GB - Mega Man V



  • Platform: GB
  • Abbreviation: MMV
  • Display Name: Mega Man V
  • GoodTools Name: Mega Man V
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  • Action
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This is the final installment of classic Mega Man games on the Game Boy, and the first Super Game Boy Mega Man game. Unlike the four earlier Game Boy games which copied a lot from their NES counterparts, Mega Man V has all new enemies and bosses: you fight the Stardroids, robots from outer space named after the planets of the solar system (note that Pluto was considered a planet at the time). Unlike every other classic Mega Man game, Dr. Wily is not the final boss and our hero uses the Mega Arm instead of the Mega Buster.
Tremane and Noxxa improve the previous movie by 41.83 seconds, thanks to overall better lag management, sub-pixel optimisation, as well as new tricks and strategy changes.
The baseline tab shows the default movie beating the game as fast as possible without any special conditions.

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