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#17005752139720286 - the legend of zeldo Majoras Mask any% wip
Zelda no Densetsu - Mujura no Kamen Any% by TAG (2).bk2 (4.13kB bk2 movie [N64])
Uploaded 2014-08-27 20:10:41 by TAG (5 files)
For N64 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (2 files)
In 04:03.88 [14633 frames], 578 rerecords)
10512 views, 770 downloads
this is the begining of the run, I thought I would upload the begining to see if you guys can help my or maybe tell me how my speed is.
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#14974703454713373 - Mask of Mujura
THE MASK OF MUJURA (Japan)-1.m64 (104kB m64 movie [N64])
Uploaded 2014-05-28 08:55:28 by TAG (5 files)
In 07:20.98 [26459 frames], 1813 rerecords)
9561 views, 813 downloads
this is the current wip

hope it does not desync on you all

i am using the one that records resets

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#14818419361026681 - WIP MM any%
THE MASK OF MUJURA (Japan).m64 (53.6kB m64 movie [N64])
Uploaded 2014-05-21 08:00:19 by TAG (5 files)
In 03:33.63 [12818 frames], 529 rerecords)
9552 views, 803 downloads
this took 3 hours for 3 mins
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#13578381597911855 - Superman64 wip tas NTSC mode
SUPERMAN (USA).m64 (17.4kB m64 movie [N64])
Uploaded 2014-03-26 11:42:49 by TAG (5 files)
In 02:25.52 [8731 frames], 385 rerecords)
9492 views, 870 downloads
NTSC mode being used now hope it is better than the PAL one i did
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#13507229818689613 - superman64 wip
SUPERMAN (Europe) any% tas.m64 (17.4kB m64 movie [N64])
Uploaded 2014-03-23 06:48:34 by TAG (5 files)
For Genesis Toys (7 files)
In 02:28.14 [7407 frames], 125 rerecords)
6424 views, 946 downloads
this is my wip of superman64
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