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#64966651282280845 - Lego Star Wars: the Complete Saga (DS) "All Minikits+Red Power Bricks" by KnuxMaster368
LSWTCSDS MK+B.bk2 (370kB bk2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2020-07-26 18:35:26 by KnucklesMaster368 (16 files)
In 1:42:25.94 [369364 frames], 14394 rerecords)
1216 views, 53 downloads
just something so this is started

Use BizHawk 2.4.2

(Link to video)

caveat: 10th minikit in 1-3 actually didn't get collected even though I did when playing it back. something may have happened on the recording end???

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#64608338361759950 - DS LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga "Free Play" in 34:15.86
1612 LEGO Star Wars - The Complete Saga (US).bk2 (98.3kB bk2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2020-07-10 15:18:32 by KnucklesMaster368 (16 files)
In 34:12.49 [123352 frames], 6365 rerecords)
1325 views, 49 downloads
A laundry list of amazing tricks and improvements have shoved this to sub-35

(Link to video)

unpolished, need to move on to other categories

NOTE: This will only work on BizHawk Developer 10 Apr 2020 version. Apparently the movie file type is now bkm and not bk2, so it will fail on 2.4.2

also sync settings are (if it matters) date/time: 2020-02-14 04:44:17. it is necessary for the rng in the run name: KnuxMaster color: dark purple

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#61992489448503026 - DS LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (any) in 27:13.15
LSWTCSV2.dsm (2.52MB dsm movie [DS])
Uploaded 2020-03-14 19:58:32 by KnucklesMaster368 (16 files)
In 27:13.15 [97705 frames], 6486 rerecords)
2998 views, 111 downloads
So many new things discovered since the last any% TAS.

Credit to LordMagecar for his discoveries, which allowed for over seven minutes to be chopped off the prior any% TAS.

Tricks discovered: Cutscene skips, door clipping, faster ways to make Yoda move, bullet boosting in vehicle levels, object deloading, and even more!

(Link to video)
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#52694188162673079 - Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga DS Free Play in 40:08.18 by KnuxMaster368
LSWTCSDSfreeplay.dsm (3.71MB dsm movie [DS])
Uploaded 2019-01-21 01:55:51 by KnucklesMaster368 (16 files)
In 40:08.18 [144072 frames], 10659 rerecords)
6813 views, 306 downloads
Door clips saved an incredible amount of time off this TAS. Not Sub-40 :(

Extended input to end in a more convenient place.

Video has captions with my commentary.

(Link to video)

(I'll put up more specific differences here when I feel like it)

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#43984298463057588 - GEN Sonic & Knuckles & Sonic 3 "Sonic, no zips"
KnuxMasterS3Kzipless.bk2 (53.1kB bk2 movie [Genesis])
Uploaded 2017-12-24 19:52:10 by KnucklesMaster368 (16 files)
For Genesis Sonic 3 & Knuckles (14 files)
In 25:28.92 [91617 frames], 6952 rerecords)
9998 views, 454 downloads
Inspired off of Aglar's Sonic 1 "no zips" run (https://www.youtu.be/DK3MCkc7TqA) and IntelOrca's glitchless S3K TASes (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL57EDB0404BAFDFE7), I decided to make a TAS of this masterpiece with no zips or level wraps.


(Link to video)

There are some improvements, but I will iron those out after the whole thing is done.

Current Progress: Sonic 3 levels complete Time taken to TAS: ~9.75hr

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#43520663672605039 - Lego Star Wars: the Complete Saga (DS) "Free Play Mode" by KnuxMaster368
LSWTCSDSfreeplay.dsm (4.44MB dsm movie [DS])
Uploaded 2017-12-03 22:45:03 by KnucklesMaster368 (16 files)
In 48:00.43 [172325 frames], 3657 rerecords)
7412 views, 558 downloads
Wow, I'm a TASing beast!!!

This category beats all levels that have a free-play option (i.e. not vehicle levels) on free play mode. This equates to 22 of the 30 levels.

Here are the times:

  • TAS Timing (ON-Final Input): 48:00.43 (soo close to sub 48)
  • RTA Timing (Gain Control-Results Screen): 47:08.517 (10:01 faster than the WR by IG2001/Bl3da)

I didn't think this was going to be 10 minutes faster than the WR, or even a sub-50. I thought that 52:xx was the limit, and this proved it wrong. Still more improvements up ahead, but I'd want TASEditor or TAStudio for it. (pls put DS emulation on BizHawk)

Rerecord count is shockingly low. It's less than 4000, which I didn't think was going to be remotely true.


(Link to video)
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#43493126608353269 - Lego Star Wars: the Complete Saga (DS) by KnuxMaster368
LSWTCS.dsm (3.18MB dsm movie [DS])
Uploaded 2017-12-02 16:59:15 by KnucklesMaster368 (16 files)
In 34:25.45 [123568 frames], 1650 rerecords)
7359 views, 1051 downloads
The first ever TAS of this game, and it's near perfect.

Does the ending of the TAS count as completion, or should I go to the 6-5 credits?

