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#3873843886942248 - Dragon Quest I & II (J) GBC "DQ1" TAS
gbcdq1.bkm (826kB bkm movie [GBC])
Uploaded 2013-01-13 10:35:22 by tetora_X (3 files)
In 16:51.04 [60387 frames], 6568 rerecords)
10668 views, 851 downloads
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#2432316411148352 - AVGN KO Boxing lua file
A2600-AVGN-KO-BOXING.lua (627B Lua script)
Uploaded 2012-11-09 12:31:06 by tetora_X (3 files)
10741 views, 797 downloads
lua file for AVGN KO Boxing. The game is a bit tricky that I don't feel like optimizing hardly. I hope someone make nice TAS of the game.
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#2162614622808571 - Dragon Quest III (J) GBC "debug mode" vba-m
dq3debug.vbm (14.8kB vbm movie [GBC])
Uploaded 2012-10-28 09:00:42 by tetora_X (3 files)
For GBC Dragon Warrior III (1 file)
In 00:02.02 [121 frames], 18 rerecords)
7543 views, 930 downloads

VBM file begins from a snapshot (flags=1)

works on vba-v24m-svn-r422.

We can go debug mode, when we use an item called "なし"(nothing). it can lead to make the game finished in 6min.

You can go ending credit, when you choose "4. MORIテスト"(MORI Test). You can warp anywhere you want, when you choose "2. ひぐち テスト"(Higuchi Test).

In any way, the graphics of the field are broken. and it's not broken in real GB console.

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