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#56484211832293562 - Undertale w/ special thanks for encoding
Undertale TPE.ltm (45.3kB ltm movie [Linux])
Uploaded 2019-07-10 18:22:05 by Jont (1 file)
In 1:28:21.0 [159030 frames], 1287 rerecords)
6883 views, 197 downloads

Version info:

libTAS version: 1.3.4

Annotation info:

Version: Undertale v1.001 Linux.

Dependency Commands: sudo apt-get install lib32z1 sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-0:i386 libidn11:i386 libglu1-mesa:i386 libxmu6:i386 sudo apt-get install libpangox-1.0-0:i386 libpangoxft-1.0-0:i386

Linux Distribution: Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS AMD64

Installation: Enter the commands into the terminal to install them. Obtain aforementioned Undertale version and place wherever. For Windows users running a VM: Go to Steam console (on the host computer) and enter "download_depot 391540 391544 3991795236625517204" into it. Go to the depot download location and transfer the entire folder to your VM. For Linux users: Just use Steam and revert to the earliest version. I didn't get Undertale Linux this way, so I'm not too sure how it works.

This is meant for the Undertale TAS if it gets published.
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