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#66349111542519896 - 53 frame improvement
c64-Confuzion-NYMX (Improvement).bk2 (42.3kB bk2 movie [C64])
Uploaded 2020-09-27 00:49:09 by nymx (2 files)
In 26:58.33 [81118 frames], 32826 rerecords)
1508 views, 61 downloads
This improvement was the result of a reported flaw that I didn't catch early in the TAS by DrD2k9. Because of the early cuts, I had to re-sync the TAS...especially the cut scene between Level 63 and 64, where I ran my BOT. The resync and BOT running took almost 3 days.
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#51777390615113172 - Correction
nymx KrustySuperFunHouse (v2-141).lsmv (66.5kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2018-12-10 19:00:45 by nymx (2 files)
For SNES Krusty's Super Fun House (1 file)
In 1:11:00.7 [256063 frames], 207693 rerecords)
2468 views, 382 downloads
This correction is to replace the existing submitted input file for http://tasvideos.org/6173S.html

It is 123 frames faster. The improvement came from finding another "Free Krusty" at the end of Area 3. Reorganizing the use of them, I found that an extra death can be applied to the 3rd visited room of Area 3. I discovered this mistake after reviewing Iceplug's WR again and saw the extra Krusty...which I thought that I had ruled out. His version is 1.0, while mine is 1.1...so i thought that i didn't have one there.

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