(Link to video)

There are probably only minor fix-ups, and it'll be ready for publication (I hope)

This uses the infinite jump glitch to cut out ~75% of the gameplay, and play 7 of the 30 levels.

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#40383241716888048 - NES VS Super Mario Bros (unfinished)
VSSMBwarpedv8.fm2 (166kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2017-07-15 15:40:36 by KnucklesMaster368 (16 files)
In 03:08.31 [11317 frames], 4402 rerecords)
7466 views, 538 downloads
This TAS goes for Fire Flower strats.

In 6-2 we grab a mushroom.

Someone will need to:

  • get FPG in 6-2
  • get a fire flower in 6-3 or 6-4 (6-3 preferred)
  • resync the rest

I hope that we can save 1-2 framerules with FF, as the only other improvements are in 7-4 and 8-4.

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#40247553891304564 - NES VS Super Mario Bros (unfinished)
VSSMBwarpedv7.1.fm2 (532kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2017-07-09 13:01:08 by KnucklesMaster368 (16 files)
In 10:03.97 [36298 frames], 5520 rerecords)
7491 views, 544 downloads
I added entertainment from 7-3 on, and found some improvements in 8-4 that force me to waste them.

Someone can resync 8-4 and:

  • add entertainment
  • save 1 or more frames in the first room
  • save 1 or more frames in the walljump room
  • save 1 or more frames in the turnaround room
  • save 3 or more frames in the water room
  • get a good Bowser on top of that.

Minimum time allowed: 10:09.903

  • I'm too frustrated to do this.
  • Also, please upload this to userfiles/WIP page (aka here) when done.
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#40205499234196464 - NES/VSsys VS Super Mario Bros w/dhxo & xy2
VSSMBwarpedv7.fm2 (537kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2017-07-07 15:33:51 by KnucklesMaster368 (16 files)
In 10:10.0 [36660 frames], 3609 rerecords)
7554 views, 543 downloads
This TAS saved 34 frames over what I got yesterday.

Here's the breakdown:

  • 1-1 to 7-1, as far as I know, is unchanged.
  • 7-2 drains a timeunit (270) and saves 12 frames, thanks to xy2
  • Then I resynced the rest
  • 7-3 saved 2 frames (somehow)
  • 8-2 saved 21 frames due to faster BBG
  • 8-4 water room lost two frames
  • 8-4 boss room saved a frame

With all this, the TAS time is now 10:10.003

  • so mad about this

What improvements are left?

  • 4-2 has 5 frames
  • 6-1 has 10 frames
  • 6-4 has 1 frame
  • 7-1 may have a framerule to save. BBG
  • 8-4 has 1 frame in the first room, 1 frame in the walljump room, has 1-3 frames in the fish room, and 2-4 frames in the water room.

This is the 8th TAS of VS Super Mario Bros 'warps' where I'm involved. This is the fourth one on this site.

  • v0 I have, but is lost to history
  • v1 is on YT
  • v2 is on YT, but the file is lost to history
  • v3 s5564 is on YT, and on TASvideos as Submission 5564
  • v4 is on YT, and here.
  • v5 v5.1 as I call it is only on here
  • v6 is on here, it's the one with dhxo uploaded 14 hours from when this goes up
  • v7 is this one.
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#40188137167364050 - NES VS Super Mario Bros w/dhxo
KnucklesMaster368dxhoVSSMBwarped.fm2 (824kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2017-07-06 20:47:54 by KnucklesMaster368 (16 files)
In 10:10.56 [36694 frames], 2291 rerecords)
7512 views, 499 downloads
With the help of dhxo in the first 6 of 16 levels, this TAS has many, many more tricks & timesaves. This is 282 frames faster than my v5 uploaded a week ago.
YT Video not recorded yet! Sorry!

Improvements over v5.1:

  • 1-1: 58 frames
  • 1-2: 9 frames
  • 4-2: 206 frames
  • 7-2: -1 frame (lost a frame)
  • 8-2 should have been 20-21 frames, but no, it's even.
  • 8-4 room 2: 5 frames.
  • 8-4 room 3: 3 frames.
  • 8-4 last room: 2 frames.

Compared to s5564 (aka v3):

  • 1-1: +14 frames (+14f) <----?!?!?! Well, I guess that's the slower timer. Rip.
  • 1-2: -6 frames (+8f)
  • 4-1: Even (+8f)
  • 4-2: -188 frames (-180f)
  • 6-1: -21 frames (-201f)
  • 6-2: -21 frames (-222f)
  • 6-3: Even (-222f) <----Wow! Expected another 21 frames here, but no!
  • 6-4: +12 frames (-210f) <-----hmmm.....
  • 7-1: -21 frames (-231f)
  • 7-2: +22 frames (-209f) <-----Either we have some work to do here, or the firework here crosses a framerule, which means we have work to do here.
  • 7-3: Even. (-209f) <----Interesting
  • 7-4: +12 frames (-197f) <------From this, and 6-4, I can safely deduce that there are no framerules in any castle. This is a very groundbreaking discovery.
  • 8-1: Even. (-197f) <------ WHAT?!?!
  • 8-2: -21 frames (-218f) <-----probably the BBG.
  • 8-3: +22 frames (-196f) <------WHAT?!?!
  • 8-4 Room 1: -1 frame (-197f)
  • 8-4 Room 2: -9 frames (-206f)
  • 8-4 Room 3: -10 frames (-216f) <-----Wow, didn't know I saved that much.
  • 8-4 Room 4: -7 frames (-223f)
  • 8-4 Final Room: -39 frames (-262f) <------Better Bowser.

