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In Wario Blast there is a secret password (5656 or 6565) which enables "The Battle" mode. In this mode the player should kill as many enemies as possible during an unlimited time. I kill a grand total of 0 enemies and I get to the results screen as soon as possible.
Category: uses a password, pacifist (no enemies are killed).
I include an encode in GIF format:
Best regards.

Nach: While an entertaining battle mode run may be acceptable, this sadly is not. Special modes which don't offer anything are not acceptable for the vault, rejecting.

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Well, I consider this legit. Technically the fastest completion, so sure.
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I guess this is a real category (using passwords to unlock alternative game modes in order to speedrun those modes is OK), if a different category from the any%. I also guess this is not an interesting category :)
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Voting yes for .GIF encode
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PACIFIST :) good one!
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Voting no for Moon, voting ineligible for Vault, voting yes for TAS Encode of the Year
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