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#13214447004475931 - Super metroid total control test
sm_eac_test.smv (120kB smv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2014-03-10 02:21:21 by amaurea (1 file)
For SNES Super Metroid (23 files)
In 00:01.06 [64 frames], 6 rerecords)
26924 views, 1324 downloads

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This is the fruit of the last two day's labours. It uses the charged space-time beam to jump to the super missile count in RAM, and uses that to jump to OAM. The OAM in this game is very fickle, but I managed to get it to jump into the middle of the gamepad auto-read registers, where I built up a total control loop, letting me execute arbitrary code at a rate of 4 bytes per 6 frames. As a test-case I set the game mode to 26 and returned control to the game, resulting in the ending sequence.

This movie is based on the 100% TAS. I had to truncate the part where I walk to the green pirate room in crateria in order to start a new movie with the correct number of controllers. The resulting movie is therefore very short, and the interesting stuff happens in a fraction of a second. It is best watched frame by frame - ideally while tracing in a debugging emulator.

This was done in snes9x 1.43-rr. It should be ported to a more capable emulator.

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