this (E) only?

Info Download

#7974137050559095 - SNES Brandish - WIP beat three lobsters v2
Brandish_RebeatLobsters.lsmv (23.6kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2013-07-17 02:22:50 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 31:35.68 [113928 frames], 12374 rerecords)
4818 views, 258 downloads
I beat up those same three lobsters over again. Their insane defense means they really deserved it.

In all seriousness, all I did was try a different route. Changes begin just before I do my Arm Strength training. I pick up a Sword of Flames in order to kill a few enemies, one of whom has a Blade of Muramasa. Right along my path, too! Faster by almost 900 frames to do that than the lengthy route to that chest in the older WIP.

No progress for 5F and beyond, yet. I claim it'll be soon, though!

Items: Warp Magic, Invisibility Potion x5, (), Sword of Flames x30, (), Fire Magic, Master Key x4, Ring of Life, Invisibility Potion x2, Broken Sword, Hardening Potion x3, ()
Equipment: Leather Shield, Leather Armor, Blade of Muramasa x32

Level 10.76 : Arm Strength 84.23 : Knowledge 99.99

Info Download

#6923418461145484 - SNES Brandish - WIP beat three lobsters
Brandish_BeatLobsters.lsmv (23.4kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2013-05-30 18:42:51 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 31:50.59 [114824 frames], 11130 rerecords)
4884 views, 280 downloads
The wall that put Uncle Mario's WIP to a halt was blasted through rather quickly in this run. The intense training worked!

Items: Warp Magic, Invisibility Potion x4, (), Broken Sword, (), Fire Magic, Master Key x4, Ring of Life, Invisibility Potion x2, Hardening Potion x3, (), ()
Equipment: Leather Shield, Leather Armor, Blade of Muramasa x26

Level 9.54 : Arm Strength 84.40 : Knowledge 99.99 -- At least my plans worked as expected.

Info Download

#6776915038888460 - SNES Brandish - WIP to finish Cave.
Brandish_CaveDone.lsmv (19.2kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2013-05-24 04:21:59 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 26:35.36 [95879 frames], 9192 rerecords)
4931 views, 236 downloads
Lost a few hundred frames compared to Uncle Mario's WIP. Only 6062 frames ahead now. However, lower Arm Strength for faster training, and- Your knowledge increased.

Items: Warp Magic, Ring of Life, (), (), (), Fire Magic, Sledgehammer x2, Ring of Life, (), Leather Armor, (), ()
Equipment: Leather Shield, Ramela, Broken Sword
Your knowledge increased.

Level 4.67 : Arm Strength 32.57 : Knowledge 39.31, with another 6159 exp going to it. Your knowledge increased.

Info Download

#6741742267906297 - My display script for SNES Brandish
Brandish.lua (4.58kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2013-05-22 14:21:00 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
4914 views, 177 downloads
Just shows a few stats I like.

Arm Strength - Level, exp, and exp to allocate
Knowledge - The same
Magic Endurance - Here too
Luck - Current, maximum, and hidden timer that changes it
Clock - Just the internal timer
Gold held - Why not?
RNG - Immediate value and count of rolls from default state

HP - Current and maximum
MP - Current, maximum, and counter for next MP

List of creature info - Flags of unknown meaning, X-pos, Y-pos, HP

Info Download

#6741650468925449 - SNES Brandish - WIP to finish Tower v2
Brandish_TowerRedone.lsmv (14.7kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2013-05-22 14:15:02 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 18:37.99 [67190 frames], 7960 rerecords)
4880 views, 303 downloads
Huh, so those two can be beaten in 30 hits with approximately 30 Arm Strength. Who knew? Changes begin at Tower 6F.

Items: Warp Magic, Ring of Life, M.Potion x5, (), M.Potion x10, Fire Magic, Sledgehammer x7, Ring of Life, M.Potion x5, Leather Armor, (), ()
Equipment: Leather Shield, Ramela, Broken Sword

Level 4.03 : Arm Strength 32.57 -- I don't think the AS will get much lower. Note I ditched the Saber mid-battle.

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#6680317080319470 - MtEdit for lsnes v2 (PROTOTYPE)
MtEdit_lsnes_v2.lua (39.1kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2013-05-19 19:57:31 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
5115 views, 206 downloads
  • Displays a list of input in easy red and green colors on the left side
  • Displays the immediate input to inject to lsnes along the bottom
  • Auto-detects which controllers are plugged in at script start
    • Gamepads and multitaps (and 16 button versions) only, no analog controls ready
  • The hotkeys set up for player 1 and player 2 works (in theory!)
    • Normal controls should press or release as normal; Or the reverse if the button is held.
    • Type controls should toggle the immediate input to inject, as normal
    • Hold controls switch between four different read modes from recorded input, for individual buttons (normal, keep released, keep pressed, invert)
      • Will automatically revert to normal on state load; Mostly because I, FatRatKnight, had some TASing screw-ups when it didn't automatically do this.

Feel free to try it out. I have a few things I want to add to it, though...

Also, for lsnes only. Will not work in other emulators. A shame, since I think it's just plain useful.

