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encoded by Mitjitsu

encoded by MATCH6974

encoded by MATCH6974
Watch on nicovideo:
  • My second TAS.
  • I give it a commentary later.
  • Give me a little time between.

UとJの違い{Difference between U.ver(U) and J.ver(J)}

-U have many hole to pass on a roof than J.(SubmarineCastle)

-U cant map glitch.

-U is smoother about view movement than J.

-U cant chainpipe-skip.

-J can go to out of map when swimming with chibi-ebisun.(U cant do it.)

-J can use first-person view cancels.

-U cant do first-person view cancels.

-U can fall in EbisuShugyo events
-U can add lifes.

I will explain techniques of map glitch,first-person view cancel, 
Chainpipe-skip and Baron-cancel in technique.


・edge run
・Acceleration Jump
::When moving the floor, the screen is blacked out and then the character stops in a few frames.
::In order to prevent it, I inputed one frame jump.

・map glitch
::in map-changeing, input right-c button erases all objects which react to the character temporarily.

::Seqencebreak or pass through a wall in high-speed, the 
 character is pushed out the opposite side of a wall or ceiling.
 It is possible theoretically to pass through any doors by fine-tuning.
 Where to use: doors in Sub-marine and Temple


::the Process
 In ninjutsu of small-ebisun: 1F jumping(vertically) ->
 (the frame before the character can walk) 1F 3D-stick 
 for any direction -> (1f later) no 3D-stick input ->
 (1f later) cancel small-ebisun
::the Effect
 The character can move freely to some distance.
 The character can pass through walls easily.

 note: The technique can also use when you're in Ningyo-henge mode
 with the speed of MokkoriSlash.

・Skipping conversation
::In order to skip conversation, press start button the frame before the 
::conversation window appears(Caution: some cases you cant play it by doing so).

・坂道Jump(The way of moving fast in a slope)
::Jumping in same direction of a slope makes the charcter faster. 
::But in slanting direction makes the character slower.

・被弾ジャンプ(1)と壁を使っての大ジャンプ(2)ChainpipeSkip(Jumping by Hitting(1)&Big Jump Using a Wall(2))
::"Jumping by Hitting" is the technique to clear a difference in level by bullet hitting intentionally(1)
::"Big Jump Using a Wall" is the technique to jump higher than normal by leaning the stick into a right angle wall.(2)

::"Hero Jump" is the technique to climb a sharp slope.(1)
::Particular angle against a slope makes the character climb without directing the opposite against it.(2)

::Sticking in a object(ex. a wall, a board, etc), and moving out of it then the character was pushed out.
::At this time, the character can move remaining the speed of pushing out.

::Goemon's throwing koban extends distance of jumping.

::As soon as attacking "Repeated Punch," the player can attack it again and again.
・Non Sasuke route
・Kasiwagi Skip


□ 1100 Ryo
□receives the MiracleMoon&Pass
□MokkoriSlash skip in Benkei's events
□receives Koryuta's flute
□bookmark : Folkypoke Village
□receives the Medal of Flames
□bookmark : Iyo's Coffee Shop
□mini-ebisu events
□Obtains the mini-ebisu
□receive (Quality Cucumber)
□Iyo→Iyo2→Ghost Toys Castle
□receives the Windup Camera&Miracle Flower
□OedoTown→Musashi→Festival Village(bookmark)
□Itako events
□Obtains the Mermaid
□receive the MiracleSnow
□receive the MiracleStar
□Festival Village→PemoPemo→MusicalCastle


New ダルマーニョ戦!



Config Plugin

  • Video Plugin Jabo's Direct3D8 1.6
   (黒帯の外枠を消す時に、アドバンスのUse Direct3D~を使用)
   (Using "Advance > Use Direct3D" mode)
   (When the character is concealed by objects of a map, I used "Wireframe" mode.)

  • Input Plugin TAS Input Plugin 0.6
   (Not controller pack inserted)
   (One Player)

  • Sound Plugin Jabo's DirectSound 1.6
   (Using default settings, but noise gets on the avi output after passing Temple Castle)
  • RSP Plugin RSP emulation Plugin
   (Basically; Other plugins rarely)

Game Objectives

  • Emulator: mupen64 0.5 re-recording v8
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Uses death to save time
  • Genre: platform

Nahoc: Judging...
Nahoc: Accepting as an improvement over the current published run.
feos: Alright!

