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#48969253993732176 - Banjo-Kazooie MMM Early
MMM early.bk2 (1.68MB bk2 movie [N64])
Uploaded 2018-08-06 07:50:44 by The8bitbeast (9 files)
For N64 Banjo-Kazooie (1 file)
In 00:15.28 [764 frames], 1366 rerecords)
520 views, 44 downloads

BK2 begins from savestate


Using the fall speed and a lag frame you can get through the stair. The ground is solid underneath and you can just jump into MMM. This saves about 2-3 minutes in 100% and 5-6 minutes in any%. It might possibly be PAL only, but I'm still looking into it.

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#48230224867532913 - Haja no Fuuin (Miracle Warriors) TAS WIP
Haja no Fuuin (J).bk2 (7.74kB bk2 movie [SMS])
Uploaded 2018-07-04 01:04:04 by The8bitbeast (9 files)
In 06:48.96 [24506 frames], 19442 rerecords)
663 views, 31 downloads
I was working on Miracle Warriors a few months ago. I had completely routed out the game. I requested for the FM sound to be fixed for the J version and it was, but that meant that I had to start from the beginning due to desyncs. Around that time I became distracted by other projects. I'd really love to see a Miracle Warriors TAS done. If anyone wants to look into it, feel free to message me since I have lots of documents of enemy stats and routing stuff. I might continue the TAS one day if nobody else has, but it probably wouldn't be for a while.
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#44116687937909380 - Monster World
Wonder Boy in Monster World (E).bk2 (19.1kB bk2 movie [SMS])
Uploaded 2017-12-30 18:57:44 by The8bitbeast (9 files)
In 18:36.74 [66918 frames], 45544 rerecords)
1884 views, 158 downloads
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#43701725950202739 - Psycho Fox 7902
7902 Psycho Fox (UE).bk2 (3.30kB bk2 movie [SMS])
Uploaded 2017-12-12 02:27:06 by The8bitbeast (9 files)
For SMS Psycho Fox (1 file)
In 02:11.87 [7902 frames], 8466 rerecords)
976 views, 101 downloads
2 frames saved in 7-2
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#40239298283571806 - Land of Illusion original 1.12.2 button file
The8bitbeast Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (E).bk2 (30.1kB bk2 movie [SMS])
Uploaded 2017-07-09 04:05:45 by The8bitbeast (9 files)
For SMS Land of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse (2 files)
In 22:47.19 [81926 frames], 67385 rerecords)
1384 views, 138 downloads
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#40105171216213950 - Land of Illusion Resync
resync Land of Illusion The8bitbeast.bk2 (31.8kB bk2 movie [SMS])
Uploaded 2017-07-03 03:07:29 by The8bitbeast (9 files)
For SMS Land of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse (2 files)
In 22:48.28 [81991 frames], 77304 rerecords)
1339 views, 154 downloads
Resync for Bizhawk v2.0.1
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#39782140193476681 - Crash 1 LOTAD
LOTAD Crash Bandicoot (Japan) by The8bitbeast.bk2 (85.9kB bk2 movie [PSX])
Uploaded 2017-06-18 13:58:39 by The8bitbeast (9 files)
For PSX Crash Bandicoot (4 files)
In 25:06.86 [89346 frames], 42215 rerecords)
2085 views, 158 downloads
Testrun to demonstrate zip-zagging. I have no intentions to do a full TAS, nor do I think that an optimized TAS would be possible. See forums for more info.
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#38396106633072743 - Golvellius SMS RNG lua script
Golvellius RNG.lua (21.7kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2017-04-17 03:53:13 by The8bitbeast (9 files)
2803 views, 134 downloads
A poorly documented script for RNG manipulation in Golvellius (SMS).
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#38396068639665610 - Golvellius SMS TAS WIP
Golvellius (J).bk2 (8.98kB bk2 movie [SMS])
Uploaded 2017-04-17 03:50:45 by The8bitbeast (9 files)
In 06:39.61 [23946 frames], 685919 rerecords)
2780 views, 167 downloads
Dead Project, uploading it for reference.
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