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Frequently asked questions

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Site and movies

What is this site?

TASVideos is a community for creating and publishing Tool-Assisted Speedrun (TAS) videos - emulator (and other tool) assisted run-throughs that resemble superhuman-like playing sessions - of classic and modern video games.
For a more comprehensive introduction, visit Welcome To TASVideos.

What does TAS/movie/input file/(other term) mean?

Our Glossary contains definitions of most of the terms in use at this site.

How are these movies created?

The movies on TASVideos are created with the help of emulators that have the capability of recording sequences of key presses - it is the key presses that are recorded, and the video and audio resulting from the emulator playing this back is what can be seen through the videos provided on the site.
The emulators involved have been crafted to provide features specifically designed for optimal game play. The most common features are save states, allowing the author to return to an earlier point in the run (and thereby revert mistakes that are made), and the ability to play one frame at a time (known as frame advance), which removes the limitations of one's reflexes. Where even this isn't enough, some emulators allow for programming and 'bots' to further enhance the process.
Our players often post work-in-progress runs as they work on them; tracking such a run can be a good first step in getting a feel for the process.

How can I create one of these movies?

We maintain the TASing Guide meant for new visitors to get started on creating their very own TAS.


I tried to play back one of the MP4/MKV/AVI files but it didn't work. What can I do to get it to play back?

This is often caused by your computer not possessing the proper codecs required to play back the movie. Go to Downloads for what you can do to install the proper codecs.

I tried to play back a run in the emulator, but it doesn't play back as intended. What can I do?

You are probably experiencing a desync, meaning the emulator is not behaving as the input file expects it to. Visit Desync Help for suggested approaches to fixing this.

The community

Who creates these runs?

Visit our list of authors to find out. You are also encouraged to visit the Forum, where much of the discussion surrounding the creation of these runs takes places.

How can I help?

Excellent question! We are always in need of people willing to help out the site. The Helping page details ways you can assist the site with everything from simply watching the movies to creating new runs. Everybody has something valuable they can contribute.

How can I change my alias?

Follow the instructions in this topic.

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