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#35818225111414378 - Ys 3 re-sync take 3
Ys3BizhawkImproved.bk2 (9.43kB bk2 movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2016-12-22 01:35:25 by Korzic (9 files)
For SNES Ys III: Wanderers from Ys (2 files)
In 06:07.43 [22082 frames], 28642 rerecords)
6369 views, 463 downloads
Dulan defeated, saved 102 frames over my previous attempts, partially due to utilizing a stair glitch, partially due to a better boss pattern (still no idea how to manipulate him).
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#14412611957304437 - Ys III - To Ilvern Ruins
Ys3.smv (72.5kB smv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2014-05-03 01:23:22 by Korzic (9 files)
For SNES Ys III: Wanderers from Ys (2 files)
In 10:14.42 [36926 frames], 12465 rerecords)
8215 views, 840 downloads
Recorded on Snes9x 1.52. So far, this is an improvement of 1295 frames over Fladdermus' movie (I know it's not a completely accurate comparison, seeing as how his run was done on Snes9x 1.43). No clue if I'll be able to see this to the end, though...

Anyway, waiting to equip the Short Sword at the same time as the Power Ring (needed to bypass the slimes at low levels) saved something like 1/4 of a second, due to pulling up the equipment screen only once. It would've been a little more time saved, except I had to sacrifice some frames to jump over the enemies (particularly the first ones) prior to that, instead of slashing right through them (unless traversing slopes, jumping wastes 2 frames vs. normal walking).

Bosses went pretty well so far, although I was unable to alter Dulan's pattern whatsoever (Fladdermus' movie had him at the same position the whole fight), but at least it left me pretty close to the Long Sword. The gargoyle I was able to sneak in some more hits by doing otherwise unnecessary sword thrusts after landing a hit (I don't know why, but if I didn't do those, I often wasn't able to land a hit during my next jump - at least they don't waste any time).

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#10839942350667945 - Ys I Complete - Easy difficulty finished
Ys1Easy.wtf (988kB wtf movie [Windows])
Uploaded 2013-11-23 03:52:44 by Korzic (9 files)
In 35:06.12 [126367 frames], 35020 rerecords)
10291 views, 837 downloads
Played on Hourglass r81. Encode link (minor audio issues, but whatever):


Detailed run comments here:


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#10504015130434197 - Ys I Complete - Shrine Finished
Ys1Easy.wtf (350kB wtf movie [Windows])
Uploaded 2013-11-08 00:47:34 by Korzic (9 files)
In 12:24.78 [44687 frames], 14628 rerecords)
10350 views, 655 downloads
Played on the Japanese version, no English patch. Please be sure the run setting is already set to hold Shift to walk before attempting to play this. And hopefully it won't matter this time, but TA was unlocked beforehand as well. Do note that the audio crashes almost instantly due to the intro avi failing to play (no clue why - not an issue when playing normally), but as another user pointed out, the audio is still there when capturing. To that end, here's a quick encode of the file (it still has some minor audio issues, though):


Anyway, this is played on the Easy difficulty mostly because I haven't bothered doing extensive testing for a Nightmare run yet, and this is what I'm most familiar with. Besides, lack of mouse support at the moment already makes any run a tad unoptimized (mostly menu work), but well, I got bored. =p

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#10107899443029896 - Ys I Complete - Dark Fact, No Silver Sword
DarkFactNoSilverSword.wtf (89.6kB wtf movie [Windows])
Uploaded 2013-10-21 04:39:08 by Korzic (9 files)
In 03:09.1 [11346 frames], 4746 rerecords)
10403 views, 693 downloads
Recorded with Hourglass r81, using the Japanese version of the game. Starts from this save file, downloadable here:


Do be aware that even though the save file it plays from is #32, the load screen started on page 1, file #0. In addition, the walk/run settings were changed beforehand to hold Shift to walk, so make sure that's configured properly before attempting to play this (the setting resets itself every time the disc is removed from the drive). Also, I doubt it matters for this movie, but just in case, Time Attack was also enabled before recording.

Anyway, wow, I can hardly believe this is possible. It's certainly not meant to be doable, and the only reason is due to a glitch that allows you to double-hit him, but only have 1 hole appear each time. Even so, it's extremely difficult due to space constraints, so that's why I usually chose to attack him along the right-hand edges (gives a little more room compared to attacking him along the left - though I'm unsure if this is absolutely necessary). The Silver Shield and Silver Armor are also technically unnecessary, but I equipped them as an extra precaution for when space got really tight.

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#9990550647345805 - Ys I Complete Time Attack
Ys1TimeAttackTAS22116.wtf (90.9kB wtf movie [Windows])
Uploaded 2013-10-15 21:48:57 by Korzic (9 files)
In 03:11.75 [11505 frames], 3384 rerecords)
10212 views, 776 downloads
Recorded with Hourglass r81. Starts the game with Time Attack already enabled. Also, this was recorded without applying the English translation patch, just in case that makes any difference.

This is pretty much just a trial run; no clue how optimized this is (disregarding whatever advantages mouse usage might have, if any). At the least, .13 seconds were sacrificed on Nygtilger to get 11 straight non-menu manipulated appearances out of Vagullion (last two appearances needed it, apparently - unsure if the Nygtilger time cost was worth it, though). I also want to say I once finished Pictimos with an overall time of 1:54:40 one try, but I may be mis-remembering, as my other attempts didn't come quite that close.

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#7990870584143003 - Ys IV: MotS Testrun finished
Ys4testwip.smv (590kB smv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2013-07-17 20:28:01 by Korzic (9 files)
In 1:23:43.76 [301922 frames], 33014 rerecords)
11042 views, 837 downloads
Testrun completed. Final hit on Eldeel occurs at 265145 (in-game time would be listed as 1:13:37).
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#4506040768525278 - Ys IV: MotS Testrun WIP 2
Ys4testwip.smv (309kB smv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2013-02-10 21:53:52 by Korzic (9 files)
In 43:48.92 [157995 frames], 20970 rerecords)
11078 views, 740 downloads
Testrun of game up through Gadis. Could've manipulated him a little bit better, but didn't feel like re-doing once I realized how. Also realized that Roda Medicine isn't needed for Minea Plains boss skip. Oh well, it's only a testrun.
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#1107165059449600 - Ys IV: MotS Testrun WIP
Ys4testwip.smv (128kB smv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2012-09-10 20:13:55 by Korzic (9 files)
In 18:08.0 [65280 frames], 10116 rerecords)
11477 views, 777 downloads
Testrun of game up through second boss.
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