Post subject: openMSX - rudimentary lag counter
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This is important enough that I figured I'd make an own thread for it. Quibus has added a simple lag counter to openMSX, which can be turned off and on with toggle_lag_counter. It should come immensely useful, as many MSX games are very prone to lagging. It isn't reverse-proof, however, as the lag counter won't decrease when you reverse back to an earlier point in the run. Instead, turning the lag counter on and off or loading a replay file will instantly zero it. Also many MSX games run at 30fps, on those, every second frame will be counted as a lag frame. The lag counter is part of the tas_tools.tcl script, put it in /openMSX/share/scripts to use.
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Get your updated scripts here: You need tas_tools.tcl and mode.tcl. Or get any openMSX build of SVN revision 12317 or higher.