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#57350350794051497 - Wonder Boy 1 Level Select Game Gear
Wonder Boy 1 level select.bk2 (1.97kB bk2 movie [GG])
Uploaded 2019-08-18 18:31:55 by theripper999 (2 files)
In 01:27.45 [5240 frames], 1912 rerecords)
311 views, 10 downloads
Interesting cheat code to go straight to 9-4 from the title screen. Hold Down and Start on title screen. Done in 5240 frames in about 1900 rerecords. This is not compatible with tasvideos rules since this level select is not intended for normal play.

youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOkqYtW4bP8&feature=youtu.be

1) Lag sucks. Probably will not do anything further with this game since just trying to manage lag would take up all my time and that is not fun. 2) Last boss can definitely be down 2 frames faster at least, tasstudio just crashed when I had done it, and not going to redo it. MIGHT be possible to do it in 7 jumps like the SMS tas one, but I don't know.

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#54366668718903812 - Shinobi III - Needs Updated Rerecords
Shinobi III - TAS - 77994 - 20190406 Needs Updated Re-records.bk2 (44.7kB bk2 movie [Genesis])
Uploaded 2019-04-06 09:37:38 by theripper999 (2 files)
In 21:41.61 [77996 frames], 24174 rerecords)
1305 views, 45 downloads
Having trouble extracting , modifying the field in the rerecord count header, then compressing it again. Bizhawk crashes when loading it.
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