Post subject: Super Monkey Ball Deluxe
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I guess Deluxe deserves its own thread separate from 1 and 2. I've been doing IL TASes for a while due to the inability to do an actual proper TAS of this game, since you can pause during ILs to set savestates and pauses don't show up in replays. Because of how much more tedious it is to TAS ILs in Deluxe, I think I'm the only person currently doing ILs. Unfortunately, a full-game TAS of this game will not happen unless we get a working Xbox emulator with TAS tools, because the Xbox version of the game is vastly superior to the PS2 version in terms of both loading times and graphical quality, and as it stands, we don't even have proper TAS tools for PS2 (as far as I can figure out). Here are a few of my bigger improvements over the console records. Some come from new strats while others are simply execution. The rest can be found on the same channel. Link to video Link to video Link to video Link to video Link to video
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The skipping glitch on Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2 also works here. The Xbox version has shorter load times.
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