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #4375: MATCH6974's N64 Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon in 1:03:29.47
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English Title: Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon Now if you need me I'm just going to be confused by that one, single, line. EDIT Previous TAS: [1459] N64 Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon by zggzdydp in 2:04:49.35
WebNations/Sabih wrote:
+fsvgm777 never censoring anything.
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Wait, does this mean it's the same game as zggzdydp's run but is nearly 50 minutes faster?! I know some of that is due to language changes, but that's still an incredibly large improvement! MATCH6974, can you provide any more details about these new changes? You can give links to other pages with descriptions if you don't want to write a lot of English. EDIT: Thank you for the start of your descriptions! This is much more like I was hoping for. I'm not sure if my computer can run mupen well enough to watch this at a proper speed, but hopefully I'll get to watch this without an encode.
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少し気になったのでコメントさせていただきます。 上でも mklip2001 さんが書かれていますが、zggzdydp さんの記録を更新したという形を取っている以上、どこがどのように変わったのかの情報が欲しいところです。具体的には、「日本版と米国版による違いはどの程度あるのか」、「どのようなテクニックを使って短縮をはかったのか」、「この動画で用いられている(zggzdydp さんのものでは使われていない)テクニックやバグに関する説明・補足」等々が挙げられます。これらを詳細に英語で書くのは難しいでしょうし、日本語でもかまいません。mklip2001 さんがおっしゃっているように、外部ページへのリンクという形でも良いようです。 そして、「多分これが一番早いと思います」と書いてあるように推察しますが、あれはニコニコのネタなので外部に持ち出さないほうがいいでしょう。ネタに走るなという意味ではなく、ネタを差し込みたいのなら、まずそれ以前の説明義務を果たすべきだということです。 礼節を欠いてしまってはせっかくの作品もかわいそうです。
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Waiting for an encode!
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Wow, a lot of stuff that even I didn't expect to see. The ladder warps were what surprised me the most. Encase anyone is wondering, the reason the Japanese version is preferred is because of the map glitch, which involves holding >C when you enter a new area, it causes all the enemies and textures not to be loaded. As soon as you let go of >C it causes everything to be loaded again. Which you have to do anyway, since you can't enter a new area without loaded textures. It's useful because it can reduce lag, and allows warping tricks by getting trapped inside doors and objects. Therefore allowing warp speed tricks, but it can't be used everywhere, because most of time it causes the next area not to be loaded. One thing I will say was when I watching your run with memory addresses I noticed your direction seems to fluctuate when making what should be fairly basis movements, and you don't seem to get the most speed when edge running off walls. Were you using memory addresses by chance. Here was the memory addresses I was using. Direction - 00A3E5AC Speed - 00AFEA64 Ryu (coins) - 00A4E868 I noticed at the start the mokori slash could have been done better. EDIT: I'm working on an encode. I tried to get one done yesterday, but ran out of memory on my laptop. So I've had to delete a whole bunch of stuff to free up space. Hopefully I'll have it uploaded by tonight. EDIT_2: Have 40 mins captured of it so far, but sadly Mupen crashed during the credits and corrupted the AVI. So I'll have to try again tommorow.
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Nice. Goemon spinning like a top was one of the funniest moments to me. The "switch to the music" is also interesting, though the first one seems a little off. Yes vote, of course.
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Uploading it just now. Hopefully an encode will be available in the following hour. Link to video
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Finally watched it. It was very entertaining, fast paced and nice glitches. I vote yes.
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So is it a Moon this time, Nahoc?
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feos wrote:
So is it a Moon this time, Nahoc?
Yes! Sorry I didn't mention it in the submission. I always forget.
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So many skips... lol. love the mokkorislash everywhere. Could this be synced with mupen64plusplus for better graphics? nonetheless very nice job match
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So most of this run is amusing, but Mike Tyson's Hokuto no Mechwarrior had me laughing so hard I could barely breathe. Crazy glitches in an even crazier game, I love it.
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wait... I just noticed after beating the first boss the sound that happens when he got first item ohhhh... that's from the PSX mega man x series!! the ching noise. just a copy and paste
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Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [2684] N64 Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon by MATCH6974 in 1:03:29.47