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#20227737436284982 - Super Mario World 2+2 TAS WIP (1)
Super Mario World 2+2 Any%.bk2 (1.01kB bk2 movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2015-01-19 22:39:09 by TheRealGreyboy (2 files)
In 00:00.35 [21 frames], 0 rerecords)
8377 views, 484 downloads
My first WIP of a Yoshi's Island TAS: The movie file doesn't exactly work, so there's a video below.

(Link to video)
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#18161927104441899 - Legend of Galahad (1-1)
Legend of Galahad, The (UE) [!].bk2 (1.93kB bk2 movie [Genesis])
Uploaded 2014-10-18 21:49:37 by TheRealGreyboy (2 files)
In 01:36.21 [5765 frames], 444 rerecords)
8549 views, 475 downloads
A TAS that I started for Legend of Galahad on the Sega Genesis.
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