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HI, this is a TAS any% of Super Bomberman 3
  • Emulator used: Snes9x 1.43 rerecording-v17-win32
  • Aims for fastest time.
  • Uses password
  • 2 player
All I did was to apply a password to the final boss in 2 players and fully equipped. I hope you enjoy it. The password is: 3104, for the final boss, aren't if there much entertainment, but I did all what I put
Suggerent Screenshort: 2648

That's all

DS13: I'll to canceled this movie for the reason of sgrunt. In other moment I'll to complete this movie

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #3096: DS13's SNES Super Bomberman 3 "any%" in 01:32.68
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Although I haven't watched this, password use normally isn't considered very entertaining around here, especially in light of full runs of earlier games in the series which were well received. What's your justification for not playing through the rest of the game to reach this point?
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om, nom, nom... juicy!
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To be fair, using a password does seem like an ok joke for April Fool's Day. It's not very funny, but I like the idea. Good luck with a more full run, DS13! If you want more responses from community members before finishing your run, you should use the forums here.
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I look forward to this! this one is a great game to do, great chance to get accepted, also there is a TAS of this on youtube, the author did it in 26:29 using 1 player, you MUST defeat this time or if there lower you must beat all times already know, so I suggest you to use 2 players to get a better result than them. here is the video
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