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#37135408704300908 - Super Mario 64 (U) 1key
Super Mario 64 (U) 1key.m64 (30.7kB m64 movie [N64])
Uploaded 2017-02-19 09:15:53 by rcombs (1 file)
For N64 Super Mario 64 (8 files)
In 04:21.3 [15678 frames], 164623 rerecords)
29833 views, 1270 downloads
This is http://tasvideos.org/3264M.html resynced for the US version. There may be a few improvements of a frame or two possible (I didn't have a proper rerecording setup for this), but it's likely the world record for the US version. Timed on real console at 04:24.32.
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