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#41311504568918546 - Salamander Playaround TAS
Salamander (J) [!]-compact.fm3 (448kB fm3 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2017-08-26 10:59:13 by tduyduc (1 file)
For NES Life Force (4 files)
In 24:41.59 [89042 frames], 3480 rerecords)
3724 views, 643 downloads
In this tool-assisted speedrun, T.D. Stoneheart (AKA tduyduc) uses only build maximum speed without any other power-ups. Watch him dodge enemies and projectiles the entertaining way.

Encoded video: https://youtu.be/_KpMXQ1XjlU

This movie is not submitted because it can only work correctly in TAS Editor, not in Play Movie in FCEUX. Be sure that controller U+D/L+R is turned on.

The Japanese version is chosen because of the enhanced title and ending screens.

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