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#48409024650267110 - Game & Watch Gallery 4 - Fire WIP 1
Game & Watch Gallery 4 (USA)_lua.bk2 (5.34kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2018-07-12 02:19:23 by Shimmer (1 file)
In 03:18.47 [11854 frames], 791 rerecords)
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Warning: you are unlikely to find this entertaining

This is not really interesting because I only do basic movements. Game and Watch Gallery 4 is a very repetitive game. My eventual hope is to be able to utilize luck manipulation later, but currently it's just done by hand... mostly.

General stratagem

The general goal is to get to a certain point count. In this WIP, the point count goal was 100.

The general strategy is to bounce each character as early as possible. The theory is that this will allow the next character to spawn more quickly, but this has not thoroughly investigated.

Early on, I realized that the interval between character bounces was uniform: A Toad would always bounce at the same time relative to when the Toad first appeared on the screen (the same was true for Yoshis and DKs).

I created a Lua script in an attempt to semiautomate bouncing (I had no prior Lua experience): it would schedule the necessary bounces when a character first appeared on the screen (with the help of marker pointers; i.e. the player had to tell the script that the character appeared.) It would then schedule future characters movements to overlap between the scheduled movements, preserving the original movements while adding new ones. After many iterations of trial and error and bugs, I finally got the script to work in perfect imagined order, to discover a fatal flaw with this plan: multiple characters on the screen caused lag that would ruin the bounce timing. Obviously, my simplistic frame difference approach wouldn't work well, but I do appreciate having learned Lua.

An extra note: stars moons are worth twice as much as other characters, so a potential future strategy may be to manipulate luck to make more eggs with stars moons appear (I have no idea if this is possible, given that the star moon intervals may be preset). In my run, I only got a star moon on the second egg, which is a major inefficiency.

It is definitely possible to get a moon on the first egg.

But more interestingly, it was possible to get another moon 4 toads later, leading me to believe luck manipulation could play a major role in optimizing the time for this section.

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