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#6365998264296944 - SNES HyperZone, Area 1
HyperZone_FRK.lsmv (4.15kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2013-05-05 16:13:41 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 02:53.05 [10400 frames], 1737 rerecords)
4982 views, 249 downloads
This .lsmv beats my prior .smv by several frames, due to going over that "barrier" only twice during the second wave of enemies. Only clears Area 1 so far, still 7 more to go.

As for the title screen turning red, I input a code, spending 16 frames doing so. It would activate a "3D effect" by rotating the camera back and forth every frame. This is turned off with select ASAP, so it has no real effect. Done to give a little flavor to the title. Will sync if that select button press is removed.

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#6048250720926158 - Lua script for lsnes: Handle mouse axis.
lsnes_BasicMouseHandler_v1a.lua (5.86kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2013-04-21 08:47:29 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
4942 views, 173 downloads
At the moment, lsnes doesn't have a lot of ways to deal with certain analog inputs, such as the x- and y-axis of the mouse. This gives you a way to do that without tearing out your hair.

Would be great if anyone plans to TAS a mouse-using SNES game on lsnes.

After running the script, click around on the main window and figure it out for yourself. Can be run even on top of another script you have running, and the display of the older script will remain intact, though at the moment, this script will negate the other script's on_input and on_keyhook functions if it has either one. Sorry about that.

For lsnes only. Will not work in other emulators. Minor update because I forgot to remove a line. Before, it spams errors on every paint! Whoopsie.

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#5481697172299767 - Lua script for lsnes: Register functions to specific keys.
lsnes_keyhook_register.lua (3.24kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2013-03-26 20:26:00 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
5092 views, 185 downloads
This is a generic helper script. Running it by itself will do nothing except fill the global variable FRK with a table of stuff in it.

As for scripts that would use it, just use FRK.registerkeypress to pick some key and some function to run whenever you press the key. You need to run the line on_keyhook = FRK.altkeyhook somewhere in your code to have it work its magic.

Need to handle like 20 different keys, and decide you'd rather avoid else ifs? Just read this sales pitch and get this script for a low price of free!

For lsnes only. Will not work in other emulators.

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#5403780114311272 - Brandish - WIP fail at ninja
Brandish_Cave_Fail.lsmv (17.2kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2013-03-23 08:13:01 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 24:05.47 [86871 frames], 6301 rerecords)
5219 views, 292 downloads
I ran out of M.Potions. 72 HP to go.

But hey, enough Knowledge EXP to hit 60s just from this.

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#5352210190918150 - Brandish - WIP to finish Tower
Brandish_TowerDone.lsmv (13.6kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2013-03-21 00:28:40 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 18:31.74 [66814 frames], 4974 rerecords)
4941 views, 296 downloads
Start to finish Tower 6646 frames faster than Uncle Mario's Snes9x WIP. Nearly 1000 of those saved frames from climbing the Tower.

Items: Warp Magic, Ring of Life, M.Potion x4, Broken Sword, Ring of Life, Fire Magic, Sledgehammer x7, M.Potion x5, Leather Armor
Equipment: Leather Shield, Ramela, Falchion x14

Level 3.78, Arm Strength 33.56 -- Uncomfortably more strength than I'd like.

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#5242539807730566 - Brandish - WIP to finish Ruins
Brandish_RuinsDone.lsmv (9.41kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2013-03-16 01:56:27 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
In 11:25.94 [41224 frames], 3777 rerecords)
4918 views, 288 downloads
Clears ruins 5667 frames faster than Uncle Mario's Snes9x WIP.

Items: Warp Magic, Ring of Life, Master Keys x2, M.Potion x5, Fire Magic, Sledgehammer x9.
Equipment: Leather Shield, Leather Armor, Saber x20

Level 1, 26 Arm Strength. We'll see how things are done.

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#4651470046428950 - Chatty subtitles for Alien Hominid (3867S)
AHsubs.lua (47.8kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2013-02-17 11:05:05 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For GBA Alien Hominid (4 files)
4845 views, 313 downloads
For this submission.

Be warned: The subtitles are awfully chatty. Probability of being distracted from the run is high, recommend a second watching.

Curious how encoders will handle this.

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#4599630269867529 - Alien Hominid, faster 3-3, bad RNG
AH_FRK_33_f52037_r23450.vbm (103kB vbm movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2013-02-15 03:03:14 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For GBA Alien Hominid (4 files)
In 14:43.97 [52797 frames], 18338 rerecords)
4277 views, 322 downloads
VBA v23.

This movie beats 3-3 of my current run by 28 frames, but ends with an unusable RNG (if we want to avoid losing a few seconds in 3-4).

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#4522180287105066 - Alien Hominid in 54523f, w/ high score naming.
AH_FRK_End_f54523_named.vbm (122kB vbm movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2013-02-11 15:20:32 by FatRatKnight (131 files)
For GBA Alien Hominid (4 files)
In 17:19.49 [62086 frames], 17829 rerecords)
4352 views, 328 downloads
VBA v23.

Version entering something in the high score list. I recommend encoders use this rather than the other game completion movie file.

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