This page details the results of Dream Team Contest 6. You can read more info on the topic for this contest.

Competition info:

Game: GBA Zook Man ZX4
Emulator: BizHawk
Duration: January 22nd 2017, 0:00 UTC - April 22nd 2017, 23:59 UTC


Team Name Members Time Pos
Team 1 We Serve Fire Trucks Warepire, Spikestuff, Fog, Tremane 27:43.40 8th
Team 2 MMMM Masterjun, MediaMagnet, Micro500, Mothrayas (Noxxa) 26:36.89 7th
Team 3 Snail Eaters lapogne36, Grincevent, Arcree2, keylie 23:23.47 2nd
Team 4 pirate_sephiroth, FatRatKnight, Exonym, Personman 23:20.16 1st
Team 5 We'll Hex the Name in Later Invariel, Lord Tom, Samsara, fsvgm777 24:51.56 5th
Team 6 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Aglar, negative seven, thelegendarymudkip, Truncated 24:27.63 3rd
Team 7 Tompa, Ready Steady Yeti, MUGG, Alyosha 24:27.73 4th
Team 8 Feijoada BrunoValads, Amaraticando, BrunoVisnadi, Kaizoplayer --:--.-- DNS
Team 9 Team SM64 Plush, Luigihaxd, theTimeTravelPenguin, Nis --:--.-- DNS
Team 10 arandomgameTASer, RobynS, Kurabupengin, andypanther --:--.-- DNS
Team 11ThunderBears NxCy, WarHippy, McBobX, DwainiumB 24:52.19 6th
Ultimately, the best parts of the runs were assembled together alongside various other improvements, and submitted as #5680: FatRatKnight, pirate_sephiroth, Exonym, keylie, lapogne36, Grincevent, Arcree, Tompa, Noxxa, Masterjun, Lord Tom, ThunderAxe31's GBA Zook Man ZX4 in 20:31.36.

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