What improvements can be made?

Aside from FF strats:

  • 4-2 has 5 frames to save. I know this because I got a better time by 5 frames before dhxo uploaded his fm2.
  • 6-1 then has 10 frames to save. That stems off this result.
  • 6-3(?!?!) 1 framerule
  • 7-1 BBG here would save a framerule.
  • 7-2 Somebody, please get a 272, it'd save a framerule!
  • 7-4 probably has something.
  • 8-2 better BBG would save a framerule.
  • 8-3(?!?!) has 1 framerule.
  • 8-4 maybe a frame or two in the first room, and that's it.
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#40182550167267134 - NES VS Super Mario Bros WIP
KnucklesMaster368dxhoVSSMBwarped.fm2 (531kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2017-07-06 14:45:35 by KnucklesMaster368 (16 files)
In 06:33.27 [23635 frames], 1050 rerecords)
7481 views, 486 downloads
With the help of dhxo in the first 6 of 16 levels, this TAS has many, many more tricks & timesaves. This is 272 frames faster than my v5 uploaded a week ago. It goes to the end of 7-3 currently.

  • 1-1: 58 frames saved
  • 1-2: 9 frames saved
  • 4-2: Wrong Warp is huge 206 frames saved
  • 7-2: 1 frame lost. We're so close (1 frame) short of 272.

After this is done, I will experiment with FF (fire flower) strats. I'll probably power up in 4-1 and 6-3.

dhxo helped pull off tricks that I couldn't easily do on my own. He gave me a fm2 up to the start of 6-3, and in just two hours, almost an entire world more completed.

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#40136842170602182 - NES VS Super Mario Bros (unfinished)
dhxoKnucklesMasterVSSMB.fm2 (253kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2017-07-04 13:21:23 by KnucklesMaster368 (16 files)
In 04:46.89 [17242 frames], 2003 rerecords)
7484 views, 555 downloads
This TAS builds on top of dhxo's TAS to 4-2. This goes to the end of 7-1.
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#40104238706860504 - NES VS Super Mario Bros (unfinished)
dhxoknuxmastervssmbwarped.fm2 (748kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2017-07-03 02:07:01 by KnucklesMaster368 (16 files)
In 09:13.94 [33291 frames], 3029 rerecords)
7537 views, 587 downloads
This TAS is at the tail end of 8-3. Four levels are faster, as well as the start (two from dhxo), one is slower, and the rest are even. Overall, this is 93 frames faster so far.

I'll update this when I have the time.

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#40056579080059302 - NES VS Super Mario Bros v5
KnuxMasterVSMBV5.1.fm2 (831kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2017-06-30 22:36:15 by KnucklesMaster368 (16 files)
In 10:15.24 [36975 frames], 5734 rerecords)
7520 views, 489 downloads
This is the fifth TAS of mine on this game. This one, redone from the start of 6-4, is 101 frames, or 1.681 seconds faster than my last.

PowerON-InputEnd in 10:15.24, or 36,975 frames.

From all this, here are the improvements level by level:

  • 6-4: 1 framerule
  • 7-1: 1 framerule
  • 7-4: 1 framerule
  • 8-2: 1 framerule
  • 8-4: 19 frames


  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.2.3 (must use this version)
  • ROM used: VS Super Mario Bros (VS).nes
  • Uses warps
  • Glitch abuse

Click download to get the TAS yourself!

What do you think? Leave a comment below about your thoughts.

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#40004320748132682 - NES VS Super Mario Bros
KnuxMasterVSMBV4.fm2 (833kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2017-06-28 14:07:15 by KnucklesMaster368 (16 files)
In 10:17.2 [37093 frames], 4212 rerecords)
7676 views, 836 downloads
Four months and two weeks after my last TAS on this game, another one comes on to the scene. This is 2.28 seconds slower than the last one uploaded on 2/12/17, but is widely considered to be faster, better, and more acceptable for the TAS community.

Since a different ROM got used, every single level got redone. Two levels are slower (1-1 and 6-4), five break even (1-2, 4-1, 6-2, 7-4, 8-3), and the rest are faster.

  • ROM used: VS Super Mario Bros (VS).nes
  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.2.3
  • Click download to get the TAS yourself

Fun fact: if my previous TAS of this game were to be converted to this ROM, it would be ~pi seconds faster.

Please look at http://tasvideos.org/5564S.html for some more info.

(Link to video)

What do you think about the TAS? Click comment, and tell me what you think.

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