Post subject: PSP Wishlist
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When the TAS ermulator PSP will be accepted at TASVideos , we have to have a list of games. :D Ratchet & Clank Size Matters & Sonic Games
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Tekken 5 play around. Tekken 5 Devil Within minigame speedrun (if it's included in the PSP version).
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PSP SotN "Maria any%/all bosses' It's a different Maria to Saturn.
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Half-Minute Hero could be interesting.
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LocoRoco LocoRoco 2 LocoRoco: Midnight Carnival Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
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I noticed this is a handheld Platform, so I think it should be moved to the right forum. ANd also, stickied.(The 3DS wishlist also) On topic: I think a TAS of narutos games could be interesting.
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Ape Academy Brothers in arms D-Day Field Commander Everybody's Golf Medal of Honor Heroes Marvel Ultimate Alliance Need for Speed Underground Rivals Ridge Racer The Sims 2 (yes there is a story to it, yes it is possible to speedrun this sim game) Tekken Dark Resurrection Worms Open Warfare 1/2
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Daxter, definetly that one. Is like my childhood psp game. Oh and also sonic rivals 1 & 2 and Worms and Angry birds and a bomebrew game called Blox.
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Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep 'all stories%' BBS has 4 different stories you need to get through, so categories can be divided from that. The 'Final Episode' is an extension of Aqua's Story.
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Posts: 3971 Here's a good list of 'recommended PSP games', for those who don't know what kind of stuff is on the platform.
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I'd say "Work Time Fun" (think WarioWare, but dadaist) but I'm pretty sure there are microgames that take like 15 minutes regardless of how. Mega Man Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X might be neat. Crisis Core is, imo, a bad game, but it might be interesting to try to break it.
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I have a ton I'd love to see. Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness Fate/Extra Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 Fate/Unlimited Codes Star Ocean: First Departure Star Ocean: Second Evolution Class of Heroes
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Gladiator Begins is a nice little game. Not sure on how much RNG based it is (enemy equipment could be fixed for all I know) Gundam Battle Universe gets pretty fast in the latter generations (which actually vary quite a bit in play, which should make the video entertaining enough) and has a weird "random" skills/stats system for the player character (that's actually based entirely off the selected options, including name, during character creation. Should be easy enough to crack). You get a total of 500 free tuning points (Which isn't that much, but it applies to EVERY suit in the game) for save games from previous games in the series, which could make for a very odd TAS that starts two entirely different games before even turning on the game being run! The Kenka Bancho 3, the only English one, is notable for its time limit: You aren't intended to be able to complete everything (school events and district domination) on one playthrough, but this really sounds like a challenge to me.
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megaman legends 2. The faster speed under water. metal slug XX. with Leona DLC. Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower. Final fantasy IV. Megaman X. the VAVA mode.
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Jeanne d'Arc Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Blaze Union Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Gloria Union Phantom Brave La Pucelle
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Unbound Saga
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Surprised that no one mentioned any of these: Final Fantasy iv the after years: while this game is hated by many, I'm curios to see a tas of it. The RTA record is at 8h50m. With how long the game is and high encounter rate and high luck manipulation, you can imagine how much time can be saved. Midnight club 3: I always love seeing scary driving skills! A lot of racing games don't use checkpoints on an open-world map and that removes some routing. Still a good very good tas candidate. Running over everyone during a race would be funny and satisfying. Grand theft auto liberty city stories: While driving games are very difficult to truly optimize, I'd love to see an attempt made. Just a flawless speedrun with close calls everywhere. Star wars battlefront 2 Assault on mos-eisely(sorry if that's spelled wrong): This mode is all heroes and villains. I would like to see Jango fett destroy everyone. Star wars battlefront elite squadron story-mode. With tools opens up risky strats.
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is there any emulator that records runs at least? i wanted to TAS MMPU with oilman and maybe proto
TAS i'm interested: megaman series: mmbn1 all chips, mmx3 any% psx glitched fighting games with speed goals in general