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#49431298157702598 - Jeopardy! Deluxe Edition
jeopardy-wip-1.lsmv (2.76kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2018-08-27 03:14:41 by nburgin (1 file)
In 01:24.49 [5078 frames], 318 rerecords)
7823 views, 229 downloads
Early WIP.

Intended as a homage to the famous Family Feud TAS by heisanevilgenius, and exploits a very similar text input glitch. As such, it can be expected to contain large speed/entertainment tradeoffs.

Answers two questions so far. Intends to have a running gag where our contestant basically just spends the whole time mocking his fellow contestants and the host, and somehow gets paid for it.

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