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Emulator used:Snes9x 1.41 v17
Use WIP1 Timming
items 100%:none
Use password:none
this runs is faster at the nitsuja runs by 20 secondes but is slower at Fractal Fusion run by 76 secondes

FractalFusion: Hello, McBobX, and welcome to the forum.
Though it is clear that you have some knowledge as how to make a TAS, this run is 1 minute and 22 seconds slower than agwawaf's run using the same goals (which I presume to be any%). We do not accept runs that are merely slower, without justification.
I am cancelling this submission for now. If you have questions about anything, please discuss in this thread.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #3368: McBobX's SNES Mega Man X3 in 39:29.48
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Post subject: Re: #3368: McBobX's SNES Mega Man X3 in 39:29.48
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TASVideoAgent wrote:
this runs is faster at the nitsuja runs by 20 secondes but is slower at Fractal Fusion run by 76 secondes
If it's slower than a published run (which has already been obsoleted, no less) then why submit it in the first place? TASVideos doesn't accept runs slower than the current record. <dwangoAC> This is a TAS (...). Not suitable for all audiences. May cause undesirable side-effects. May contain emulator abuse. Emulator may be abusive. This product contains glitches known to the state of California to cause egg defects. <Masterjun> I'm just a guy arranging bits in a sequence which could potentially amuse other people looking at these bits <adelikat> In Oregon Trail, I sacrificed my own family to save time. In Star trek, I killed helpless comrades in escape pods to save time. Here, I kill my allies to save time. I think I need help.
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Dear McBobX, It's clear that you're a good player of Mega Man games. Welcome to the site! However, as people have shown, your run is not faster than the best known records. This means it will not get accepted. Don't get discouraged, though! I suggest that you look at the Forums and provide Works In Progress (WIPs) for the games you're playing. Hopefully, you can get good criticism and learn to improve. Good luck! [P.S. If you would like help translating, maybe another common site user could help? Where are you from?]
Used to be a frequent submissions commenter. My new computer has had some issues running emulators, so I've been here more sporadically. Still haven't gotten around to actually TASing yet... I was going to improve Kid Dracula for GB. It seems I was beaten to it, though, with a recent awesome run by Hetfield90 and StarvinStruthers. ( Thanks to goofydylan8 for running Gargoyle's Quest 2 because I mentioned the game! ( Thanks to feos and MESHUGGAH for taking up runs of Duck Tales 2 because of my old signature! Thanks also to Samsara for finishing a Treasure Master run. From the submission comments:
Shoutouts and thanks to mklip2001 for arguably being the nicest and most supportive person on the forums.
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