A log of all tests run by owners of NESbot or true's bot for movies that do not yet have a full verification video. Format is [movie] [user:Name]: Result.
  • [1034] NES StarTropics by Aglar in 1:01:26.30 - Brandon: This run actually very well might run through the entire game if the bot was better made. The first time I tested it, it got about 12 minutes in flawlessly, and then the bot just stopped working. It didn't desync; it stopped running. After a software update by micro500, it would desync at the Octopus boss fight. The last time I tested it, it didn't get past the title screen. Bizarre...worth testing again.
  • Startropics II by Brandon and Randil (WIP) - Brandon: Syncs flawlessly, but as the WIP doesn't actually complete the game, it belongs in this tab.
  • [2406] NES Kirby's Adventure "game end glitch" by MESHUGGAH, CoolKirby, Masterjun, MUGG, TASeditor & illayaya in 00:35.91 - dwangoAC: Desyncs entering first level; I plan on trying a few more timing settings as I *really* want to see this one work. :) edit by true 20151003: Haven't tested this run, but have tested Kirby, and the issue is that Kirby's Adventure will _always_ poll for controller input once per frame, regardless of what is being processed. Since emulator timings vary wildly from console timings, the same amount of processing work isn't being done and the game will quickly desync. The only feasable resolution here will be to improve emulation.
Tested in 201510xx:

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