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About this game

This game has two main modes. First, 3D fighting game. It is famous because FF7's characters entry this mode. Second, dungeon RPG. Structure of floor and dropped item are different in each play. This run plays dungeon RPG. For details about this game, please read


  • PCSX-RR v0.1.3
  • TAS Soft Graphics Plugin 0.2 (Active special game fixes 0x0001)
  • TAS Sound Plugin 0.2
  • SCPH-1001

Luck manipulation

  • Structure of floor
  • Dropped item
  • Multiple attack

Uses hardest difficulty

Quest mode has two types of difficulty level, normal and hard. In normal mode, It is possible to go to town by escaping from dungeon. Then, shopping, recovering and more are utilizable there. In hard mode, it is not possible to go to town.

Mukki: Judging...
Mukki: The feedback is rather mixed on this one. I watched this a few times and, it must be said, that this is one of the most repetitive TASes I have ever seen. This goes beyond merely using the same moves over and over (although that is a problem with the battles at the end) as the gameplay consists of the character repeatedly running through the exact same room in exactly the same way for minutes on end. The only positive feedback is some who found it 'silly' or 'funny', but this seems to be something of a niche opinion and outwith this there is little else redeeming this run. This is a classic example of a TAS that is too repetitive to be accepted and the votes seem to reflect this. Rejecting.
FractalFusion: Accepting, but because of the response, it will be placed in vault tier.
Encoders can use Eternal SPU Plugin 1.41. It syncs well with this run from my experience.

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Starting HD encode. Aborted
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More like running down stairs mode. Fun abuse of the procedurally generated levels.
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Square pioneered the stair simulator far before the corridor simulator.
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This was very boring to me. Although it was short, I started skipping towards the end after 9 floors and those battles were repetitive and boring as well. Voting no.
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I liked the part where he ran down the stairs.
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Bizarrely amusing. I can't help but approve for some odd reason...
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Gotta say, this was pretty slow, even for a four-minute movie. It'd help if it weren't possible to get the stairs so close to each level's entrance, so you'd see even slightly more of the dungeon. As it is, it's just "go right, go down stairs" and "go straight, go down stairs" until near the end. Voting meh for game choice.
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Wish there were more submission text. But this gets my yes vote for fulfilling my absurdity/time quotient.
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This game reminds me of Azure Dreams. Except without all the plot and stuff, and a whole lot of running down stairs that becomes repetitively funny after a while, and actual battles. And a lot shorter.
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HILARIOUS! (meh vote due to crazy repetition)
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Feels like this should have been saved for April Fools. STAIRS... THE GAME! Voting meh
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This is silly!
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A completely respectable TAS. I thought the stairs manipulation was amusing, and the run also turns pretty epic with the fighting before it ends. So... yes vote.
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i used to play so much that mini game, this tas make that looks so easy.
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I thought this was kinda funny, and it seems to have a good enough quality of play. It's also short and fast-paced enough that it doesn't really get too boring. Yes vote.
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That was fun. What a pity that you had to have a whopping 4 fights.
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Not enough stairs, too much fighting, no Cloud appearances. Voted Meh.
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I was actually pretty amused by this, thanks to the character's goofy animation. It also became a bit of a guessing game for me to guess which hallway would be manipulated to have the stairs. I liked the fights too, largely due to the silly attack animation. I figure this is good enough for a Yes vote. Also, nice pun, Nitsuja! I think it should get used in the published movie comments if this gets published. For example: "With the abundant luck manipulation in this movie, the game turns more into 'Ehrgeiz - God Bless the RNG' instead."
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nitsuja wrote:
Ehrgeiz - God Bless the RNG?
nice one ! impressive amount of luck manipulation, i'm not stairing down on this run and give a yes vote...
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I think that the description should mention the part with the stairs, it's kinda important.
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Good God the stairs... Impressive amount of luck manipulation, but damn... the stairs... If I wasn't a lurker I'd vote 'meh'.
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