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#64584041677908083 - DBAA updated submission
Dragon Ball (7).bk2 (80.4kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2020-07-09 13:02:53 by WarHippy (8 files)
For GBA Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure (8 files)
In 32:27.56 [116323 frames], 64900 rerecords)
1034 views, 139 downloads
Red Ribbon Army Base Pt 2 - During a fight in the middle of the level I kick a blue robot onto the top ledge next to a Sergeant Metallic instead of spending time fighting it. I also reflect back two missiles on Metallic and then take out the blue robot to finish the fight.

The boss saw an improvement, too. Due to new rng the boss spit out 5 missiles per barrage for me to reflect back instead of 3. I also used an L+R rush to break the boss's stance before the second barrage of missiles hit him. This let the second set of missiles do full damage instead of half damage. The L+R rushes at the end are for syncing up the rng.

With the new global timer, though, I had to redo the last half of Chow Castle (the last level) due to the properties of the purple turtle shell item. But here we saved time, too. New rng allowed for a faster Piccolo fight.

180 Frames saved overall

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#62319122330886504 - DBAA new improvement wip 3
Dragon Ball (1).bk2 (83.3kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2020-03-29 13:00:57 by WarHippy (8 files)
For GBA Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure (8 files)
In 33:10.41 [118882 frames], 40557 rerecords)
1464 views, 197 downloads
See details here
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#62163113052166693 - DBAA new improvement wip 2
Dragon Ball (1).bk2 (83.3kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2020-03-22 12:23:37 by WarHippy (8 files)
For GBA Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure (8 files)
In 33:11.04 [118920 frames], 36939 rerecords)
1517 views, 196 downloads
Muscle Tower completed

Check out the game thread for details.

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#58010431267703640 - DBAA Improvement WIP 1
Dragon Ball - Advanced Adventure 3.bk2 (83.8kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2019-09-17 11:58:42 by WarHippy (8 files)
For GBA Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure (8 files)
In 33:17.64 [119314 frames], 202422 rerecords)
2092 views, 282 downloads
Pilaf's Castle - Changed the end of the boss fight by finishing with a ki blast. 15 frames saved

Find the stone in the Jungle - the 15 frames saved let me get ahead of the cycle of pikes. 9 frames saved. 1 frame saved in krillin fight due to lag reduction

Break the Boulder mini-game - Made better use of being able to attack again right after getting hit. 12 frames saved

1v1 Tutorial (Block 3 attacks) - Better RNG made Krillin attack sooner. 20 Frames saved

1v1 Tutorial (Perform a Combo Finisher) - Broke the Guard Gauge faster using Sweeper instead of 3 punches. 5 Frames saved

First Fight (Giran) - Different RNG allowed for more efficient fight. 10 frames saved

Second Fight (Nam) - Better fight. 16 frames saved

Third Fight (Juckie-Chun) - RNG finally failed me on this fight. 9 frames lost, and it took me about a month just to ge it to that point

Muscle Tower - 7 frames lost in first fight due to bad rng? Multiple gains throughout the rest of the level

In total - 129 frames ahead at this point

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#52705118511615245 - Extras + More
Dragon Ball - Advanced Adventure Published.bk2 (84.9kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2019-01-21 13:44:42 by WarHippy (8 files)
For GBA Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure (8 files)
In 33:31.87 [120164 frames], 182936 rerecords)
2967 views, 390 downloads
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#44030952697828135 - Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure 1-1
Dragon Ball - Advanced Adventure (Japan) (2).bk2 (2.82kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2017-12-26 22:17:44 by WarHippy (8 files)
In 00:54.93 [3281 frames], 8780 rerecords)
8682 views, 374 downloads
These are the first two fights so far (section 1 of the first level), but we're still figuring out some game mechanics before we move on (specifically movement optimization and a little bit of rng).
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#43286862989268904 - Action Pachio improvement
actionpachio (3).bk2 (31.8kB bk2 movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2017-11-23 10:02:53 by WarHippy (8 files)
For SNES Action Pachio (1 file)
In 18:41.94 [67427 frames], 54756 rerecords)
3847 views, 504 downloads
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#31495437281340481 - Eek! the Cat Improvement
Eek! The Cat (USA)-Flip2.tasproj.bk2 (29.4kB bk2 movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2016-06-10 09:18:59 by WarHippy (8 files)
For SNES Eek! The Cat (1 file)
In 16:39.67 [60079 frames], 183129 rerecords)
5030 views, 613 downloads
33 Frame Improvement


2-2: Better strategy pushing Annabelle after teleporter. 12 Frames Saved

2-3: Better method of retrieving Annabelle and going through teleporter after bubble section. 5 Frames Saved

3-2: Jumping into corner of ledge after mushroom to slow down faster. 1 Frame Saved. It's possible to save 5 more frames in the section before getting to the mushroom, but the time would be lost due to the changes in sub-pixels.

4-3: Can get to policeman 44 frames faster, but they are all lost waiting for the barrel. 0 Frames Saved

5-1: Waited 1 more frame before turning around and pushing gift after depositing second barrel into the spike pit. Changed method of going through the gap. 6 frames ahead at this point, but 4 are lost at the end. 2 Frames Saved

5-2: Got past wrecking ball 4 frames faster which allowed for a slightly better run-up at the end. 1 Frame Saved

5-3: Got past 10-ton weight 1 frame sooner. After kicking gift after 2nd bulldog, I waited a frame before holding Left again so that the sliding animation wouldn't occur. The time saved let the gift get hit by wrecking ball sooner. 6 Frames Saved

5-4: Slight change in the final section to be a little more accurate. 0 Frames Saved

It is possible to jump onto clothesline the same frame as the NPC. This is the fastest way across the ropes, but the time saved is always lost somewhere else in those levels.

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