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#57692685003754860 - DOS Daleks TI-83 Speedcode
TI-83 v1.02.bk2 Daleks Speedcode Take 2.bk2 (10.3kB bk2 movie [TI83])
Uploaded 2019-09-03 04:32:35 by TiKevin83 (10 files)
In 02:44.07 [9844 frames], 21081 rerecords)
1483 views, 48 downloads
Updated optimization of the TI83 Speedcode project. Reordered some code to fix previous issues with updating Dalek sprites multiple times
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#57579751802275698 - DOS Daleks Speedcode
TI-83 v1.02 DOS Daleks Speedcode.bk2 (12.6kB bk2 movie [TI83])
Uploaded 2019-08-29 02:28:46 by TiKevin83 (10 files)
In 03:47.87 [13672 frames], 12526 rerecords)
1650 views, 49 downloads
A TAS demo of TI-83 BASIC: TASes coding a clone of the DOS game Daleks in the TI-83 variant of TI-BASIC and then plays the game. A similar project was previously done for a Snake game by people whose names did not include TI-83 ;)

The annotated code can be found here https://pastebin.com/TMu6pyiB

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#54785395281133041 - Pokemon Blue Glitchless
Pokemon - Blue Version (USA, Europe).bk2 (55.0kB bk2 movie [GBC])
Uploaded 2019-04-25 06:12:24 by TiKevin83 (10 files)
In 1:30:06.77 [322933 frames], 111749 rerecords)
2731 views, 86 downloads
Blue Glitchless in 1:30:03, needs a GBC bios and GBC as GBA set to True. Also uses the Gambatte core.
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#52583671510142535 - Yellow NSC TAS New Pika
YNSC-MRWINT Pika.bk2 (8.20kB bk2 movie [GBC])
Uploaded 2019-01-16 02:28:45 by TiKevin83 (10 files)
In 09:47.92 [35115 frames], 9679 rerecords)
3177 views, 121 downloads
New Yellow NSC TAS shaving 293 frames due to some Pikachu DV manip improvements from MrWint and a much more optimal 76XX encounter manip.
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#51165201188542650 - Yellow NSC improvement 4
ynscPikaDV4.bk2 (7.37kB bk2 movie [GBC])
Uploaded 2018-11-13 05:19:45 by TiKevin83 (10 files)
For GBC Pokémon: Yellow Version (9 files)
In 09:52.81 [35407 frames], 241462 rerecords)
2413 views, 184 downloads
Took into account the full Gifvex Party Swaps route
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#50872871357029851 - Yellow NSC improvement 3
ynscPikaDV.bk2 (7.72kB bk2 movie [GBC])
Uploaded 2018-10-31 01:21:55 by TiKevin83 (10 files)
In 10:06.59 [36230 frames], 229790 rerecords)
3464 views, 140 downloads
Took into account improvements suggested by Gifvex
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#48254824506649688 - Console Accurate Yellow TAS 2
Console Accurate Yellow Glitchless TAS 2.bk2 (58.4kB bk2 movie [GBC])
Uploaded 2018-07-05 03:39:23 by TiKevin83 (10 files)
In 1:36:42.94 [346595 frames], 190555 rerecords)
4025 views, 167 downloads
Truncated for submission
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#48246408916051704 - TI-83 Daleks Speedcode Update
TI-83 v1.02.bk2 Daleks Speedcode.bk2 (6.00kB bk2 movie [TI83])
Uploaded 2018-07-04 18:33:37 by TiKevin83 (10 files)
In 00:44.92 [2695 frames], 7690 rerecords)
4005 views, 168 downloads
This TAS writes a full-fledged clone of the 1985 DOS game Daleks in pure TI-Basic, and then TASes the first level. The first 10 levels will be finished before submission. The code is heavily optimized by exploiting the TI-83's flexible List data type, and unnecessary initialization has been cleaned out accounting for the initial state of the calculator on bootup. I considered using Finance variables for speed vs size code tradeoffs, but the game loop doesn't seem to run faster with them. Basic 8 direction movement uses the number pad, the teleport mechanic is implemented via the sto-> button, and the 1-use Sonic Screwdriver mechanic is used via the Ln button.
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#47198446645943325 - Console Accurate Yellow TAS
Console Accurate Yellow Glitchless TAS.bk2 (59.4kB bk2 movie [GBC])
Uploaded 2018-05-18 13:52:23 by TiKevin83 (10 files)
In 1:39:06.29 [355157 frames], 190555 rerecords)
3893 views, 189 downloads
This bk2 made in BizHawk with the Gambatte core fully syncs on console.
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#47098121238689520 - Yellow Tower Desync
yellowtowerdesync.bk2 (57.9kB bk2 movie [GB])
Uploaded 2018-05-14 01:26:12 by TiKevin83 (10 files)
For GBC Pokémon: Yellow Version (9 files)
In 1:36:22.63 [345382 frames], 5890 rerecords)
4371 views, 255 downloads
A bk2 of a yellow glitchless TAS through HM03 that desyncs from console when using Horn Drill on Eevee in Lavender Tower. Needs to re
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