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A simple, but hard platformer based on a movie of the same name.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.1.4
  • No Continues/Deaths
  • Fastest Time
  • Contains Elevator Action


I started this run because VBA is undergoing an update/upgrade. I chosed this run because the AVGN reviewed it. This game took a week or so to TAS. Since all the levels feature alot of walking, I tried jumping to make the movie less boring.

Stage by stage comments


The game starts off in a hotel where everyone wants you dead. I spent some frames to obtain the "DART GUN" so that I could avoid taking damage when returning to the elevator. I also obtained the "PEARL NECKLACE" but didn't use them. I took damage twice in this level to preserve ammo. I also obtained the "GUN" which I used to knock out a fat guy and 2 chefs. The fat guy must be KOed or he'll grab and kill you. The chefs block my path, and jumping over them is slower, so they must also be KOed.


Once again, everyone wants you dead. I avoid the bat wielding men as they inflict 2 points of damage. I grabbed a "GUN" which was used to KO 2 birds and 2 men. I took damage at the rat to lose only 1 HP instead of 2, as I need that extra health.


There's these pointless rooms with keys in them that are supposed to be shortcuts, but I can't get them to work. The paint bucket is supposed to be used to KO Marv, but I used it to walk past him. The bell gives me invincibility, but I don't need it, so I didn't grab it. I hopped around like mad because walking the entire time is too boring.


I leap vertically up a giant Christmas Tree while being chased by Harry & Marv. I could've moved around while leaping, but I would've wasted frames, so I jumped straight up. I knock down the criminal duo using pigeon feed.

Other comments

063f - Health
0512 - X. Position
Possible Improvement: Better Positioning Horizontally Suggested Screenshot: Some frame in the last battle

feos: embedded Author's encode.

DarkKobold: This TAS was pretty dry, and had a pretty poor response. I can see why, this is just a bland game choice, and thus, am rejecting it for that.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #3032: jlun2's NES Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York in 08:03.65
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We must have more shitty games TASed! Yes.
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Didn't like it. It also looks like it's done by a bad player. Voting no.
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This is just a bad game choice.... painful music, boring action. Sorry, had to vote no.
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I didn't make it more than a minute into watching this before I stopped with absolutely zero interest in continuing. From what I saw, this isn't quite the epitome of bad game choice, but it comes close.
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If the game could draw blond hair (in the credits), why does the player's character looks like a brown-haired kid wearing a tinfoil hat? And they made the Christmas tree scary at the top? I'm utterly baffled by this game's artistic choices. But anyway, I have to agree that this doesn't make good TAS material. Some AVGN-reviewed games have done well here, but that's because in those games, we see a TAS player dominate a normally-frustrating game. Here, though, good play doesn't actually look all that entertaining.
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I think I just have more patience than the average person. Heck, I submitted a Top Gun TAS previously!!! Voting Yes, and looks well done!
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Voting yes, because I finally get to see the rest of the game. Normally, you just play the game for 50 seconds, then turn it off in disgust. Finally I get to see the entire game.
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voting yes. it's played rather nicely, making this horrible game seem passable protip: play the video without sound. it helps wonders.
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So why this game have the the same sound effects from "The Simpsons Bart vs the mutants" and some levels are even similar and... well, just compare both games. Leaving that aside... kind of annoying the jumping sound effect especially when done in a row... anyhow, voting Meh due to game being bad /
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"At least we get a turkey dinner!" "Marv, you turkey, shut up." The End. Almost voted yes just because of that. Sorry though, jlun2, i gotta go with bad game choice = no on this one. I don't think any amount of effort could possibly have extracted substantial entertainment value (the bizarre shirtless chef (??) battle (?!) made me smile though).
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I don't feel this game has a significant amount of technical merit or entertainment value. As such, I can't think of a reason why even a completely perfect run of this game would be enjoyable in any sense. I must vote no.
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While it's nice to see such a horrible game being completed as quick as what's probably possible the game is just so boring, annoying sound effects (all the jumping didn't help with that), once the game was muted it was just barely watchable. I'm going to vote meh on this one.
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nice gameplay only boring music, still a yes for me
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Used to love this game, even aware thats seem a bad game choice its still quite well done for me.
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It kept my attention. But it was not that entertaining. I guess the game's shittiness mesmerised me. Meh vote.
YoungJ1997lol wrote:
Normally i would say Yes, but thennI thought "its not the same hack" so ill stick with meh.
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I've watched some TASes of boring games, but I couldn't finish this one. It's just not a good game for TASing. No vote.
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Huh? Do you seriously force a fat cook to perform a striptease for you as a boss fight? I do not know what it is I watch. And I cannot watch much for this gives me my "bad video game in a dream" vibe.
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Im waiting for this to be console-verified now.
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The treetop was indeed creepy. Anybody else creeped out by the faces in the ending? The text describes the picture, in my opinion. It also describes my vote. It was rather repetitive and hard to follow. The awful jumping sound was done too much.
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Horrible game is horrible. Glad that allows me to see what this game end-levels are without enduring the pain of playing it. Voting yes.
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DrJones wrote:
It also looks like it's done by a bad player.
Was it really necessary to take a cheap shot at someone like that? Maybe you should think before you speak next time. Bad Game choice doesn't make the person a bad TAS Runner.
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I wasn't talking about the quality of the TASer, but at the perceived quality of the player in the movie. Getting stumbled by suitcases and other things doesn't look superhuman, rather the contrary. It felt clumsy.
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jlun2, did you decide to TAS this horrible game because it was among the NES games that micro500 owned?
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