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#32044121566014648 - [GBA] That's So Raven - TAS WIP 1
ThatsSoRavenWIP1.bk2 (5.48kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2016-07-05 02:21:37 by Ready Steady Yeti (3 files)
In 02:39.14 [9505 frames], 2030 rerecords)
2037 views, 50 downloads
This TAS is Raven to the max.


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#30993722384370862 - [DS] TV Anime - Fairy Tail: Gekitou! Madoushi Kessen! TAS WIP
Fairytailanypercenttas.dsm (736kB dsm movie [DS])
Uploaded 2016-05-18 19:02:21 by Ready Steady Yeti (3 files)
In 07:46.13 [27887 frames], 4360 rerecords)
2315 views, 49 downloads
"This video is an almost 8 minute WIP of this anime-based video game that almost no one has ever heard of. I don't usually upload WIPs, but I don't feel that I'm interested in continuing this project any longer, so I went ahead and uploaded the WIP so that my hard work would not just go to waste. The WIP starts at Power On of the game, no save progress, and goes up to the last of the three battles with Lullaby in Story Mode.

Just to put it out there, yes, it is any%, with the goal of beating Story Mode once and seeing the credits as quickly as possible, rather than 100%, which I believe would be unlocking all the characters, or whatever else is unlockable. 100% would be totally and completely demandless, however, since it involves completing Story Mode more than once.

The reason I chose the Japanese version you ask? Well, funny you ask that, because ironically, this game was so unpopular that they didn't even make any non-Japanese versions. So basically, I had no choice but to work with Japanese.

Yes sir, I did aim for the FASTEST time rather than the most ENTERTAINING time, so this run does not contain speed-entertainment tradeoffs. There are many ways to make the fights much more entertaining, but they would also be about 5 to even 10 seconds slower in some cases.

About 90% of this TAS is purely based on luck manipulation, as it is an (extremely) typical fighting game. With most of the battles in the game, if you manipulate enough luck, you can corner enemies and continuously strike them with the strongest and most stable attacks possible. However, this is why many parts of the run are not so entertaining.

Most of you have probably never played this game before, and I don't blame you to be quite frank. There is one minor glitch used several times in the run, but it may not be so noticeable, so I'll tell you. In the Lullaby (tree-looking character) battles, Gray gets hurt by the purple gas after finishing the battle, but doesn't actually lose any health. For those VERY few people who know the game, this glitch makes us laugh slightly. That was pretty much the only glitch I've found thus far, unless you count jumping and taking damage on the third Lullaby battle to avoid being paralyzed for 10 seconds on the ground. Not sure if that's a glitch or not, but it is peculiar and cool. I always love purposeful damage to save time.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the WIP. Not sure if I'm going to finish it or not, but I'm far from it and have other projects I'm currently working on, so I'm setting this one wayyyyy aside nonetheless. I am very proud of myself for actually getting this far with the game, though. It also has very much helped me learn how to deal with luck manipulation in other games, and is making me less afraid of it."

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#24161292392589759 - (GBA) Donkey Kong Country 3 - any% TAS WIP
DKC3TAS.vbm (14.1kB vbm movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2015-07-16 02:13:30 by Ready Steady Yeti (3 files)
In 01:58.37 [7070 frames], 2715 rerecords)
3016 views, 82 downloads
EDIT: PLEASE DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK! This will desync because it was done with an older emulator (namely VBA 21). Thanks.

This is a WIP of my Donkey Kong Country 3. I uploaded because some people feel they have not seen my TAS potential, well, here it is! This is a project I plan to finish. I'm taking my time. This WIP goes to the third level of the game. Let's see, I've been playing this game on a GBA console since I was about 6 years old and that was 10 years ago, so I know a hell of a lot about the game.

You guys may be wondering about why a TAS of this game should be allowed on this site. Well first off, the game physics are very different from the SNES version, especially since you can roll infinitely with Kiddy Kong without having jumps in between. There are also some levels and places in the game that are different. Most importantly, DKC3 for the GBA has an entire world that was not put into the SNES version, this world is called Pacifica. That world is the 5th world we will visit in this TAS, out of 8. Also, all of this info, especially because of the Pacifica world, also means that the GBA any% TAS will be much longer than the SNES TAS, which is a good thing, I love long TASes. They're like movies.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my WIP! I also hope you like the TAS when I finish it!

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