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#49200071685339984 - Xardion (No Damage)
Xardion (USA) TAS.bk2 (51.8kB bk2 movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2018-08-16 17:19:27 by LavaCanyon (1 file)
In 33:16.71 [120000 frames], 6881 rerecords)
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Game Objectives

-Emulator Used: Bizhawk 2.3.0 (BSNES Core)

-Aims for fastest time while taking no damage

-No damage boosting used

-No glitches found

-RNG manipulation used

-Despawning Used

Game Information

-Xardion is a platformer with a leveling up system.

-You have a choice to play and switch between 3 mechs(Triton, Alcedes and Panthera); Alcedes is never used in this run.

-Cutscenes are unskippable.

Oceansphere Base

-The item during the outside section is necessary for more damage on the first two bosses.

-Jumps slow movement by 2 frames however full jumps only slow movement by 1.

-Movement effects what the boss will do. It is best to get the boss to use the white bullet attack. Other attacks include using arms and a red spread bullet attack that will move forward.

-Item switching should be kept at a minimum as the transition takes a while.

Oceansphere Surface

-Heading to the above area as well as near the barrier will despawn some enemies below.

-The boss's bullets will follow the player.

Hollowsphere Jungle

-The second item is the grenade; Will be useful for bosses.

Hollowsphere Core

-First item is ammo; will be useful for the final boss.

Fiera Surface

-The rocket platform's wait time resets when jumped off.

Fiera Orbital Elevator

-The hover elevator's wait time resets when jumped off

-Jumping when collecting an item forces the jump to end

-Weird physics on the second last right floor bar before the boss room.

Space Ship

-The first item is Panthera's Inv-Shield which can be used during this stage however requires pausing to enable as well as pausing again to go back to Triton, so therefore not used.

-Jumping before the boss for RNG manipulation.

-Entering the boss forces movement and will cause unavoidable damage if the boss attacks during that.

NGC 1611

-Stopping briefly at points to delay the tree enemies next jump.

-Using Panthera's Inv-Shield as there is no known way to avoid damage by the tunnel of prickly wall hazards.

-RNG manipulation to decide the worm boss's entry point.

-The worm's bullets follow.

Fetch Quest

-Use start+select to enter the map.

-Oceansphere should be done last; the higher level will make the octopus boss quicker.

-A frame perfect start+select input after getting each Xardion item will skip normally unskippable text.

-Xardion's Lightning is a much faster version of Alcedes' screen wipe and gains EXP from the defeated enemies, however it needs a pause to activate and therefore isn't used.

-During the Oceansphere section, jump to the edge under the boat to despawn some enemies.

Final Boss

-L-Arrow is needed to remove the barrier.

-Set up the ammo item during the same pause session.

Potential Improvements

-Defeating more enemies for EXP gain.

-Making use of damage boosting.

-Having a more specific understanding of the RNG in bosses.

-Doing full jumps more often.

-Jumping to the end rocket platform before it appears during the boss at the Orbital Elevator area.

-Before the final boss, there is an ammo replenish pickup.

-Some enemies have invincibility frames and may require more spaced out shooting.

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