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#22273467269380907 - Quick fix in 99th zone
quick fix in 99th zone.fm2 (189kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2015-04-22 01:46:27 by yuigenron (2 files)
For NES Atlantis no Nazo (5 files)
In 02:20.14 [8422 frames], 43 rerecords)
6595 views, 817 downloads
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#2077440296672601 - Windows Ib "Best Ending" TAS testrun
Ib.wtf (731kB wtf movie [Windows])
Uploaded 2012-10-24 12:57:05 by yuigenron (2 files)
In 25:58.23 [93494 frames], 1304 rerecords)
10196 views, 769 downloads
Windows Ib Best Ending TAS testrun

Game versions: JPN 1.02 with storybook patch Download: http://www.vector.co.jp/soft/dl/win95/game/se495899.html

RPG maker 2000 RTP needed

copy Map0028.lmu file in the "「うごくえほん」が読み込めない方へ" folder and overewrite Map0028.lmu file in the data folder.

Hourglass r81 setting:default

If the game freezes after New game, delete mp3 files in data>music folder or convert them to wave files.

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