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Emulator Details

  • Snes9x 1.51
  • Left+Right, Up+Down enabled


  • Uses hardest difficulty setting
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Unlocks a secret message

Special Thanks

I want to put this section first to give recognition to someone really wonderful. marcolaranja and I originally were coauthoring this run. I had more time to work on the run, and after several weeks of a busy schedule, Marco graciously bowed out. You will be hard pressed to find someone as friendly as marco. He was the first to discover the quick way to the first exit, and how to beat the last level without damage boosting. Some of his input remains in level 1-2.
Other thanks to:
  • Tompa, for discovering an even better skip to the first exit
  • StarFighters76, whose maps on gamefaqs saved me the hassle of actually playing the game.

Useful memory addresses

I found an obscene number of memory addresses that were essential in optimizing.
7E054Bb sX-SpeedSpeed along the X-axis.
7E054Ab uX-SubspeedThe fractional value of the player's speed. Unlike other games that only use this for acceleration, different values affect your overall speed.
7E0522w uX-PositionPlayer's exact position on the X-axis
7E0BACw u"X"Player's approximate position. This is strange because this value has dead zones at the beginning and end of a level. Every time the least significant byte of X-position overflows, this increments*.
7E054Db sY-SpeedSpeed along the Y-Axis
7E054Cb uY-SubspeedThe fractional value of the player's speed.
7E0525w uY-PositionPlayer's exact position on the Y-Axis
7E0526w u"Y"Similar to "X," but there appear to be no dead zones.
7E0524b uX-RegionX-Position overflow counter.
7E0527b uY-RegionY-Position overflow counter.
  • In this sense it's similar to pixel and subpixel values, but you can be on different pixels for the same value of "X."
Enemies' HP works the opposite of most games. They start at 0 and go up. There usually will not be more than 4 enemies on the screen, but here are all of them.
Some stages have a movable object that you have to push by running into it. To help with the last such stage, I found these addresses.
7E075Eb sObject Speed
7E075Db uObject Subspeed
7E074Bw uObject X-Position (right)
7E0755w uObject X-Position (center)
7E0763w uObject X-Position (left)
It is fun to enable cheats and give yourself infinite health, lives, and time.
7E1036# Shields
7E1028# Lives
7E1030# Gold

Tricks Used

Damage Boost
Damage boosting appears in this game. It is best suited for giving the player a super high jump. This is used to skip large sections of levels. The Expert difficulty limits the player to one shield, meaning you can only take 1 hit before collecting another.
Speed Dampening
The player's speed gets butchered in the air. You lose 20 subspeed or more per frame until your total speed hovers around 3.6. However, during your throw or duck animations, you lose only 4 subspeed per frame. Any time you see me throw with no apparent reason, that's what's going on.
Fast Climbing
When climbing, you can start a new climb animation by repressing "up." Release as soon as you've stopped moving from one pull and your next pull will begin 5 frames faster. Over the course of the game, that's no small potatoes!
Level end abuse
There is some weird variation at the end of levels depending on whether you run through, duck, or come to an abrupt stop. These may all result in the same timer value, but some can cause the next level to start 1 or 2 frames faster. I optimized this as much as I could.

Stage by stage comments

...may come later. If you have any questions, put em in the thread.

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Thank you. =)
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Heye John, nice its finally done, well I dont have doubts about the run since I was accompanning most WIP's, the run went quicker than I tought, yet on the hardest dificult, a lot optmazed, without thoses adresses I'm pretty sure it could have been slower, I'm a lot busy but if people got questions about this one I ---maybe--- can help answer them. about the dificult I think it fitted well, showing how limitated the damage abuse is, obviously a easier dificult should make the run faster ,however, it surely should look sloopy abusing damage after damage yet without any challenging. on the last stages I loved the fact you avoided that pesky cloud with a jet boost damage, it was impressive, the bosses fights were a lot funny to watch, also the skip from the first boss barely hitting him, yet the run being very optmazed, since I helped a bit I know what I'm talking about, each jump was precise,since you couldn't jump before ledges because it was a lot slower, the pulls in the ropes were totally optmazed, on every stage it saved time, on a stage the faster pull rope saved a lot of time, you avoided a enemy that is normally very hard to avoid on real gameplay, also somes shurikens shots that hit Singe's head on somes offscreen shots, yet using them to boost yourself forward Also it was pleasant to work along with you, it was nice to meet you, very friendly and kindly, I dont have any regret to have worked along with you, hope to see more runs from ya. err... also a Yes vote. obviously.
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Oops, sorry to do this, but laranja has brought to my attention an improvement. So stop the encode!
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